Memory inside

Someone put out a movie on your friend Maybe it was you with all that you are… All the time I have stood in the middle But it was my choice to stay so Maybe it was the stupid choice But it will not re – So I will remain in the middle to live […]

Like a rocket

The desire for more adventure Emotions will again The taste in the mouth is sweetness What happened to the summer When I need it most But there is more with shine and flair I swear It is not finished yet for my tour I breaks me away from the sadness into smiles No matter man […]

Put on the ring but i stay

Has an eye for what is nice But I don’t lose control Sometimes, it leads to my downfall But I rise up again And I turn the key in the lock once again Behave to me like I’m someone important For I am here for a reason I can become crazy by a beautiful glance […]

Come and go

Please forgive me… Come and go Love is not always Not like when we were little and everyone is talking about small fairy tales Fairy tales may be real for some people And I choose freedom, I stayed up for a long time So I have also made my choice Even if a tear can […]

Rehab from you

For the first I see more And I have the whole pasture ready But I can’t just wash over everything with a wave You are the reason why I stopped Perhaps too weak to give a response Nevertheless, do not need to be unknown But guess some people like it No name But I still […]

Goes on

It is now the people think that their chance is high The feeling I have continues Yet we breathe the same air So….I am still poisoned by its presence Forgive me but I continue to write Even when the tease some Can’t put your eyes somewhere else Watching as you turn your back Maybe does […]

The chief

It did not come as a surprise Still I stand at the side of the But acknowledge me a little surprised by your choice But what about all the dreams Maybe they were in vain Desires are a part I can’t say I do it better At the top of the mountain I stand Just […]