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I will take my chanse… — October 31, 2019

I will take my chanse…

I’m the crazy girl …
I see you ….
With a smile I take your hand
And happens to see a smile back
But do not know more
Lips on the glass
Just like before
That’s how I do it …
And my look at yours
Then I just want more …
So give me more of your time …
I saw something busy …
But in your opinion nothing is given
And you keep looking me in the eye
Maybe you have a mission
But it gets me in shape
I take my chances
And you see I just say thank you for it …
That’s why I felt an extra kick today

This is my trick or treat day….;) —
Something about an old love of mine — October 29, 2019

Something about an old love of mine

Half the time has passed
Sometimes someone will pick you up again
Back on the same box a …
What was that special
I guess everyone has someone like that
And I don’t know what people may think
Honestly, this is nothing new
I’ve always chosen it differently
But it makes me strong sometimes …
Except when the missing one strikes
Anything about how far you got now …?
I hear many sayings
It says your name on some planch
But whatever the weather, you bounce back
You used to dance like Michael Jackson
Should I have to pull it up again
For love can be different
And it is meant for chaos
In my case…
I don’t care about all the whispers
For that feeling was good for me
And it still makes me strong today
But I admit it’s a mystery …
I can only say in my heart it is calm

Tits/new hair/ keep on going —
I don`t cear about the rest — October 28, 2019

I don`t cear about the rest

Never pretend
Because what I wrote about is true
No phase
I went through it a long time ago
The questions that concern my private life
Like that the personal question before
Before I even knew what to do
Even when I lay in my bed and slept
Woke me up to know what I was dreaming about
Talk about control
What happened on the road
Special does not always have to mean positive
When others feel that I always need to be checked
Like I was still small
Stamps still do stupid in the head
Also everyone else around
Except those who believe in me
And it can be counted on one hand
I don’t care about the rest

Smile again — October 27, 2019

Smile again

We are so different
But all I hear is the drama
And sad faces
I have to make you smile
Can only fight forward
Don’t have many choices here
I probably learned it anyway
But rather flee than bad fence, what I do nowadays
I just want to feel good for the moment
And that’s how I have to see it
All days
All hours
Let’s go so …
I can see you crying again
Must make sure you smile
Because I want to feel joy here
We cannot change others only ourselves
I get so clumsy sometimes
But that’s how things happen around here

In your face —

In your face

In your face…
Five fingers
And I don’t see between
I look straight at you now
And I give my love
But if you are wrong all the time
Can’t I spend more time with you?
Only those who receive my love
No war
No drama is all I said
No play
Without you
Some have created a circus
I’ve done a lot of healing
Free yourself or stay in it
But that’s easier said than done
I do not believe everything that is said without four eyes
No war for me
No drama has gotten so tired of it
No play without you wanting it
Am no extra mom
But can give love
Only if you want
Time to wake up and make demands
Even on yourself …

It`s not all about sex —

It`s not all about sex

A mysterious individual
Far back in time
Our roads just met
Writers at heart
She had both hands free
And she approached me
Consciously, I knew it was considered wrong
But please do not repeat
I can tell you it was my first love
And she’s still walking in my veins
Dear friend just stop asking
Stop, it wasn’t the happy ending we wanted
She is not broken
Just withdrawn
And I can’t judge
Because I knew how much she gave

Mr. Anxiety —

Mr. Anxiety

My two sides
One is fighting
And one is serious
The other side of me
Oh shit no means
Shows exactly how it is
It’s called Anxiety
Hope you never see him
And never have to fight for life
Anxiety is a hellish little demon
He wants to overturn everything in his path
Call it a male
Because it feels that way
Mr. Anxiety wants to take over me
Especially every winter
Dark, gray days
Seasons he plays with
Digging out everything you didn’t want to feel
Mr. anxiety wants to take over
But I fight back
Anxiety wants to take me down all the time
And I change medication as soon as he comes
I’ll write and tell you as soon as anyone wonders
And those who judge me for it can only be silent
For they have never been there
He sits there and decides to ruin a whole day

Lust — October 23, 2019


Almost like in a dream
And I think I had a vision
Mmm it could be you …
I’ve been there many times
Sometimes I look up
But rarely seen the face
Oh but now I know …
Oh almost like in a dream now …
Mmm it was like you ..