Part of pregnency tests and what will come

Yes, I’m pregnant in the fourth month, awakening when the midwife said today that the child is expected to come on September 20 this year. Inge bath for my part, the clothes are kept on. Yes, after Easter, I will visit a retreat and get a picture, and take a fetal water test …. as […]

Old flames

After I released my poems about an older friend of mine for a few days, have the questions been circulating again? Who is this person and how did you get together? Clearly through the youth reception where I live. It’s almost 30 years ago. I was like all other young people just lost more or […]

Desicion to do the right?

Still pregnant and would have done a surgical abortion today, but I can not handle it so close to the same week as I reported, I also got time already today, because it was the last week for surgical intervention … I still prefer. But I have a good psychologist who feels good, thank goodness […]