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Some men never change — July 15, 2019

Some men never change

Hate me
Hunt me
Talk about me
All that is already old
And I’m ready for something new
And it’s not up to you
I don’t share my life with you anymore
You’re still trying to replace me
Some men remain the same
Blow me out
Wish you never met me
I said it from the beginning
That we will never be the married couple
But you pretended not to hear
Run your race
Break me
Are used to snobs usually do so
I’m still standing here
Tough guys who don’t take a no for facts

I Think your more crazy then i am — July 11, 2019

I Think your more crazy then i am

Oh my God…
Who is she…
Spending my time with shit …
Come on, give it another question …
I’ll answer to the best of my ability
Have my own goal
So I think I like style and class
Do you get or not?
I’m not the perfect one
But I know what I am best at
And I know very well where I stand
Come on, give it a question to …
As I said, if my answer is yes
Maybe you feel bad then
Maybe too much is said and asked
So imagine
No parasite on my life thanks …

It started befor you even knew about me —

It started befor you even knew about me

At once, they gather …
Those who want to snoop in my backpack
But think again
I’m not going to hang anyone out
Not one of them I love
Have you understood then …
I recognize some faces again
As before, there are always snakes …
Okay I look past someone with good style
And she’s just the one I’m looking for
What have you got for you …
Don’t play guardian angel
Think she released you long ago
Used to be with attached brothers
Been with us before
Say as long as she is
See, maybe that’s why you recognize me
If you didn’t sit at the same table
You have nothing here to do now

Something so real but into a dream —

Something so real but into a dream

Don’t want anything more
Can’t imagine anyone else …
That’s exactly what I fantasized.
You are crystal clear ….
That’s how you said
Long ago
Are you lost in your imagination
I think I’m the same
That’s why we met ….
Answering your questions …
On what I want …
Live here and now in your dream
But something is wrong
So as you sometimes think
But it’s just a dream
A dream I love
That’s exactly how you dreamed …
Just as you sung
Just like your imagination
And my answer to it

If you wan to keep play — July 10, 2019

If you wan to keep play

What is it?
And they think I’m going to be quiet
Shit in who you are …
So, the scholar is better than that
I don’t have to stand there
And I’ve done my right
I also have my backpack
So that’s enough now …
But you can continue
I see that you are watching
Look … she thinks she’s something
In fact, that is exactly what I am
Camera and pen
Has goals and done what I should
If you don’t relate to my life
Then turn your back again
Just like before
I do not know who you are
Whether someone else knows it in the small towns
Is yourself from a small place
But I like it here

Turn the volume up on the phone —

Turn the volume up on the phone

Once again, the same thing
How to do it
Can’t do what I want
Otherwise you will lose so you tell me
And all your friends are your witnesses
Jump there and promise just like me
But you weren’t the one I thought you were
Not even as a friendship
You are too dramatic …
Please, things may not always be the way you want
So you tell me every time
Suddenly, the phone stops ringing for a week or so
Soon recharge the batteries
And anyone who is going to hurt
All these threats ring most like echoes
You are too dramatic …
Keep your friends and style
I have my own
I play myself
Having trouble with it …
Have you?



Cause now your home —

Cause now your home

Why are you watching me?
When you don’t even like me ..
Just to get a goal
That you think you are right
It’s the world’s news …
Mmm but it doesn’t interest
I’m just writing
Is my interest
Trying to ruin me
But it does not succeed so well …
Do not get angry
Because I still have driven
I feel the gaze on me
But it’s nothing new
Since everything is whispering around
And instead of saying it in my face
Yes yes nothing new
And it seems to persist
Then I just turn the other cheek

Involved — July 9, 2019


So good looking and charming
The strength and attitude
But I can’t catch up
But I observe
And it feels like everything is what I do right now …
Watch to see what’s going on …
Rarely throws me into something
So last
I had the chance there and then
I could call
But I’m not afraid of you

But i am afraid for what it is going
I just don’t know what you were looking for
And it’s still the mystery
What are we willing to risk here
The question I always asked
Next time may not even light up
But I know one thing you showed feeling
And that’s what matters to me
I never forget such a nice gesture
But it is over-analyzed already I know …
Inside of me….
Written and turned the words ever since
But I know it was meant like this …
So still I can’t help but take a look at you now and then

Smiliing while i write —

Smiliing while i write

All questions to get me low
But I just grow more
Smiling while writing the lines
Most people know about this that I have a certain taste
And I took the chances …
Now that the name is hottest, every one ask the same questions
Just to get me into a corner
Let me say that it does not succeed …
Let me also say that I have described myself for years
And I love musicians since I was twelve years old
But I managed to get where i want to
And that’s what it’s about

Do you even have a clue? —

Do you even have a clue?

Do you even have a clue ..
Suddenly you are everywhere ..
And you even care
Because you don’t even seem to respect …
So tell me you want to create drama
I am then ready for your questions …
But the answer you always have to live with …
I’m so tired of all the questions …
Check my pictures
But you don’t know me for that …
If you think you succeeded then it is wrong
Just clear your thoughts openly
As open as any other …
If I feel like I do, it is
Like you except you don’t have the shadow behind you