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Starting from here again — September 19, 2019

Starting from here again

You make me crazy
And I make you smile
Always give and take
You like to tease
And I like to play
But halfway there
I can stay here
It’s up to you now
I’ve given half my hand
And I’m not stupid
You make me shine in your imagination
And I make you want more
It dissolves
I’m in no hurry anywhere
Just my period now
I can do it now
And you have your break from every must
It feels so good
Starting from here
I don’t want anything better
Although the magic begins again
Just in time for Christmas
Something that makes me shine

Trick or treat — September 18, 2019

Trick or treat

Trick or Treat
I keep it sweet
Kiss or kiss
But I can handle myself
Create my own environment
The eyes of me
All eyes on me
I’ll give you what you need
It has become so
Just as I planned it
I have my cake
Even eaten by it
My acquaintances do not live here
They are on further views
And you don’t know that at all
All eyes on me
When I turn everything upside down
All ears here
Because I have something to tell
And that’s just about you
The original and no cover
I’m just sweeping on
The wounds are half the job
But I do damn well
And I have love
What do you know about it
When night falls

That fake smile —

That fake smile

A fake smile
And a call
About how good everything is
But under the surface you break down
The smallest pill and glass of wine you see
I have already shown myself with or without it
The whole area knows about it
So many years
And so many faces I saw both then and now
Yes you must have one job
And you can live
But the life you live reflects everything you don’t have
Such a shame
But I just turn around
That’s what I have
As you become increasingly bitter
I can see it on you
You are not difficult to read
Every night you go to sleep with all kinds of medicine
And yet you jump on me
What does it do to you
Hypocrites are at a high level a habit in small towns
Ask me
I can answer that

Belive me —

Belive me

Asking for help is weak
Even if people don’t say it straight
But being bitter in the outside world does not help
Just like Captain Dress
Licks all laws before the eyes
But behind everything is wrong all the time
But that’s what it looks like
Among the calmest waters there are
And you think it’s quiet
Rely on
There is no such thing
But I live my life
And I smile even though you’re chopping
Think about it…
Mmm I might as well have chosen not to shake hands
But that does not mean that we are best friends
Knock knock now I’m here again
Will reveal thing after thing
Laws and regulations are there to be followed
But when even the biggest are breaking it all the time
Why would I follow it
And yes you can compare
And we are all here to do our thing
But when the whole system is already slipping
I have what it takes to handle cuckoo

You create chaos — September 17, 2019

You create chaos

Swipe outside your own door first
Not about who I hang out with
The biggest culprit is you
Think about what you are talking about yourself
Next person should do just like you
And no one likes you
Suddenly you have created your own chaos
It’s my war
I fight when you don’t see
So just shut up
Cry in your pillow after midnight
But I don’t care
What I care about is my son
And you don’t know what I’m doing at all
Give me fuck break from the talk
Don’t need your hand
The hand that judges me
When I sought help, I received more punishment
For the woman should be strong
She should not give in
You can never stop me
That’s what you think
So please sweep inside your own door first

They Think i will break —

They Think i will break

Crazy I remember …
My papers
But nobody cares anyway
I don’t have time with new friends …
Have those I have
Many know or don’t know
Just guess
Then I write the truth
Street star
I’ll take mine and you should know …
Remember everything
And I leave nothing to chance
I stand for it
Yep I stand for every word
But you’re just easy to provoke
What the hell are you thinking
Who doesn’t have pride
My can’t sell
It is hard as stone
Promises promise no more names
But the hell is my life
Consists of names then and now
If you want to start arguing, it’s up to you

Drop the bomb —

Drop the bomb

Life, life will never be as it has been
Time becomes what you make it
Feelings vary
Can you imagine
That I was a shy girl
Met a star at school
As everyone knew
It’s just my memoirs
And of course I want you to know
Don’t need the secrets
Need to see it clearly
Why do you make things difficult
She was a soccer girl
One of the best teams around here
Annika Waren was the name
And then everyone else around here knows most of it
Why I always got into trouble with the others
Everyone needs someone to love to love
In the name of love you should draw the line
Must feel safe
That you are still my yes
They may say that it was not so
But think back 30 years
I still remember very well
It was never a quiet moment
Rumor has it
Everyone must love whoever they want
And I was obviously one of them all

I dont live in shadows — September 16, 2019

I dont live in shadows

From the beginning it was special
Some have shown it
But this has probably come and gone through years
And it bites like the charm
Superstar vs me as a printer
I have the passion just like her
Except I take it quieter
And she is more for the rushing train
But it solves when we meet
That woman is really dangerous to me
No advice or tips
I like her sharply
And is a strong individual that you cannot control
Like me it wears
Ah try and I’ll give you answers
There is no one else besides it
And if you think otherwise, it’s completely wrong …
Black lips
And huge character
Something you don’t have for me …
Forget about it
I beg you…
Nothing else is relevant here
So call me whatever you want

Going all the way —

Going all the way

Can’t make it any less
And I make everything big
Going all the way in …
Or not at all …
You don’t have to worry about me
I will fix it
When you least expect it…
I turn the dice upside down
There are those who want more
Or try to pull down my energy
I just work harder …
That’s my thing
I hear and see
But that doesn’t bother me
I have nothing to write about except my life
Maybe you think I’m stupid
It’s a word that you compare yourself to me
There is no one like me
I don’t compare anyone else to me
We can do whatever we want

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