Love pit

We run a little honest blogging just because Because I sometimes write poems that are very naked. In the combination of reality but also my dreams have a strong impact, As you face a road hunger where friendship is very enticing with a deeper relationship. But you know that this can be very complicated or […]

What i knew and knowes

From the first moment I got to know this man, so it has flourished a lot. Feel that people are becoming pathetic about the situation , even worse is that I have to know I write a response. Why ? In order not to perish in part, realize that it will always be so with […]

New faith and steps…

A cold has struck, darling is with me. I know the face of adversity before, I dare to take chances, new tag even with relationships. Someone must be out there for me to accept all of me, I know compromises meet halfway? I may be poor at it if I meet someone who is as […]

Time to understand lifes meaning?

Sunday and everything is normal or not? I was all alone for a week without a few around, a test, I rarely experienced in a long time now, is bulking too spoiled by having family around. But is it so tight that we were still difficult to understand, I think? One need not be spoiled, […]

Updates in summer.

Hi, everyone, time to update some of my B-log. Again, I have myself together and take a chance on love, amid all awakening with anxiety disorders and, in fact, it feels good. I manage to pull the handbrake himself in between if not hysterically attacking my dear David. David also has been my one full […]

Life’s lottery luck or rivet

Barely had time I write a line in the poem about who had for love. What should I do speak clear language or hide? Best to be honest, I think, like it started with, but can also grow over the years, even if you live out in other circumstances. You learn tell me what to […]

Saturday night:/

I feel a bit tired today so will be home. I’m starting to feel at peace with myself, has taken time. You do not build confidence in one day so far we have not had it from birth, but I think many in the same boat, go and heal, however. Luckily, my life is better, […]