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I`m not even trying to hide — June 20, 2019

I`m not even trying to hide

I’m not even trying to hide
Sometimes it creates problems
And I’m not even screaming loudly
But my eyes show
And my body language makes it clear
Said it from the beginning
I fall for it all the time
And I come to a point
Then it starts over again …
Life is full of life
But there is one thing
Same pattern
Never breaks patterns
Maybe I have problems
But I cannot persuade myself to abstain
Is she in the way of my plan
Then I give it a chance again
But it is always the same pattern of person
And they all look the same
Maybe it’s a problem for others
But not for me

I do this and now — May 13, 2019

I do this and now

The song being played again
Not the one I sing
Melody  is different now
Just me and the computer screen here
But things are a bit naughty
Loves naughty if it feels good
I can assume challenges
But why should this happen
If I’m going to sing, it’ll be like my writing
I do this and now
And not late and then
Quickly loses my drive if it gets wrong
And it certainly should not be wrong in what I give of myself
I know you see what I’m writing
And what happens
Bits on my nails
But I still run my race

It must have been you —

It must have been you

Went me to the doctor did not feel good
I got the feeling that it was a bit illegal
Do you remember that meeting
Want to do it again
Come face to face with her
Must tell her how I feel inside
The doctor said he would give me something
And I would be fine
I still feel seduced
What happened to doctor
It still pulls me …
No more drugs for me

Until I fall a sleep — April 27, 2019

Until I fall a sleep

A beer or coca cola
Some times i`d like to party
Even though I am a mother and a man at the same time
Will never change
I take my responsibility
I still contribute
Sooner or later everyone should step around in the same circle
But until then I am here
I don’t have to ask for things
If they are the ones I know, they come directly to the site
Have fun all night
Until I fall asleep
In my bed
I can create my own drama without you participating
I’ve always stood out of the crowd
Some people still lack me
But if you didn’t take your chance before, you have no one now
I’m already moving forward
I think to myself already tomorrow morning
Live that way
But have the heart
And the feeling is right
Can’t understand me

Close your eyes — April 18, 2019

Close your eyes

Put my head on the pillow
Close your eyes
Blowing out the heavy smoke
Inhale and hope to see you some day
Come in and warm yourself
But no one else likes it
I know everyone has opinions about everything
But for now I am here
Have no desire to hear
So soft skin
The black opal shines
In your etuit you have
Even when it took a long time
I see the smallest detail I never usually do

Calm down — April 9, 2019

Calm down

All the time it’s the sunshine there
Don’t know how to drink it
The clock is nine in the morning
Mom said I shouted a name
Just know who it was
Maybe it was you again who visited
I think I fell in love
But knowing that love is just a feeling
So don’t say anything …
I keep this …
Mom heard me shout your name
Your way is holy
And I can feel you
Screaming in my dreams
I think they understand …
But I should just keep it within me …

There has been a lot of train — March 29, 2019

There has been a lot of train

The devil dances on one shoulder
The angel sings on the other side of the shoulder
A photo in memory can be strong for so long
And that’s what remains to fight for
Have you lost all your ability
Don’t take my energy if you can’t
Tearing and biting is the only thing that seems to remain
But I’m not your tree to cut down