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Never could have figured it out

This feels more like a poem than blog posts, but in any case … the thoughts continue, and I’m always pulling back to those kittens I met last spring, really a queen. I’m attracted to another type of person now, like more graduates with nose skins, often talented in artistry … maybe coming too close sometimes. But that’s what’s spinning around in the skull between pregnancy and other things.
I think of the velvet lena sheet, black pillow case, and red lips, just so you want to kiss them and nothing more, but it’s a damn game.
When I lay there in the waiting room in the dark with a completely unknown person who underestimated me, I was pretty sure that you were always there. I looked and you really have the poker face, I even study your cheekbones and contours between the turns of the TV screen with my son who made upright stomach, he showed the thumbs up both fell in laughter, I was more nervous than you … Maybe it will be a bit averse when you are interested in someone you never thought you would meet on an ultrasound when you’re pregnant … that was just a little impression right now.

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I start to get boored

I have now gone exactly 27 weeks of my pregnancy, everything feels so far away from the life I had before, yet it attracts the social someone in the background … the excitement about the child is vague, as I did not really take care of me everything according to the midwives said, may be due to the storms that are going on around, all people’s involvement. I can sleep at night but nothing in the days, the little man inside me is determined in his day’s rhythm and wakes up around 4 in the afternoon then awake till seven in the morning the day there on, so wake up little thing.
While I’m getting frustrated that I’m losing sleep right now, how will it go then, my weight is slowing up right now, but still feeling big like a house, and people’s comments about it’s one or two in there? Hardly two, my professional midwives had a haha ​​…. one of them I’m hard of anything you should talk about, but I’m the one I’m … it just happened and I do not feel like I’d like to go there just where the last midwife took ultrasound on me … with my ex in tow trains would be very weird feeling!

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The phases of being pregnent

Always discovering new phases of being pregnant and female, it’s not without everyone in their place of residence, whether they know me well or not willing to join a corner of my pregnancy, that’s a big deal … but especially men.
Have seen that page show up at several I might have taken some glass of wine or something like that, which suddenly gives me a role as guardian to me, I leave the store they come out and almost with live bright congratulations, then I will always have one name of my son when he is born resembling their own. Though I am careful to point out that he already has a name and that the child in my stomach has a father but we do not live together.
It looks like a question mark even though we entered the 2000s, and there are many who live does not seem to reach public opinion anyway, so I would like to point out that the baby has a dad in the background and names as well Date of arrival already put thanks for all congratulations.

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Chaos and pregnency

Have everyone noticed my mood, or rather new energy …
Good! such people I want to have around me that provide ill good energy, hm right now I have a  contact person who also sees me as a friend, not only sees me through the book, clearly it does not look out of the work colleagues … but that feels like man chemistry of?
I’m not completely out of my bike, I know now, but it took a while before I knew if she only saw me as a patient, then you or you are reading …. imagination, wish? Haha you have to interpret it the way you want, some other people nearby that usually go to the same place and talk has suddenly appeared on different pages where I write, maybe the poems … but okay what can not write?
Tabu … damn taboo says I’m getting too strong for the environment, we’re just allowed to stay in friendship or in other cases as a contact person and patient very sad or how?
But people like to cheat so it’s a disaster because I write about it before, so people do not need to interfere and ask for right or wrong, and there’s more and there’s another partner haha ​​… most curious questions there … Now I’ll end up with my memoirs for today, and this week I’ll be on a regular ultrasound that will be April 27th, it’s chaos

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When the liquor takes over everything

It’s not time to look back and ask yourself why you chose what you did …
It’s about going forward and finding a set for myself and the child to live as well as possible, the beginning before birth, it has fallen so far, the person who will imagine the father digs himself into the valley of abuse, more and more he misses his own child a more normal life than himself because he puts the alcohol before his child! I’m not going to preach and pretend to be sober because I’m not but true my words I could not put myself on the bench for the slightest bit of hardship right now and just drown my fears in a bottle of liquer, in part I could predict this before. .. but there have been so many bottlenecks, I’ve taken back when people show a nicer side, then suddenly the bottle catches and suddenly the person is not like it was before, I spent time as a young teenager and later on the party day, I love the wine, but it should not take over me so I can not take care of my child who is so long in my stomach, I have made a decision to put a ban on the visitor in the meantime that you can not usually behave around me you are threatening



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I dont need you

Dad to the child has probably created a psychosis of all chemicals, because the first digestive time passed, the father suddenly says that the child is not his, to 99% I’m quite sure, clearly we have not met all the time when he has been on his out of drugs and disappeared, and that he can not be too sure, so if you take a blood test in another case, one thing I can not forgive an adult man say about a child, especially his own, to call the child and wish it do not be his one thing you can be sure others will get to read about this, maybe more people have come out for this phenomenon … but I’d rather do it myself  no matter what you’re asking for now I explained your concern about the child to the curator who attached this to the remaining, that it becomes mother’s house in the shape of worried and stressed moment when you pose a threat to a pregnant woman like me … and I also told you what your insecurity comes from, partly the last who happened to be home with me then a police officer one came by.

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For the first time on a long time

Haha I’m laughing at the beginning, because it’s just so pathetic around me all the time, about the one and the other that I’m the source, or the source itself is quite open with its behavior so to speak, and some had the right to will go to hell honestly so i prepare my own life and yes i’m still pregnant oh well i would not mention anyone else by name since that person tends to bring his entire “league” from now on in Sweden and so, yes older than that person obviously is not ..
Since I was pregnant about four months ago and should use protection according to the person concerned, yes but, that’s not what any of us seemed to think about then, considering that I was pregnant before I went straight to my case regarding my position as lesbian some Think we/ me  are supposed to be hang what ever, so like me with aspberger ah so i can not exist … yes you … it’s not 30 numbers anymore, you might wish that’s the case but no … and must we never end up there again because then we or many of us emigrate to their own place … now this way up in everything I will meet with a new female acquaintance with a positive spirit, the relationship is far from what we will be? sighs haha ​​silly yes at least my sister’s husbands sister god… will come here and we going to do something fun togather :) haha ​​to somebody’s anger that I’ll be lesbian at once? sorry I’ve always had a joy and more for women, which was possibly a phase when I was a teenager, but as an adult, I know where I stand! Mm it’s not just one who reacted like this, I remember the castle a club … hm technoir in stockholm … yes, that’s to say, those who were with me do not remember as well, this talented sniper from some suburb  gate and who had a silver helmet indoors at the party, and Carina Aspberger shouted yes … yes, whoever lost it, I was not in the end, I was having a great day with a lot of new people around, and I’m tending to continue so now.