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She will keep you in — May 31, 2019

She will keep you in

She paints her mouth
She likes her
But is alone
A smile, then a sigh
Neither sad nor happy
Between two, three interviews
In her bathroom it is crazy

She invented songs
At the wedding of a star and a lion
On the phone she waits
It is a mysterious love
And I can’t make the end
But besides I know her
From times gone by
And it’s burned
But it’s not my time

Three years ago was newley for me —

Three years ago was newley for me

This will hit so hard
Because we all remember how it was ….
Why should I sit quietly
Try to burn me
Remember when we went to the Lion’s small bar
Wait now I just wanted to talk to these girls
But they didn’t have any interest for you you little man …
This will be burned any more ….
What kind of name did you say?
What did you say now for names
Haha … said it was Sandra
But don’t know if she’s really a girl
Next second try to say you’ve been her boyfriend
Did you know nothing or …
What was it you said again
I think everyone listened to ….
Tried to get them to hate me
When you went, we talked
Is there anything more we did not say
That you knew her so well
She didn’t even know who you are
Go get another story to lie about
Looked at some squares with other scammers …

This is nonsense —

This is nonsense

This is nonsense
So superficial and you touch nothing
Mm listen and root in the lives of others
If you are simple you talk about everything yourself
I didn’t want to stay there
I’ve always been like this …
Who have you been commissioned by?
Sure, it feels good to have it said
What people say about me
Hm … maybe they have the same opinion as you
Possibly jealous because I like myself
And I’m not as easily cheated
I have worked in your eyes with a bad job
Took me out and pulled from that shit
But it wasn’t your merit
No, I fell in love with a queen
That’s why they talk about me
Go back to your old life and your old wife
You should have stayed there

You should not Think , you should know —

You should not Think , you should know

The demands after today’s meeting in the municipality, a medical certificate from dr french: P and enter me at the employment office, the medication how it will go and maybe it will come into money today or on Monday. Two new graduates not good: / is there no section in any municipality do I think that change administrators as often as Sundbyberg’s municipality? the politicians here seem to think that it should always have a holiday because they should not keep it as it used to be, Changes here means crazy … i have had 10 different officers after the end of the year haha ​​why i laugh, the best of all was that they had no clue what the center reception is for something? they said yes you go where they care for everyone with psychological problems? No …. they care for those with hidden neuvro physical handicaps Aspberger / Add / Adhd … they: they even have schitozfrena within that sector? Me: Oh no, they haven’t got it and I’m not! I thought people who work with people in different sections like the Swedish Public Employment Service, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the Lss, the Social Security Administration etc. knew the difference between neuvro mental illness and neuvro physical disability?

These summer emotions — May 30, 2019
Like Marilyn and John —

Like Marilyn and John

My dreams showed that something had happened …
Without debt and debt
And I saw too much for my own good …
She is alone and you are there
I walked along the road and saw you there
Always in the dreams
Built castle …
But I don’t know what you have
That’s not why I’ve seen you …
I have recognized you since before and so I said
I thought I had forgotten it …
But as soon as I saw them, it was a stop …
I’m not playing …
I don’t pretend
I do not oversee because I have my own life
But you reveal yourself again …
And you must have known some stop
That I was left here

Dangerously hot —

Dangerously hot

Dangerously sweet
So dangerous hot
Is it true
My play I’m playing
And there are several that look at
May they wonder what happens
But only I know ….
Love it
But I fell into it
Without thinking anything
What I need
And you’re standing there thinking I’m crazy
Have always been
And will never make sense in some eyes
I do nothing against my will

I do what i want — May 29, 2019

I do what i want

I like to take photos and show them
Have always liked it
And that’s an interest I have
Like it or not
I do what I want

Sitting in one place and reading the newspaper
Because I like to enjoy life among people
Take a small beer or Coca / Cola
I do it myself as I please
Without obligations

I share some pages
And I love writing my articles
The music in my ears
And look at a nice view
I’m just me
Why should I be someone else?
What I like and not quite clear

So if you don’t like it
Playing no matter there are billions of people
So matter if you don’t care
I just say what I want
I do what I want myself

People tought i was locked in a room — May 28, 2019

People tought i was locked in a room

What’s with you
Speak for yourself
And I’m not unhappy?
Some are stuck in this town
Thinking that they will never come out
But I have to think so longer
I started innovating on my new plan a few years ago
Don’t want to live the same
And I wanted to be happier
So why should I stay in it
But the answer I received has not been positive
So I’m talking about what my desire is
And it’s not about you
So stop be paranoid
No answers so I’ll got enough
I get the same questions but it never happened
Tired when people play silly with diligence
Because I don’t
Let me explain if you can read what I write
I can’t stop my whole life for you
Our times are precious
So it is no idea to play dangerous forever

Unkind or not —

Unkind or not

That the only ones I hear that I am talking about you
Please, my God there are several that mean something
Unkind or not
Say what I mean
And people have trouble for that
To be another person at the next stop to win my time
It’s not as I want it
And if that doesn’t fit I go on
I’m not weak
But I am confident about the time I have left
And I do the best of time
So if you have trouble with it take this for warranty
That I continue on my way
And it’s facing ..
So I did what I felt
And I live to say something of importance
If people want to listen, it’s up to them