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Movie and coffee time. — January 13, 2011

Movie and coffee time.

A thunder days, I must say, was at the cinema with my dear friend David and watched The Devils.
My theory of good occult movies have become truth .. the best I saw last called The Unborn.
Actually, even if I did not like the end was slightly wider for thickly with people
Anyway we went to the movies on a Wednesday evening soft because it was just us in the salon, I did not have to get a stomach ache that sat several hundred people in there at the same time, good start for someone who not been out socially for a long time I thought.
I chose the movie of course, after what I’m interested when I heard all the movies went to see, although they may not be too scary, when someone says scary movies that I intend to scream and all that.
But they are just pathetic with knife murder that leads young girls into danger, which all make the most idiotic no one else would do?
So every movie that I was clearly disappointed with the concept, but liked the company, obviously messed it up say mass emotional nonsense afterwards just hope it’s not me that caused it to my particular taste, I’m the one you see no one else.
And yes I like the deep funny movies that have a different concept only the automosfären we see around us today that we can feel and touch, I have way more one for me, it is natural to take part of it all are not aware of.
Maybe scary for other naturally but I forget things in my own gluttony of movie choices * smile.
Before we went to the movies, I took a coffee with my contact person in the morning, the disappointment was great when we walked into a diner that was a pub: O Talk about surprised me where?
But they served coffee there and even as advanced as a Capuchino thought I?
My contact person asked for the cakes to the answers she received that they could get some buns in the freezer? Okay, no we will only take two coffee thought and said so.
But we had to wait a quarter of a regular fucking coffee and a Capuchino worst place and there I go no more, it was in Råsunda has been on something like that in town before and never again, worst service I ever experienced.

Relaxing — April 26, 2010


Yes it was again a Monday afternoon, a little summary of
When you live in a cohabitation you sometimes have to discuss their things, with
two stubborn in the apartment there can be hot discussion but it never strikes according to
me! Weathering the lungs is useful one cannot always be the same, yes
I can be daring by myself when I consider myself to be right and we are probably both
I add.
Anyway, darling and I decided to hook two
friends, and we had dinner at the restaurant Mandarin on Sveavägen inside
town, and you know how I feel about going inside town a weekday, especially
as you used to be used to only danger when you were uncharted! Proofs might be
I found myself in the last few years between the yards though not too unusual here
Anyway it went relatively fast to get to
Hötorget feels like most people know
of my symptoms nowadays, for everyone they want to be in a corner and
help. I am grateful for that at the same time my decision to decide
which it will be, well we were and ate together yesterday it was nice and
rewarding, darling and I who did not celebrate our one year’s day fit in and everything
be cozy in the end! I really get such a craving for Asian food sometimes and
This is when you have to watch out for it soon and it will be something common
you always eat type.
I ate a really good four small course meal and to it
Sprite with ice in and my teeth do not really like ice cream I otherwise was
everything is great and the companions are smiling
And today for me at the meeting and two new ones have arrived
the group now we are eight pieces feel like it is enough for a while, too many
I get everyone’s whims of sitting and listening and discussing, just right is good! I
will soon wash two machines also try to do something else just sit in front
the computer of the day it does not give so much i can feel.