This sick me

I can not imagine the next thing is forbidden for anyone with Aspergers to have children! It is not said straight out, but both parts of the county council, social services and special mothers care consider it. There, too, the variant of disability even more easily falls as if you idiot explain people in the 30’s. But we are in 2018 and still this ignorance …

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Social authoreties continue

What I have learned through all years of social services is that they focus on the wrong kind of families! Those who really seek help do not get it, I’m almost baptized into social cases, in their eyes I’m a victim, but I’ll never see myself so. and the facts they are wearing are often read only in books, so no own experience … but as my contact person said you could have learned through hanging out with friends who have had a hard time … still this is not the one that has been about the!