We can do that anyway

To open your door I hear someone calls on my name But you are not Because I recognize your voice Oh, I think you know exactly who you are How can i fall Because it’s a matter of intellect And not sex … We can do that anyway I want to know your heart rate […]

I`m beaten by you

I’m beaten by you And it can not hide But you do not mind it So beautiful in nature And I just want to sit there and look in your eyes We were going to burn down the world Two strong individuals with the gift above We stayed there … But we are many left […]

I can`t get enough

What dangerous eyes They looked straight through me Have the habit of looking away But you did not even have to ask to see them I can read from them that you are curious in an easy way And I do not need to feel pressure It’s just a nice move that follows … But […]

Put on me

Oh … I’m playing music so my ears hear it Is blind of eroticism And that does not apply to him or her Remember what I described before I’m too many complicated women And you apply in my friendship … See me seduce Continue breathing makes him angry It brings my attention That’s why I […]

Teach me

Sometimes my thoughts are filled to the width And I just have to let go of everything My heart is filled with excitement And my rosy cheeks when you try to talk to me So I’m back like at school Yes, I’m sitting there so patiently What you want to learn Do I have any […]


Everything is getting a mess …yes… You often say everything will be fine … Hehe do you think so … This time you were not right … I’m gone in my own world … Not for you … Hell? What? okie, I do not hear you But everyone has their own … Browse, I do […]

When it comes to me

Trying not to create ice in the heart But it is hard Should I in any case send it to you? Have been tired a long time ago And that’s not about me is what you have to realize Idiotic plan to create But it’s not time to look back Stick to my eyes that […]