Chaos and pregnency

Have everyone noticed my mood, or rather new energy … Good! such people I want to have around me that provide ill good energy, hm right now I have a  contact person who also sees me as a friend, not only sees me through the book, clearly it does not look out of the work […]

I dont need you

Dad to the child has probably created a psychosis of all chemicals, because the first digestive time passed, the father suddenly says that the child is not his, to 99% I’m quite sure, clearly we have not met all the time when he has been on his out of drugs and disappeared, and that he […]

For the first time on a long time

Haha I’m laughing at the beginning, because it’s just so pathetic around me all the time, about the one and the other that I’m the source, or the source itself is quite open with its behavior so to speak, and some had the right to will go to hell honestly so i prepare my own […]

Part of pregnency tests and what will come

Yes, I’m pregnant in the fourth month, awakening when the midwife said today that the child is expected to come on September 20 this year. Inge bath for my part, the clothes are kept on. Yes, after Easter, I will visit a retreat and get a picture, and take a fetal water test …. as […]