Allmost holy

God… Count my part in game God.. You want to wrap me in glass paper And you want to play with my skin I can not do more You pass this game to yours I have my part in your game now I drive all my part if you give your … You want to […]

This girl

Swipe in your words What you have already done You start to fall in your steps Just stay there I can carry you If you are weak and tired All night long Am I in any kind of dance with you It continues with clothes or without What am I getting out of it I’ll […]

Dancing your dance

You can not stop me Although the road must be long It’s been so long ago But I see these blue gray eyes Belongs to its family of mine Your body is smooth and wet But you dare quickly And I’ve smacked your aura With easy steps See these eyes of red warning Hunting for […]

I have just began

You know I’m thinking about you This is just stupid But what should I do when the situation is like this Sick But I say as it is Without undertones or hidden rooms It is hardly possible to whisper The walls are so thin What the hell should I do when the dogs show up […]

Talk to me

Thinking loudly when I do not think at all But I follow my feeling How long it may take The chaos that arises is as it is I did not choose this one My heart steered in your direction But unfortunately, I’m sitting between two walls I know you’re strong And I know it’s only […]

I do it again

I’m looking for myself, I want you to find me I forget myself, I want you to remind me When I think about you, I touch myself Ooh, I do not want anyone else right now You are the one who makes me get started When you’re around I always laugh I close my eyes […]

It`s easy to use it

It’s easy to use it Because I know you’re listening Though you deny the thought But you have to do it soon I know you’ve thought your mind I’m stupid of all this And I stand between two worlds You are the one I’m unwell all the time Something you still like I’m not going […]