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An extra eye — October 17, 2019

An extra eye

You hear my voice …
Somewhere in all the clubs
But now the internet is my biggest threat today
Everyone has become associative
Feels like we will never come back again
So it’s best to have these sexy memories left
Just to remind you of a past life
Yes I was …
Involved to everyone’s surprise
Names do not matter at all
Just scroll through the diary
If you even dare to turn the page
Because when I cry, these are the ones I think about
And when I smile, these are the ones I still want today
Maybe I didn’t settle for a kiss
But until then I say thank you and hello
Whatever the pictures and text, there are those who know
Oh well I will always keep an extra eye on them

Salt with sweet —

Salt with sweet

There are different ways to get high …
In my taste it should be the right one
Even salt with sweet …
Feel the taste of what you draw each night
After everyone has gone home
That’s when we both end up in front of the computer screen
Like two different individuals outside the center
If that was the last thing I saw
I like her a lot
Can also feel the feeling of eternal loving
There is only one drug that creates it
Because through the veins it is you who seduce
Think I tried most things
But one does exist
Maybe it sounds completely child forbidden
Life is what you do it for
Can be a nice party
No matter what others think and think
Smokes vanilla flavor when traveling

I like one better —

I like one better

It’s just that ..
Used to listen too much
Then I ended it
I have a more fun life
Summer is the best season
It is always when people are happy
I can watch
There is only one who is worse than me
That’s why I love her speeches and movies
I like everything
Also her taste in newspapers
Thought you knew girls also like sex
Even the naked
I don’t like being one-sided
I changed my mind from something I was tired of
Have already tried both
But I like one better

Show me something new —

Show me something new

Leaving nothing to chance
Remember all my lovers
There are in every corner
Even those who were too much …
Those who were too little …
And they were perfect ..
Ages are not related to the matter
Because I made my career early
Can handle you
But have my plans
And some people clashed with my dreams
So it says in my poems
But don’t think for a second that I forgot about them
Without a name, I can describe each individual …
But they would just be embarrassed …
So I leave it at that
It’s enough for me to write it like this
Show me what you got
Unable to compare with anyone else

Too perfect — October 16, 2019

Too perfect

That’s just my opinion
That you are one in a million
Nothing locks me
And that would be perfect
But too perfect is not good
The question is what is good
Not too different works
Honestly, the average is not me
And I always have something going on
Just like you
In my opinion, you are one in a million
And that would be perfect
And I think people have taken note
All advice I see
But I don’t take them
My craving is a person
My special
Always so perfect that it cuts

The day`s goes by —

The day`s goes by

Between the laps when I sit like this during the days, there are small slides of things that happen like that suddenly, some days are obviously easier with everything that is around, but yes about two weeks ago my neighbor / acquaintance suddenly died with a person who was last found with her for about two days. You know some about them since before it was not so good, between the yards you get a gut feeling. This reminds me of two incidents since before with two other acquaintances, where it was also not possible to determine the exact cause more than all three were affected and then it was closed, except that there were people present at all three times who were not very 🤔😠😏 The repetition makes me frustrated, then between the laps there is something else that also circulates around the thought tubes. But, well, it is pretty good some days anyway, some easier others worse and then it is probably worst, it is still for relatives, I suppose, and if you do not have to see these individuals face each and every day that is said to be released.

Peek-a -boo — October 15, 2019
Reaction —


Just wanted your reaction …
A positive sensation …
Nothing can take it away from me …
Can get the feeling of loneliness sometimes
But somewhere you are there
Time goes by so fast…
You play hide and seek
But I know you can hear me
Make me happy …
I have a feeling
That our meeting is not the first time
Just one glance killed everything
And then it was just you
I sought your reaction for so long
A pretty positive longing
Sensual and sexy …
And no one can take it away from me
You know I dream about you
Seems like everyone else around it also sees it
Which is my favorite subject

Just like you —

Just like you

It’s no secret
What I’ve been …
My ancient and future heres ..
Now, this is the painting I painted
But write it instead
Excitement and mystery
It makes me whole again …
No limit…
Just fun …
Black little horns adorn the forehead
And small fangs appear
But the best part was the whole style
My style looks just like you
The black dress
Leather belt that you tie …
But we were wild
Like now
I can go back in there …
Only we two know it now …
Yes …. my style looks just like you …
Dress in black and leather harness just like you
Oh take me back to the dance floor
We chased each other just like you and me

Queen in the bed —

Queen in the bed

Sensual or porn
I know a place
And it was with the doctor
Please can you cure me …
I’m just like that
She reads me up and down correctly
Put on your doctor’s coat and read
I just faint all the time …
Maybe she did it with diligence …
For once, it was me at the center
That’s how I hid
But she gives a damn in rules
Just wanted to lose the sensation for a while
I still feel that …
Maybe I’ll come back for an investigation
Just say who you are
I still remember it
Oh yeah it was so hot ….
Even my mom had a big gap ….
Therefore, that kind of women makes my day
I have to let go of my thoughts for a while
Just write what comes over me
Reality for me
But maybe pretend for you