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I still think

I have not forgotten to write, but it has become a bit smaller. I’m full of war authorities! But when I get my own representative, I will appeal to all authorities that it is not forbidden for one with Aspergers to have children! 😠

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Thinkin about Valium

Yes, maybe it will be baby tomorrow … assuming how big the boy is, you make an ultrasound first because he is right up high … and to get started early, you have to see how big he is, I said yes, is not he small considering what I look like in the body … do not even want to take a photo last time …

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My times

Time has passed, my photos and me over the years …
The only thing that is the same is my face and my way, otherwise the body has changed back and forth, just now one big pregnant woman haha, yes … I usually say that after each other, I’ll come back to its same as I be it before, that’s my way of being, plus yes I’m just getting older but with numbers.

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Then I have begun to get acquainted … but very irregularly … .that I will go to midwife and therapy tomorrow on mothers care …. can hurry on this hell with hard stomach, forcers and miscellaneous …. 😣swet drain …. and no water have brooken … damn !! That guie thing that comes first has allready gone, but no water just stomic pain in irregularly times!!

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New week and countdown for my baby

Then it was monday again, suddenly August is feeling like autumn … with a few winds …. but I’ve actually had a vacation for quite a while now … now my job for 18 years or more will still be a bit of a bit of unemployment on a regular basis not at all often …. anyway … now goes into week 34 and the weeks are counted down for the planned delivery that will be around week 38-40 because it’s calmer so to me .. as I said to my midwives this little boy in advance … so planning the next one is probably a good idea … does not feel like I could go to 22 Septemeber anyway … he would like to go out for he’s doing a lot of things right now … and is definitely downward regardless of day, night time of day.

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Genes and family

My gene and family …
In the past, I was never interested in descent and such
Still, the second person in the family is a family researcher
But now and then I’m surprised by what can come with a little DNA.
We go back in time to see that the families were like now.
Only the generations that looked different … or?
There are things removed in laws and regulations
But there are also things added and I can not remember even when I was little …
Confusion occurs …
Generation’s confusion, but it also carries it from our gene …
Somebody began to comment on equal freedom for all …
But it did not really look like that ..
Priests who clasped the children on their fingers if they took a cake from the cookie …
Though they may have been promised by someone else …
Teacher who hit the stylus over the fingers when someone was wrong …
It has only been replaced by tougher vocabulary in today’s society
Plus, human beings use so much grotesque violence and artillery to get their way out … or maybe it’s just an illusion, so just changing little details for each generation that is born.
With the gene we wear since then it’s hard to break all patterns and ways to get along,

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New people around

I’m sickly nervous about Tuesday, haha forgive me but my regular contact people have applied for temporary work, do not know if they looked at the age and the people? But in my case this will be very difficult because I’m very shy, what happens if something happens even that it’s two months left to arrival. I feel responsibility over those who are my temporary staff, haha and the introduction were a little messy because my regular contact person was on vacation and talked like a fan …. then the child’s dad showed up behind the shoulders … so all this stuff with introduction where i’m a little shy … i just know what the man’s name is like and how she looks haha … must be a bit of an experience for her, she’s going to work out.