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Thinkin about Valium

Yes, maybe it will be baby tomorrow … assuming how big the boy is, you make an ultrasound first because he is right up high … and to get started early, you have to see how big he is, I said yes, is not he small considering what I look like in the body … do not even want to take a photo last time …

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My times

Time has passed, my photos and me over the years …
The only thing that is the same is my face and my way, otherwise the body has changed back and forth, just now one big pregnant woman haha, yes … I usually say that after each other, I’ll come back to its same as I be it before, that’s my way of being, plus yes I’m just getting older but with numbers.

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Then I have begun to get acquainted … but very irregularly … .that I will go to midwife and therapy tomorrow on mothers care …. can hurry on this hell with hard stomach, forcers and miscellaneous …. ūüė£swet drain …. and no water have brooken ‚Ķ damn !! That guie thing that comes first has allready gone, but no water just stomic pain in irregularly times!!

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New week and countdown for my baby

Then it was monday again, suddenly August is feeling like autumn … with a few winds …. but I’ve actually had a vacation for quite a while now … now my job for 18 years or more will still be a bit of a bit of unemployment on a regular basis not at all often …. anyway … now goes into week 34 and the weeks are counted down for the planned delivery that will be around week 38-40 because it’s calmer so to me .. as I said to my midwives this little boy in advance … so planning the next one is probably a good idea … does not feel like I could go to 22 Septemeber anyway … he would like to go out for he’s doing a lot of things right now … and is definitely downward regardless of day, night time of day.