Meeting with supervisor

Okay, celebrating children, and going to have dinner late night and sleeping, before tomorrow is a follow-up meeting awaiting? my supervisor and my work consultant …. hm it will be interesting what they have looked at … because they have not said a knock … and the week after they will be big pamphets, they […]

The topic of people

Today will be the topic of the sixth sence, that people wonder and want answers. There are many people who want to earn on to save the world also, the perspective I understand. But it is very dangerous and comes with consequences just like everything else. I am a illusionist and the dreamer of the true […]

Misstakes and learning

Have not brought real blog in a while Autumn and winter is in full swing I feel a bit mediocre My choice answers Not even the fifth time it goes up I have been on it before Yep that what you eloquently argue perhaps not been high enough. Yet it is cowardly to hit or […]

Social authorities and their ideas….

I have thus had with the social authorities to do. And their ideas sometimes what I’ll go for the courses and psychological call. For a while I went to meetings with single mothers with newborn children. Imagine their thoughts, thus, I was embarrassed so much but now. I can joke about it most of the […]

I am just who i am

God created man and woman But if you’re both inside which all are Just that I live out both parts of my personality I’m not confused Just want to be who I am Sometimes I’m more dominant in nature And sometimes I’m not there The outside is not everything, my interior universe repesenterar And I was […]

Smooke issues

  I have to go out in the winter Cold.Bald Mountain and roads that look back at me like the freezing fucking hard. But I have to fix those cigarettes that became addicted to nicotine was a clearly bad idea. In economic terms, expensive, and way too expensive. Remember when a package Blend cost 38 dollars […]

Don´t know anything right now

As I sit here almost five weeks later with the computer again. Been on the submission but turns out it was internet Explorer’s error page then! Waste of time when I could have restored the PC to original again and not as expensive. So I haven’t actually been able to write as much, I takes […]