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Genes and family

My gene and family …
In the past, I was never interested in descent and such
Still, the second person in the family is a family researcher
But now and then I’m surprised by what can come with a little DNA.
We go back in time to see that the families were like now.
Only the generations that looked different … or?
There are things removed in laws and regulations
But there are also things added and I can not remember even when I was little …
Confusion occurs …
Generation’s confusion, but it also carries it from our gene …
Somebody began to comment on equal freedom for all …
But it did not really look like that ..
Priests who clasped the children on their fingers if they took a cake from the cookie …
Though they may have been promised by someone else …
Teacher who hit the stylus over the fingers when someone was wrong …
It has only been replaced by tougher vocabulary in today’s society
Plus, human beings use so much grotesque violence and artillery to get their way out … or maybe it’s just an illusion, so just changing little details for each generation that is born.
With the gene we wear since then it’s hard to break all patterns and ways to get along,

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New people around

I’m sickly nervous about Tuesday, haha forgive me but my regular contact people have applied for temporary work, do not know if they looked at the age and the people? But in my case this will be very difficult because I’m very shy, what happens if something happens even that it’s two months left to arrival. I feel responsibility over those who are my temporary staff, haha and the introduction were a little messy because my regular contact person was on vacation and talked like a fan …. then the child’s dad showed up behind the shoulders … so all this stuff with introduction where i’m a little shy … i just know what the man’s name is like and how she looks haha … must be a bit of an experience for her, she’s going to work out.

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Never could have figured it out

This feels more like a poem than blog posts, but in any case … the thoughts continue, and I’m always pulling back to those kittens I met last spring, really a queen. I’m attracted to another type of person now, like more graduates with nose skins, often talented in artistry … maybe coming too close sometimes. But that’s what’s spinning around in the skull between pregnancy and other things.
I think of the velvet lena sheet, black pillow case, and red lips, just so you want to kiss them and nothing more, but it’s a damn game.
When I lay there in the waiting room in the dark with a completely unknown person who underestimated me, I was pretty sure that you were always there. I looked and you really have the poker face, I even study your cheekbones and contours between the turns of the TV screen with my son who made upright stomach, he showed the thumbs up both fell in laughter, I was more nervous than you … Maybe it will be a bit averse when you are interested in someone you never thought you would meet on an ultrasound when you’re pregnant … that was just a little impression right now.

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I start to get boored

I have now gone exactly 27 weeks of my pregnancy, everything feels so far away from the life I had before, yet it attracts the social someone in the background … the excitement about the child is vague, as I did not really take care of me everything according to the midwives said, may be due to the storms that are going on around, all people’s involvement. I can sleep at night but nothing in the days, the little man inside me is determined in his day’s rhythm and wakes up around 4 in the afternoon then awake till seven in the morning the day there on, so wake up little thing.
While I’m getting frustrated that I’m losing sleep right now, how will it go then, my weight is slowing up right now, but still feeling big like a house, and people’s comments about it’s one or two in there? Hardly two, my professional midwives had a haha ​​…. one of them I’m hard of anything you should talk about, but I’m the one I’m … it just happened and I do not feel like I’d like to go there just where the last midwife took ultrasound on me … with my ex in tow trains would be very weird feeling!

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Still dreaming

6 months have left my pregnancy, it still creaks a bit on how I dream about my life, but it is said that even getting a parent will have dreams left true! I will probably never grow older than this, my plans and even the fact that a child is in the picture, becomes harder and tougher.
The only thing that hurts really right now, all doctors are meetings, just like last time I’m nogright alerted to do the right, both from the social welfare and maternity care, I have given them all the question, I’ve given them all the question, there’s really a manual about how to raise a child right? Moral and Ethics ah … I have my version and also strive for what you want, not just what others want, clear tips and advice are never wrong, and listening to the art of people is part of this.
But at the same time I can feel a little panic of all the stuff that’s going on for this little life, and I have not barely captured myself, I had a big step right now, at this moment about 6 months ago, still do not know Really, I’ve honored, honestly, I only have experience of taking care of other people’s children, and that I can leave when I get tired.

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The true

The time goes on in pregnancy, the longer the time goes, I want to respond to white how far the father of the child is the father 100% and that there is paper and certificate to write for parenthood, however, it is done after childbirth. Something I’m really excited to wait for, why are there hundreds of reasons why this did not work out, including the dad had a profound abuse, including a criminal path. I should have thought before answering yes, wondering after is no idea, but clearly the thoughts are spinning around.
And since we do not live together is a fact, because I had not planned all this now, but I take my responsibility as an adult, trying to make sense. But sometimes the patience tries quite hard, and the authorities are weird because they take good time to investigate what’s what, and so I refuse to live. Something must be done, which is best for the child, but also for me if I’m going to work with.
Feel that it starts to trample back for my part, but I do not drink, do not take drugs yet, it’s some authorities that back him up more than me, so much so that the mother is always right or getting right!