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Chrissy – Divinyls ;) — July 31, 2019

Chrissy – Divinyls ;)

Vacation pictures —
I love it —

I love it

Like crawling in the pond
On bare knees
Into your game
Playing cat and rat
Then we like each other best
I’m coming through
Has half the foot inside
If you didn’t already know …
I don’t want any drama
Nobody helps in this
But the fact is that we have a little romance
What people would say
People already say
This small town with its inhabitants already knows
If I get the question I say straight out
Why hide
The names they have in their memories when they go home
Because they thought I was changing
Not then
I got a taste for one of the best queens
Leaves no trace except answers
Answer if I want to answer

It is still the same —

It is still the same

This feels the same
The circus continues to roll
Into one zone and out of another
Always something that happens
For better or worse
There are always game pieces in town
And I always have to look
Because I can miss something of importance
And I want to take the chance when it exists
It is now I live
Smile on the lips and roll on
What should I say
What should I do about the sins of others?
I have my own …
Let them shine through

Who are you really — July 25, 2019

Who are you really

I’m just wondering
Who are you really…
I know you like music
And many of us do
Then you sing every time on new rhymes
Are you really 26 years old
Are you really who you are
How did you find my family
Have you searched through me
Maybe it’s because you’re looking for me
You seem to play the poker face
But look at me and you’ll see
I already know something is different
I saw you here the other day
Checked that name
There is not a single named
Go here and there
Let’s start talking about what this is all about
Trying to get close to me
Okidoki you’re going to play hard now
That’s why you give me the spliff so easily
Maybe you will come again
You avoid me giving alcohol
What the hell I’ve already seen you
It is no idea to play poker face here <3

I just smiling — July 24, 2019

I just smiling

Right now I’m just smiling
See how faces turn this way
Succeeded again
Though it wasn’t conscious
Enjoy your moves
The pictures are always high quality
Even when you take them yourself …
I can see how people flock
Sorry you thought you know …
Women think women are beautiful
And that’s nothing new
Thought you knew about it …
There is no product name …
If you want, I can step into the ring
Everything is not what it seems to be
But for me it is wonderful
So just step aside

All I can Think of —

All I can Think of

All I can think of is you
Whatever your mood
Right now it’s a circus again
It circulates in my head
And it is visible outwards
But it pulls me back
Long legs
The mouth is round
And the body well-trained
Do you recognize that style
Different Hairstyles
The style of clothing always stands out
No wonder the attitude that you win
You are clear winner in my head
Smoking or not
Drink a glass of wine now
I am an adult and take my responsibility
So thank you …
I do bad advertising
But everyone does
Only just tiger
And playing innocent …
Haha I love your honest personality
Modesty as in the middle of the shadows behind the curtain
But only alone when we two become lonely

Some times I feel like a cat —

Some times I feel like a cat

Is like a cat with nine lives
One has never been like the other
Different eras …
With different elements
Is a learning process
And I take it to myself
Whether you like it or not
Called Madonna or the whore
But all those stupid names just run by me
I was not born yesterday …
And of course I have tested my limits
Why even question why
We all have a reason here on this earth
And I have to understand what it was
And before anything else comes my way
Was exploring among my ancestors and friends
Then I am right
What should I do later?
I don’t know that now

My non-binary time —

My non-binary time

It was summer times
Suddenly into an era of special divas
I still can’t believe it myself
But some of them resembled more queen than others
But the secrets adorned the surface
I was looking for where I am now
Just search until you are there
Search until you reach your goal
But many will hate and despise
Even then, I have cute memories
Dressed up and dressed for the primadonna
But sometimes it happened more
And I have also written it in my memoirs
So I really have no homophobia or fear of different
Just dance close to someone who looks good
My measure before
So I can’t promise that he or she was not in my bed
While we danced into each other’s life …
But it was then
But it is still relevant

I feel relaxd near you — July 23, 2019

I feel relaxd near you

For once, relaxed
Release the stress evenly
You just make me be …
I need it
Every now and then we all do it
Have we come all the way so …
I’m ready
Feel like I’m stepping forward more
And I feel nervous at times
In many cases, it is you who do so
Because you have a glow that emits its energy
I can feel it
I don’t care now
I do not obey others …
And I notice others might not like it
But even that makes me laugh at times
She in me, me in her
Maybe so it feels
Maybe too much …
But right now it feels good