She`s home again

Back home from vacation Have followed the whole of the city around the For you like to keep a diary like me You are not like any other You are from the heart of this country And I am ready to dive right into it Kiss me or let it be I have been poisoned […]


Look at your instagram makes me shudder Mix something other than just the usual And others want to make statements that I have not mentioned For just between you and me, so there is a friendship And I will spread my words Flying over the world with a smile Not a word No one has […]

Not that easy

The same thing, but a small exception sometimes Funny thing is that it is a priority to the morals of the sermon But I’m not a child any longer But perhaps remain so in the mind then But what does it matter I will show it as long as people are trying to decide over […]


Close my eyes I don’t know about it I count the hours to the sun’s dazzling hours I will fill your bed so it is warm I know that grief is the loneliest road I think of it One by one they fall so quickly Domino it is so We all have a washer in […]


Hold me to those who are straight to the point Even then I get embarrassed It is the image to get rid of all the normal Normal they are the craziest It is absolutely incredible God led you to a cold but do not press down the people in the shoe It was where you […]