On the way home

On the way home I have only one thought To see this face again Makes me soar just as get control of sitatuion But all too old flame I know it tickles others in court And I know I can’t help but talk Because if I were dumb, it would still be written Sometimes I […]

Just like cream

It is so Something I’ve been craving for a long time Are you in No one is as sexy as that When it is.. Fantasy mixed with judicial gestures Not everyone has it Believe me So imagination makes me lame Gets spellbound completely May it be better than that in these times You are so […]

It is only one..

It could have been worse But when I met the elite, it is something to learn from And the heart beats when you think I’m pathetic Writes as fast as she sings and hits her fist in the table What did you say? What did you say? Answer if you want but I’ll stand there […]

Oh my god

Look around To never be able to change it Nothing… Seeing you smile and look here … But I’ve already been there Does not matter Last life we all had And no one can own It’s freedom we’re talking about But you turn now I’m here And she’s there Life is smiling back Can I […]

What if you are…

Smiling and dancing … Weep but dance anyway No one should tell you what to do Why do you listen to people who want to label you? What if you are What if you did that But I like you… Talk on Say what you want to say Nothing can stop you here Shake your […]