Maybe it`s to dangerous

Meow …. Hips rolling in front of the eyes Eyes that throw me away Cold hands I had have enough of A hot bussom that loves me … I can not get enough …. My intentions are the same as yours And I’m reading you through the eyes Eyes say more than these words …. […]

Dances like the tango….

Run it Drive again .. I have a sinful imagination Many who seem to got the shiver And I can not but say this is the best .. So what’s left to answer …. I dance around around like a whirl wind Like tango as she drives So let’s stop snooping … Because I’m not […]

As you cut into stones

Keep out hold out Let me clarify a matter … Shake the whole city for one thing you’ve lost And I will not shoot rockets in the air because you made it I think you’re crazy And harder to understand … I talked about it from the beginning … Come and try stealing my time […]

Pathetic dramatic

So pathetic Stand up…. I’ll fix it … And I will not sympathize you anymore … And if you’re going to complain about your threats And that they were not meant to … Just stand up for them … You’re a rat … Gnaws on the leg Self-esteem please … But if you continue, I’ll […]

Look she`s with

Look she’s in And I’m in it Why is it so strange … Every one one will try to provoke Everything should be compared Is it a contest Haha just laughing It’s so silly … I can not turn and smile The men get mad and the women alike Just because I have a taste […]

A litle bit more…

Oh no no Will we ever be alike And a little more … Can not Read You Yet … Must realize we are both at liberty … And I live on the love I get … She’s my star Nothing like what you said now … I do not cry over your spilled milk And […]

Don`t even start there

Wake… Where is my gift … Why are you talking about my style And mix yours with my … I’m not the one you think … I’m a diva … Have the right to choose my own way … Listen to sad tales … I have never seen them Who do you think I am […]