One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Are you jealous Are you brave? That turns everything off Good suck for more Sin… I look through You have hunger for more This greedy world prevails I Also included in the game She was easy to invite to the game But turned up with revenge and jealousy […]

I want

She wants I want Same Someone else tries to take her place Understand me Hear me Listen carefully… It can not be the same And no one will see Just follow Hope you understand It can not be the same And I show it I want She wants Everybody wants the best A dispute with […]


The deeper and deeper I fall Sweetest and sweetest It can not be helped But you opened the door to heaven And it’s getting sweeter the more I know You can say almost everything Around and around, it has gone without knowing Someone opened my eyes I’ll be left And someone taught me to love […]

That one….

There are no secret crunchies That’s how the dance goes Two pieces devil in disguise Cigarettes and wine On and dance …. It will make me warm in the winter Must have been a sight for those little eyes Sit together like a child with candy She looked just like you So she’s my kind […]

Which number?

Ok he’s gonna do that Girls are everywhere And I’m not looking for anything special But everyone takes for granted that I have made goals What kind of question is that I asked the guy why are you watching I wonder why all men have that dream They think it’s the same as porn afrodisiac […]

Thief of heart

Here she comes Think she can get exactly what she wants with a wink Someone will give her homework a voice was heard But she went straight back through the whole school You stay and look Here she comes again She gives married and destroys Someone taught her But it does not appear in the […]

My fault

Wait… Allow me to make a thing ready If you will take up my time Here’s what you need to do Do not play anyone else And talk straight out Yes… And do not make me raise my hand All you’re good at is making me crazy It’s my energy But I can give this […]