Let`s get naked

Must play weak That’s what you want So let’s play charad We can get dressed So do it My body calls you I’m a freak in games Can not get enough Curiosity sets your limits How do I sneak into your room? This is so dangerous I can only sneak when nobody sees me dear […]

Higlander riders

An attribute in lacquer and leather Oh … something stands out And I’m walking naked in front of you The whole world is going to attack Any idiot can read between lines. So what dinner … The lights on the table The night goes on Your breath just at my neck Now they got to […]


Mhm … Lick your lips Must admit you look fresh And you can get who you want But you hang outside my door Make me so hot … Oh … what dream you drew in What sky is your prefence? Because you are so sexy Your reflection in the mirror is so hot … It […]

Wild child

Have… Curtain or titular needle Spread it like a running fire You will run there for a place among the spectators Hot games in red neon I can only swallow slowly But it’s annoying throughout the body Oh you look at me Somebody closes his door and hides it But I can see your number […]

Black Cat

It’s exciting I hear you Close as close as you can go I’ll dress with clothes or no Tiger nothing made up What I want is a panther Sneak up on their prey See what she’s doing I’m going crazy I said it a long time ago Tigers creak and bite right away I can […]


You know it But again Suddenly you are surprised When that’s all i do Talk and write openly Listen to those who do not want to see or hear But it’s so hard Freedom of expression what is it That’s what it said But where did it go? Complaint and denials I’m just turning leaves […]