Just to find the spot

It brought a lust Prohibited comfort I breathed slowly when your video was displayed You put yourself in this trance Wants it… The wait is eager …. Hope and pray that someone up there thinks about me …. Ok… I turned around with my back And I liked you showed Because I’m not your mother […]

No blindfold

Shut up… I want to see you slowly lose your clothes Give me the blame I’m ready I just said quietly … Burn the lights And lock me up Your stiletto heels do it But you can be completely naked Has a loaded gun I’m a boss when you’re not here And that’s how it’s […]

Publica in my poems

Now it is public But assuming it has slipped on Came from aside and chased away falsehood It’s something I can take But my time is most important I do not take back For others, it is clear But for me it is not so I love to talk in my language The language others understand […]

I am sober

As usual, I will be accused of having taken alcohol Though I’m nail sober Has not been so sober in years, and it feels good But someone will always spit and it is when nothing goes their way This way is my And I wander the track itself But no matter what others may say […]

The look

Pulse and heartbeat So close to you but still far from You stand so close to me every time Like a French Mouth to mouth Come take a look What you see is what you get Your hand is as comfortable handcuffs Leather ornament and the neck  collar of gold Haha do you know who […]

Dear cupid

Cupid, take back your arrow And let your arrow kill any other Cupid, Please hear my cry Straight to my loved one heart for me I do not want to disturb you, but I’m in need There are risk of me to lose all my happiness Oh, I love a man who does not know […]

Don´t dissapear

Evening and it was kind of dirty thoughts And the way you looked at me) Help me out here! It was cheap but I liked the forbidden I can not help my mind from the start Heard you‘re alone sometimes Want to be seen with me? Heard a whisper that we both were alone When […]