Little echo

I understand exactly Must learn not to always listen Thought I had learned But I do However, the sweat runs will I show If you want to shout name and number Do it Because it’s not me And I’ll never be your mother And it will continue its time Life is such People like to […]

It´s not about you

Strong words … Soothing hands Fighting again Against all adversities Is this how I’m going to live? Nothing I do is my fault when it comes to you … Love is unbalanced But I know you’re always trying to challenge me And I’ll show that I’m climbing Energy thieves what the hell is that … […]

No need to doubt

Is the battle in this love I have lost control But you make me crazy … And now it’s hard not to show it You turn me upside down … But dear friend I live for the day And we are soldiers of passion Every second I’ll think of you Sorry but I have shown […]

Problem with sweets

Eyes that shine in darkness Lighting a spark I can not get enough mammy Before you awaken the passion .. Oh … forbidden candy and dance I may have helped  … And I enjoy it … I’m so in this Nobody makes me think of anything else Problem with sweets I have to have my […]


The ride through my love life Each stop has its story And it gives me a smile sometimes When people hide their secret, it’s something special Teach me this And I’ll do it again … Because I love it aha …. I love it… Little secrets … Remember every time you smile exactly how you […]

What we have incommon

So i live in chaos … It’s common today too Everywhere I look it’s a shame We have that in common But the schools teach us from the start what’s right They did not manage well I have always gone my own way And stretched out my hand when necessary But I’m still considered a […]

Unconditional friendship

I say this is holy to me Some things stay in the closet But not myself … Has lots of fantasies about different warm arms Can you hold me tight? Their strong arms when the wind blows hard … Understand that I fully enjoy … Whatever is said around, I’m there anyway … Every time […]