Miss trouble starter

Always trouble Like accidents it happens so easily But I like it And can imagine it all Because I’m crazy But you can not be me …. Always crazy connections Something that was expected yes You can next feel the taste of ban Because I’m crazy And do not follow the law of others …. […]

Doing my best

Dancing little butterflies Looking for the sun Doing my best In front of me you work Do your best to make a living In this pursuit of mine I am a soldier of love Every day of my life And I follow your team … All days until death separates us I have been divided […]

Like a thriller

If I should take your name And I would change number with you Would it be a danger like life and death I happened to get your eye catch And I have to have a taste test now … So all I know is that you seem to be right It goes around and around […]

Smooth lovers

Playing high cards … I insist on watching … Watch when you win the whole pot I would never try Moves between pleasure and depression But it’s the night of the shops And high in the air … Those little flying phenomena are looking for the soul I see them every time I look at […]

I had enough

At some point I lost my foot So many years of denials Strange and stranger There is a wild western out there Everyone has to go through his test Am I approved But I have my own demon I am a love goddess Every day of my life Regardless I can not take back time […]


It’s a crazy caress And this nice picture makes me crazy Lowers me with a no … If I could jump off this train But you have enchanted me so … It’s incredible how to get obsessed with the underneath of eroticism Wish I could pass it by I understand that this phenomenon is quite […]


I’m like Oh she’s like Fever May never know how much I’m into this But when you face it, it’s hard to resist Listen to each word No one will be exactly like me It gives me hot fantasies I know you’re right There is a lot of taboo and the ban that flows Take […]