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Just to find the spot — December 26, 2017

Just to find the spot

It brought a lust
Prohibited comfort
I breathed slowly when your video was displayed
You put yourself in this trance
Wants it…
The wait is eager ….
Hope and pray that someone up there thinks about me ….
I turned around with my back
And I liked you showed
Because I’m not your mother and not a sister
Is just a secret lover
Kisses ….
Licking …
Steaming and hot …
Your name is burning in me …
Just to find my point ….
What will happen next next ….
Tie my arms
Are you doing
Tell me what that …
Maybe we’ll fly here next …
Because you always try to get the best side with me …
Love me as you said ….
And this is not good …



No blindfold — November 27, 2017

No blindfold

Shut up…
I want to see you slowly lose your clothes
Give me the blame
I’m ready
I just said quietly …
Burn the lights
And lock me up
Your stiletto heels do it
But you can be completely naked
Has a loaded gun
I’m a boss when you’re not here
And that’s how it’s going to look
Extinguishes the light and allows the curtain to fall
Because I show a dance
And they throw their jewelry after me
Every mirror should be split
Me, you and love are important
No matter you and you, and passion
Regardless of me and you as well as a ban …
But now I’m open to everything …..



Publica in my poems — April 4, 2016

Publica in my poems

Now it is public

But assuming it has slipped on

Came from aside and chased away falsehood

It’s something I can take

But my time is most important

I do not take back

For others, it is clear

But for me it is not so I love to talk in my language

The language others understand

Those who miss out on the may stand there

I am sober — January 24, 2016

I am sober

As usual, I will be accused of having taken alcohol

Though I’m nail sober

Has not been so sober in years, and it feels good

But someone will always spit and it is when nothing goes their way

This way is my

And I wander the track itself

But no matter what others may say

I am still here and now

No one can reach me there

For I am here

And you are somewhere else

The look — October 29, 2015

The look

Pulse and heartbeat

So close to you but still far from

You stand so close to me every time

Like a French

Mouth to mouth

Come take a look

What you see is what you get

Your hand is as comfortable handcuffs

Leather ornament and the neck  collar of gold

Haha do you know who that can be?

Only have one thing to say

Will be hard to shake off  the person

Have been like glue stuck in my heart

Take a look and lick clean

Is back as misscattyflirt

Who started the name of a spinning way

Drinks thrown into the roof

Have acid left

The taste of poisonous kiss

Dear cupid — August 5, 2014

Dear cupid

Cupid, take back your arrow
And let your arrow kill any other
Cupid, Please hear my cry
Straight to my loved one heart for me

I do not want to disturb you, but I’m in need
There are risk of me to lose all my happiness
Oh, I love a man who does not know that I exist

Now if your arrow do his love strong for me
I swear I’m going to love him until eternity

Don´t dissapear — February 5, 2014

Don´t dissapear

Evening and it was kind of dirty thoughts
And the way you looked at me)
Help me out here!
It was cheap but I liked the forbidden
I can not help my mind from the start

Heard you‘re alone sometimes
Want to be seen with me?
Heard a whisper that we both were alone
When I lay in bed stroking myself
No other listed
Damn, you were in my drama
Does really nasty things

We were caught on camera
We are both convicted criminals
For we can not hide evidence in our heads!

You can turn a stone
Or the color of a man turned into a woman
I think of him
I can not believe I’m saying this,
But I’ve had a few drinks
Vomit and giggle in her sleep

I know it can´t keep on — September 13, 2013

I know it can´t keep on


Have experienced so many rounds in my life

Has written many lines about the same things

Cut out the pieces of my life to remember

With thousands of spectators around

Whether it was on the stage or floor

But now it’s just you and I

And I write this to you

I know how your picture looks over me

I was hoping for

But there is no more important right now


They don´t understand — May 3, 2013

They don´t understand

This love gives me so much
But others believe that it is not so good
Love Life goes up and down
Even if I run it where I want
You are the wonderful
Finally, the results grabbing thing
I give myself to the treatment of my disease
Acceptance and understanding
Though it breaks me in two to be without you
You are on your way
And I’m sitting there or here and write
Why would this be us two
For we are gambling people

They come and go — April 6, 2012

They come and go

Stockholm syndrome is tougher
Is not an easy spring
Both of the guys to women over bossa Me
No matter where they come from
But I never let me be controlled
Is not bred to go down on your knees
No one speaks condescendingly to me
Can defend myself

My sexual adventures began early
Always before my time, there are those that make me awake also deep
But to test my limits, you’ll see what happens
I know that my addiction is bothering you
But that’s me
I am not your slave