You are pushing me forward Even if I want to go back You push when I stumble Every face I seen Every mood is so different But I’ll do it again Each time we meet so it is that something new You are pushing me to give everything When I want to go back to […]

Let it be so it will be

Trip and fall is a clutch But it is more than you know And it makes me smile Just let it be May it be so Curiosity demands questions If the place I belong But I answer, until you stop to ask Just let it happen Or remain Would you not just let it fester […]

Queen of hearts

Queen of hearts Never change But rarely will the inside of my door She dances so easy Light as a feather in my heart And tells all And my directive is located near the I can not turn a blind eye And I’m kicking no bucking Welcome I gave the check So why change this […]

Too fragile

Want .. Concern Need it Need intelligence Need real passion I want to And will die for it…. My mind knows your scent The hands and draws But only one hand takes more And it feels right In the past, it just felt wrong For fragile and hidden Not now For I is open

My feel is for real

My feeling is genuine… And I can handle me so well…. Don’t need blinkers on The match was finished No one can reach it as you Even if your hand is being held now I see you here every now and then Eyes say more than words It is, as I said earlier I want […]

From far away

Breathe slowly And to give straight lines It is how I see you Pointing towards heaven Take me to the views I want If it were here forever And just a tickle makes my day good Anywhere you stand I can’t chase around the town And there will never be hunting without the consent response […]