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Thank you Erika for your cermony for Dad’s funeral — February 28, 2019

Thank you Erika for your cermony for Dad’s funeral

Have my hair set up as usual
Black dressed and yet a smile
Oh my god your hug it warmed
You are someone I missed
But not now
Kiss my forehead before you go your way
Thanks for getting to know you
Fixed by common grief
I have that blues in my heart from the start
And I think most people appreciated your speech
Electric and almost a little dangerous
Heavenly but down to earth
Oh my god I think everyone knew it from the hug
It was seen straight through the fire

So fresh — February 27, 2019

So fresh

So fresh
But then out on the edge of a mountain
I don’t want to get in the way
But I press my body against your artwork
My own mouse for yes your entertainment burns
And it was always where you were going
I am no more than human
And the flesh has its desire
My appetite wakes up more than you suppose

You should never open that door —

You should never open that door

You wouldn’t have shown me there …
What a show it would be ….
Nonno and her art awaken
And you pointed to tvn
I looked up and smiled
Yet I cannot say more
But my akhilles are still art
And the people who create it are close
You know that
So when I start dancing away from you
Then I landed in fantasia
Just let it happen
Like a giant orgasm of emotions
They just rain over me
And you can feel outside
But that’s how art shapes me

Not far from you —

Not far from you

Your words are etched
A real artist
Never have I seen a person who stays there
I know how it was when we were young
But time goes by
I’m still behind
Not far from you
I see you every now and then
Without name and age
So I have never forgotten
Really etched into my dreams

Visual artist — February 26, 2019

Visual artist

Dangerous road …
Straight into the unknown forest
Nude and without protection
My soul has opened its door …
She’s sitting there with her camera
Black white image with belly against the floor
And there is really only a way between us
Super dangerous for me
But she has an appetite that annoys
And I’m not the only one who sees that
Dangerous craving and she eats you up
But I cannot resist
She does her thing and is perfect for what I like
My subject is visual art

Nowday my own queen —

Nowday my own queen

Ex Princess …
Nowadays Queen
If I hear a word about my friends or famoly
Shall I get you to shake bars …
Words slammed harder
I’m not threatening
I say what the truth should be
And if you have nothing neat to say turn around
I don’t spend time with a cat lying
They should be surprised
This little girl in your eyes is growing
Over the years I have learned to speak
Because your tongue got stuck long ago

Nothing will ever be left trough —

Nothing will ever be left trough

Nothing is let through
Not without being seen
Poor as good
When you use my friends as shields
Then I become this aggressive cat
She bites and claws hard
Some say burn holes
And I hold out until the last word is said
That’s why my poem came to mind yesterday
I would never kill with my bare hands
But my words are as deadly as your terrible poison
And what you pull out of you has consequences
That I answer you with the tone I want

Memmories remines — February 25, 2019

Memmories remines

The fighter and into the last
I didn’t even get to write the last words
But now I do
Every time I was scared
Get it someone to put their burden on
But now I am so very alone
Isn’t it so we all walk
I am dreaming
And you always dreamed
But you handed out your hand
Fighters glow come from my father
Can I say he is different .. exactly like me
I’m like you but a mile from

I will kill you —

I will kill you

I don’t need a man’s wisdom
Only God teaches
If this is available
Everyone has their weapons
But the ultimate are your words
So take advantage of your reading
If you can hit with a bag it’s never the same
So I’ll kill you
Will kill you
The words will always flow
I do not give in to injustice
And you should know
That the words weigh more than violence
And if you apologize for a simple matter, get it
Skip where you belong
Can’t help you

Nice breeze — February 24, 2019

Nice breeze

Nice breeze
You’re so right
The resistance becomes extreme
But like a sponge on you
Only you who attract so
And I am the one who falls
But it’s something certain
And I can only see these
The surface is something else
But it is clear that it attracts a lot of crazy
Something shines in your eyes
The gleam of something new and different