Snow white

White like snow Everything is repeated And there is nothing I deny For you know that I eat the cake and have it in my wardrobe Nothing can hide it And why would I do that – Come and get it when it melts to water You came and took Just a bit of what […]

In this moment

So hot Oh…. In your own world…. Breathe in the air Walk quietly and look around me in this atmosphere Is there any energy there And it feels so accurate Oh yes Just so Want to have you right there on the tip of the iceberg Nothing can scare away these thoughts Maybe I’m too […]

Light up like a flash

Saw the shadow of your silhouette outside the window And I sat still with my beating heart It goes deeper and deeper And I’m smiling more and more But pain and pleasure are a fine line I’ve been there before Still bouncing my body up and down And the dance becomes a And someone mentioned […]

What`s the matter with your life

Pop life… Gemstones Photo life starts And everything becomes more technical Need to hang out with everywhere Take a minute and breathe somewhere What is it with your life Take the loss you hard But there are not green on the other side Live outside your box What is it with your world Did you […]

Forbidden toguhts

Prohibited…. Oh… Something to lick around the mouth of the Age For mature Not at all… People care about ages and what you are doing Sleep sweet For I have time to take again And I have myself if it desperately needed But no one wants to I’ll have another And have always listened to […]