For old times and new times

Hello, all dear and dear friends, hope you have a good Christmas and a happy new year … My has been a lot of emotion and impression, I’ve got new energy to write … between circus and roller coaster as usual. Usually in my life, hope is a lot more to happen next year, to […]

Love pit

We run a little honest blogging just because Because I sometimes write poems that are very naked. In the combination of reality but also my dreams have a strong impact, As you face a road hunger where friendship is very enticing with a deeper relationship. But you know that this can be very complicated or […]

Meeting with supervisor

Okay, celebrating children, and going to have dinner late night and sleeping, before tomorrow is a follow-up meeting awaiting? my supervisor and my work consultant …. hm it will be interesting what they have looked at … because they have not said a knock … and the week after they will be big pamphets, they […]

The topic of people

Today will be the topic of the sixth sence,┬áthat people wonder and want answers. There are many people who want to earn on to save the world also, the perspective I understand. But it is very dangerous and comes with consequences just like everything else. I am a illusionist and the dreamer of the true […]

Misstakes and learning

Have not brought real blog in a while Autumn and winter is in full swing I feel a bit mediocre My choice answers Not even the fifth time it goes up I have been on it before Yep that what you eloquently argue perhaps not been high enough. Yet it is cowardly to hit or […]

Social authorities and their ideas….

I have thus had with the social authorities to do. And their ideas sometimes what I’ll go for the courses and psychological call. For a while I went to meetings with single mothers with newborn children. Imagine their thoughts, thus, I was embarrassed so much but now. I can joke about it most of the […]