What do they have incommon?!

What do they have in common in my eyes, I like both of them in different ways – everyone makes mistakes in their professions or they do it consciously sometimes … had it been some of the male colleagues who had done the same thing had it sounded different I think, and read many times over! 🤔🤩🙂 An occupation consists not only of men but also women, in these power crazy systems, the job should be suitable for the one who can and handle it, mistakes that said make everyone in everyone occupational categories I have met both genders, so I see no difference if you do a good job, you get liked in a certain profession, you are quickly despised by some, you are too harsh you are protected by some … how do animals? ? And now I know immediately what the cash will be that I idolize the guard system and the authorities, not a chance but some stand out in some or all ways in some people’s eyes!

Published by lachicalove

I am an unusual person, I believe, has gone through a lot in just 15 years, studies of Asperger VS Add lived a pretty wild life outside of Stockholm City, has grown in the suburbs and this is my story of how I was treated by people both as youth and adult, who I have been designed for.

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