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There is Always some one — May 24, 2018

There is Always some one

Oh what embarrassing to others …
But sure for me
I just said it straight out …
Name my poems as easy to write with you
I need and when they crash it’s in the middle of the night
The dream begins to work before we meet again
You can read that
You are smart and wise
No one else has received the honor
I feel it’s you who makes me crazy …
You say it’s easy to understand
You have straight words that fall into taste
Nothing else touches me
Your mind for intillegens
Everyone would meet someone who takes over the myth of the whole universe
And one I put it to the test

Sure — April 21, 2018


You sound so sure
I like it…
But have known that you see me
Why wait to write
I do not want to rush …
Then I have my time
And I take my time
But what dream do you even answer me?
I thought you were full
Who cares if someone is looking for signs
I know people are watching everywhere
Therefore, I always think one step further



The drop — April 17, 2018

The drop

Have thought about it for a long time
Have thought about how to ease my heart
Can say for sure reason
And now I want to say that clearly
Explain how I want
I hope the land you are walking will break
Staying your life to water
Hello your hin, the evil is still there ….
I hope you see and hear
We all live with our desire for a lifetime
The whole time cried as fast as you are around
The first time was maybe a little fun
But all that you told about yourself concerns criminal memories
And that’s what all your memories consist of
Because that’s all I’ve heard ….
I hope you continue on your path
Say goodbye to the evil one where you think you end up still
You will live with your wish
But it’s not mine
And I’ll live with these statements
And play who’s reading
Someday, someone is wondering how it could be like this
Ask who jumps off the bridge before anything else happens
I hope I’m just dreaming



Girls or boy`s — September 5, 2017

Girls or boy`s

Hi, you’re in the way
And do you have trouble I want to pass?
So you’ll get out
I will pass go anyway
This hide and seek
The play is so fussy nowadays
I need to have variation before the air dries out
And you are dissatisfied with what I offer
Do not have to stay
I manage the way through life without you
But are you curious about who I am
Ask kindly
Crawling on my knees I never make any more for anyone



Tornd — February 23, 2017


Torn between two worlds
Torn between two meetings
And express sadness and happiness
But to continue to smile without tears
No concern in the long term
But in the midst of the fun will something be done
I can see it coming
But supposed to be the left
I killed the inside so many times
But love is what I live for
And no matter how you will
I think I will remain

Just a boy — October 8, 2016

Just a boy

Pull up your pants
And look backwards over the shoulders
Wished we could switch roles
Every second call to check what you are doing
Would you really take  the answer
No is sure that you would close the door
As well as I
But you’re just a boy
A disguise in a grown man’s shell
But if it were you in my shoes
You would have already gone your way
So think about it

You try to play me out — August 29, 2016

You try to play me out

Think it’s so smart
Never can you catch me
It’s just a playing out
And I’m not your victim …
So do not call me and complain day after
You call me selfish
But wonder who this is
For all you do is for your own sake
Therefore, I do not like you
Never will be like you
Oh no…
I do not go on my knees
But you try to play me out
But we’ll see who stands where last

Why should i listen to your explenations — September 10, 2011

Why should i listen to your explenations

Between our world and another
What you do not understand that I
Need no evidence
And your words here weigh less
When I hear the angels whispering
Goes on gastrointestinal sensation
My guide and the inner voice
Were you there or not
View my green eyes
And understand that I can
Not everyone is destined for the
The subject no one wants to mention
Or what scares
Many deny it
Or fears the inexplicable

Give a helping hand! — March 16, 2011
Mother nature strikes the world. — March 14, 2011

Mother nature strikes the world.

Monday morning again, for some of us a normal day of work or without work, for others a day of chaos and sorrow thinking of the people of Japan. The weekend was dramatic with all the news channels who are wallowing in grief, you wonder sometimes. But on the other hand, there were no photographers could not see devastation that Mother Nature creates sometimes, unfortunately, we are powerless against her. And the other hand, we have ourselves to blame, adults of today places so much crap in the world, and those who suffer are the children and animals, nature does not take what seems like forever, either. We adults are selfish in our next generation, we want more and more while so shocked we brutally when natural disasters comes into force, as it not happened before. Emergency services are paralyzed when something happens, and you have various excuses for it, something happened recently when disaster strikes, many professors and scientific men are sitting with facts how it works, but they must not create chaos in the world, including from superpower insanity among senior people. Ask your city ministers or kings if they were not warned well in advance, no, we are remaining deployed as decoys and tests. When will people wake up and realize that we are cheated right in front.