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I don´t want to talk about it — November 1, 2014

I don´t want to talk about it

I’m sitting here agonizing over all matters concerning my son’s father, what should I do about it is now. I do not have the energy to go through it, though I should, I write in full and get a response back, call. But given that we have never come so close together that we live together, maybe I can not take for granted that he’ll be there all the time afterwards, after all, it was unplanned and my final decision. I see that the friend has come over to American soil, and I’ve known a long time that Sebastian will make music the same again, little mice have spoken before he wrote about it.
I was afraid even then that our friendship would die out, more or less, and that the time between us is just blue memories, sometimes those are the memories more damage an otherwise.

New dr and methods — June 8, 2010

New dr and methods

Together or not, fighter or not.
Today I was on dependent reception and met new
Got a new test on questions about dependency and that
mental state.
I talk exactly from how I usually do neither draw
from or add.
And Sofia my doctor is a very straight person and precise with
to assess condition.
I told about the investigation and its length, disputes with
people about dependent personality or not, how much I fastened before
compared to the last two years, and how my situation looks, who has gone
about me about the problems I or only others.
You can teach me how much you want, think and think
I have it and that personality.
But I listen to my doctor in this case straight and honest
and not something guessing for money’s sake or what they consider outside, but she
ask me and trust it thank you!
According to her, this was done by others’ opinions and that
I cannot tolerate antabus because I have consumed various subjects before, since I started
be very destructive let’s say it started at the age of 16, and that mine
Diagnosis of Aspberger and Add constitutes one’s mental illness it is easier
To draw on say destructive behaviors, everyone does not have to have an addiction
personality for it, because I have been unemployed for five years, I had one
internship place in four years that ended in 2008, since then I have gone without anything with
time to wait for an answer from the psyche!
My stupid old psychologist who said to say through the tests and
The statement that came with the letter was completed there, then she just said if I
wanted something special I would hear from me, became so frustrated and angry that
I took a break and I wouldn’t have done that, it was my self-destructive
behavior started again! This time, I took the alcohol as the closest
help and neighbor, from having gone out with self-control without sounding anything
married take over, i know as well i was like 20 year old, would test to amuse
me when i was idle and felt down would just die for any question
me?!!! Anyway I feel that once someone listened to me
today and not only drew their own conclusions for what they were with and how
one year maybe of my life, it is impossible to judge anyone out of a year
time of half life as well, I wouldn’t be able to do it.
But because I listen and try to trust new doctors
Each time, this is a new test to see what is current
and what had been the problem before, to distribute stamps she said here and there
It can make people easily even slamming on say yourself, you have no craving
just a certain pre-set or similar but only running automatically as soon as you
Feeling Bad to Deaf Anxiety, You Don’t Have an Abusive Personality! IN
Your case seems to go deeper than just that and they are in the first place
something that must be done something, that you should be entitled to medication when you
periodically feel depressed and everything becomes completely chaos on the standard of life
since you have abuse in the family becomes easier to create in the case that you have
she said! I can say exactly what she said without writing wrong, I was there
listened and took in and there is a plan if my psychologist does not take up medicine
again! But here in the municipality they cannot just take over each other’s assignments it is called
so, but it can only be sent over to someone else then who did
the investigation etc. does not do what she or he should!