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Love pit

We run a little honest blogging just because
Because I sometimes write poems that are very naked.
In the combination of reality but also my dreams have a strong impact,
As you face a road hunger where friendship is very enticing with a deeper relationship. But you know that this can be very complicated or why not pull out with extreme because that’s what we’re just in the combination together.
I knew this from the beginning, where my lake of poems began to flourish, and I have always been emotional, delvsi wrote of me all that I may not even speak in verbal form.
Can say that sometimes it’s difficult to even try to even imagine adult ones, but as adults in some situations you suddenly become a child where some things become insecure, and therefore you do not even pull that straw to the stack so to speak, many or some of my acquaintances have thought that this seems mysterious or even long-standing, not for me or for what it’s all about in this case, it would be as open as everything else had both fallen too long Late and one’s own dream goes up in smoke quite quickly.

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What i knew and knowes

From the first moment I got to know this man, so it has flourished a lot.
Feel that people are becoming pathetic about the situation , even worse is that I have to know I write a response.
Why ? In order not to perish in part, realize that it will always be so with people who happen to draw attention to themselves.
As much as I like it, I hate it for everything is so wrong!
This relationship I often write about in my poems have been so , then well lets say almost a year. I feel good and just want to comment on the past six months issues , in what way , I think it is a healthy relationship ?
Why do I stay beside my dear friend as such?
Know the various about who I am?
And how can I find what feels right?

Firstly , I knew from the beginning what was , I did not throw myself into something without knowing know something, I had not gone and planned this particular person, but like much else in my life , I take chances. Right or wrong but I see life experiences , risks and chances, and I ‘ll take them .
Burden that people say to me, I feel no need for it here.
I sometimes write blue texts, depends on the touch in every relationship to a loved one , it is not just a thing I write about .
Relationships always involve emotions , rebellion and fate , no matter who it’s about, I do not pity myself for this .
The only thing that sometimes is tedious is this hysteria of people, rumors that are not entirely true because I happen to live here , in a small place where the shadow rests.
So the poems are what I live for , except my dear friends and the man I ‘m writing about.

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New faith and steps…

A cold has struck, darling is with me.

I know the face of adversity before, I dare to take chances, new tag even with relationships.

Someone must be out there for me to accept all of me, I know compromises meet halfway? I may be poor at it if I meet someone who is as stubborn and bosses like me.

Personality or Aspberg all can at least minimize that creates more trouble, I’ve despite the cold that broke out in three days to clean my bathroom! I hate the mess that is clean and it is disappointing that exists, but had to be done.

I live in an area that makes me tired, have utjänat my time here no matter what happens to everything new home possibly after October, they have started to rebuild its tiny Ör where I live now …

it will be more extensible? Whatever it is I have a new apartment new start where I forget everything Jeddah here, even if only a few blocks away or in central Sundbyberg, for a while.

The main thing with a roof over your head does not need one million hut, I am satisfied with my sweetheart’s. And yes, it went fast but both were equally anxious with each other, are two things that are important to me! For various never go, saying as children play best matches more even though it can also be bucking.

I have decided to give this chance and go for real love as long as it lasts. This time, I feel calmer, although the intensity was the same for both .. love at first sight has happened to me twice in their lives … and one was oki the other was pure hell!

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Time to understand lifes meaning?

Sunday and everything is normal or not?
I was all alone for a week without a few around, a test, I rarely experienced in a long time now, is bulking too spoiled by having family around.
But is it so tight that we were still difficult to understand, I think?
One need not be spoiled, to feel regret, no one wants to be alone even though many talk about it’s strength, being alone is no strength to do a termite. And such, I never meant to be, my dream to succeed in the writing is that I want, am glad for this part of my life, and with new love is the tingling constantly. Trying to put the brakes sometimes the last times’ve bolted right soon, and I want to be safer this time in my choice, but how can you be?
Taking chances is to learn the good and evil, it ought, I know now .. I’m fallen in love with David my latest addition in the family, and not easy to understand me. But he makes a better attempt a ruling majority, I must say, he is both a loyal friend and my other half, where it leads us, teaches us to notice. I have once again fallen into the distance relationship but this time not half the long way, the former wasted the most time to nag about the disadvantages of both were! On the other hand, I was again in the clutches of a manipulative bastard, it happens every now and then whether you like it or not.

What I have learned to become a better judge of character each time, and with my years in front of psychologists and physicians learn to say still more, the next more to be patient a doctor, I feel!

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Updates in summer.

Hi, everyone, time to update some of my B-log.
Again, I have myself together and take a chance on love, amid all awakening with anxiety disorders and, in fact, it feels good.
I manage to pull the handbrake himself in between if not hysterically attacking my dear David.

David also has been my one full week now, it’s very new, there are both pros and cons when you are like me, but you will type one step at a time, he is living not in Stockholm but Dalarna, but come here when not working, a very good person to me. He is right domestic and loving, to see if I manage to scare him too? It is not known but it’s two in a relationship is often even wrong it goes wrong.

We first met two weeks ago and something just told me to take the chance, I did not know there was something strange and a need to wait, the feeling is wonderful beyond words. And we clicked immediately even though it was online, we contacted each other, try as I said the chance to love again.

My practice has begun to take shape but it takes one step at a time, too, too fast, and very seldom good for me, I did not rush anyone anywhere actually, but it’s difficult now that guy is and practice jumping around, spinning thoughts sometimes, and I can still feel that uneasy feeling.

But just try to let it all drain away as David says it gets better, the phrase I’ve heard before too, but since he has medical training, I listen maybe a little extra.

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Life’s lottery luck or rivet

Barely had time I write a line in the poem about who had for love.
What should I do speak clear language or hide? Best to be honest, I think, like it started with, but can also grow over the years, even if you live out in other circumstances. You learn tell me what to do and not, nothing is stressful for me any more manageable working, but not over it.
I’ve had my relationships to somehow try to lie to myself or forget.
But today, I know that it is not the right approach towards myself or others, no matter what it is or not that is what they do, not something I intend to change.
One can have feelings in different ways for people who you meet I know it, you just have to be able to distinguish who is giving what to think! Life goes on after the slip, but with this you do I never think like that, then we never destroyed their friendship with stress, bad language and power struggles which often occurs as soon as you live under the same roof, love the man who once gave me lessons to be myself, no one else I’ve let come inside the vest in that way. That figure out who he is and their curiosity to get to the name which I will not disclose here or later, it is something that is for the private inside and that one of my fond memories no one else’s

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Saturday night:/

I feel a bit tired today so will be home.
I’m starting to feel at peace with myself, has taken time.
You do not build confidence in one day so far we have not had it from birth, but I think many in the same boat, go and heal, however.
Luckily, my life is better, all my experience even the bad ones have given me a mind of her own, and more will it be before the end of time. Life is, after all, about learning, when I think of it becomes quite boring because I always hated sitting behind a desk, my Frequency of positive part is that I am more practical a theoretical total, although I try to teach me to be intellectual with books due to what it is?
Yep now they have been out on Wednesday and yesterday is good enough, will hang until I get the money, before it evaporates into the floor again as five months ago. But life is fun right now when it is light and summer in all cases, I try to make the most of the time. Before the dark autumn rains will be growling!