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A new venus in my circle
The rundown of the desert or what you call it now
Before this I was the same
With arms stretched out
But some would like to tie me up
I do not like it
The control I own
I love again
And I move on again
That’s how my life looks
There are always flowers in the meadow
Just the winter that’s so dead

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Try to get controle

Yes …. every night is the same
It bothers you like a man
I can not erase it
You know exactly who it is
Take a look around you
That’s why we live like this
I said I want to be free
What you see everywhere is just the way I feel
I see you are trying to control me
As soon as I mention you
But who tries to play big
Screaming the name on the western side of the city
I’m not a world star
But my memoirs raise curiosity
For a few years it has become such a scene
Those places we used to dance on
They will never see you as the same
Play daddy
Though I have one already
Because that’s what you’re trying to do

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Ray of shine

Like a ray of shine
I remember it as yesterday
You’re alike
What can it be?
You look exactly the same
Sometimes you are here
And sometimes you just disappear
Like last time
Did you just flee away
And I’ve used to myself
Like a beam of shine
Feels excited
And all that has been
Could it be your double runner
But all feelings are woken up again
Just like that
You look exactly like each other
I think that’s why my feeling got stuck

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My entertainment

Is well written with name
Some list is out
For someone calling
And I never answer
Is so frustrating with the audience’s wonder
But I keep smiling
Because I know that one day we are crossed again
I’m not in a hurry forward
But you make me burn up
And that’s what others can see
No matter what name it says
It only gets worse
Oh, I can not stop thinking
And my dreams just get worse
I’m trying to intimidate
Released you from the glass bottle
Maybe my plan was a little too open oh …



Poetrey and music


I could barely stick
Where did the whole thing blow me?
Then I saw that you called
Went shortly after me
What did it smell like?
Haha, I’m worse than you
Not in text but maybe in action
Haha I’m laughing because I know you heard
What did I do
Just what you wanted right then
Lord God you are a person who likes games
And I think it’s nice
But only the attention gives me a kick
Noticed you tried to look untouched

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That danger zone

Were completely without voice
The silence that caused the heels to be heard
Be as if the darkness hit the light
And that’s amazing combo
I mean excitement is one thing
Fantasy can be the truth sometimes
In that zone I wanted to enter
And when I looked, I wanted to know more
Determined and the attitude shines through
Why I always fall for that darker
Is the depth I’m looking for like mine
And it can never be stopped
She must be deepest of those I met
In the middle of there
And I thought my sense would drop completely
So now I really know what you look like
And I know who you are



Poetrey and music

Live for Music and poetrey

Live for music and poetry
Sounds like this
Only what reaches me is something
And I’m writing exactly what I’m saying
Blurredness can be sexy
Mixed with a cruel attitude
Why ask behind when you can say it straight out
I see it all the time
The competition is not mine
Everyone else turns around in a lot of crap
I hate it
Give me true proof
Hates jealousy
That disease makes one just bitter
So I do not intend to live my life
So I’m taking a cup of coffee
Life’s drink in addition to wine
Maybe raspberry juice as well