Girls or boy`s

Hi, you’re in the way And do you have trouble I want to pass? So you’ll get out I will pass go anyway This hide and seek The play is so fussy nowadays I need to have variation before the air dries out And you are dissatisfied with what I offer Do not have to […]


Torn between two worlds Torn between two meetings And express sadness and happiness But to continue to smile without tears No concern in the long term But in the midst of the fun will something be done I can see it coming But supposed to be the left I killed the inside so many times […]

Just a boy

Pull up your pants And look backwards over the shoulders Wished we could switch roles Every second call to check what you are doing Would you really takeĀ  the answer No is sure that you would close the door As well as I But you’re just a boy A disguise in a grown man’s shell […]

You try to play me out

Allies Think it’s so smart Never can you catch me It’s just a playing out And I’m not your victim … So do not call me and complain day after You call me selfish But wonder who this is For all you do is for your own sake Therefore, I do not like you Never […]

Why should i listen to your explenations

Between our world and another What you do not understand that I Need no evidence And your words here weigh less When I hear the angels whispering Goes on gastrointestinal sensation My guide and the inner voice Were you there or not View my green eyes And understand that I can Not everyone is destined […]

Mother nature strikes the world.

Monday morning again, for some of us a normal day of work or without work, for others a day of chaos and sorrow thinking of the people of Japan. The weekend was dramatic with all the news channels who are wallowing in grief, you wonder sometimes. But on the other hand, there were no photographers […]