You want some one to own

You want someone to own And I have grown And time goes on Young as few, I was naive and addicted to others But you do not get it But you do not get all of me Because when I matured with my time Then it’s realistic Young people have the hard time to understand […]

Do your own thing

What are you looking at? Do something about it then Do something about it Dance Dance slowly Turn around Seeing everything is equal Somebody has to stand out of the amount of like me Something better than you are today Know a place better than believing in me The center is your akhilles So take […]

Swim naked

What a sexy look Into the camera The fantasies are many And we can make them real Everything I’m thinking about is here Let’s swim naked Let’s get rid of us Continue choking Let me see it I know others are watching Seeing how to film your thighs from below I want to sit right […]


I’m not cheeky Just love attitude Before sundays I’m ready Because she will be back again Dirty what people say And Mr. Charming tries to stop me I do not need him Teaches while I troll it with my eyes I can play with myself I do not need a man for that But I […]

This is my time

I am moving at the speed of light on time But I’m not alone there Free to fly The sweat flows from your face But do not let it go away I’ve never been fond of love But I will always love you Some of me stays in this story Even where it leads Happens […]

Cat and mouse

Haha, get that star You will bid her back All eyes on us Because you know people like drama Are we good at theater Everyone is looking here I let everything get out of me I say hi come with me I’m going to shout straight out You are now reading exactly The boss can […]

Our nasty world

For some reason I feel no fault I saw you appear on the dance floor Those sexy lips and beautiful hair Tell me you’ll be back in minutes What makes you come in a mood I have my pains I am a nice person People are watching But I need someone to hold I’m going […]