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She dosen`t know — December 30, 2018

She dosen`t know

Dripping and wetting
Taboo and you
Turn on many people
And been to many strange places
Life gives me that candy
I smile and think you know
You’re like a whip
The words you put are right in the heart
Plays you in your way and get the best
How many times should you tease with my mind
Tell me how to get me that way
Wetting wet
The night was long
White snow curls on my body
Nude skin
Imagined you were there
Released the golden age
You understand what I did
For the gold shower you are
And you like those who forbid
Give me a challenge

The forbidden play —

The forbidden play

In the evening I felt a little different
Wanted to feel the forbidden side
And no one else can give me this
So take it as a compliment
Feel completely new
And the magnet in me pulls people
Yes I need it all
What do you get?
What you want as a queen
And some hate it
But the main thing is that we both know about it
Everything else is just to forget right now
I give myself up
And without shame
Hey I’m not the same anymore …
With the saliva soaking down my neck
And I get an explosion

Your Music on —

Your Music on

Here I am
Located there entirely alone
With just your imagination
It cries me so much
I have your music on
Counting the time
I quake when you make me play
Just a little more
I play with myself
Just get me in the mood again
I just love it
Total crazy …
The stars can be many
But only one at a time takes me by storm
And you hit hard
I’m completely paralyzed
And the spring sun seems to last
So tonight I let your wish come in
Let me come into your mouth
This dream lifts all debt
I just rush in the fantasies
So nice

On my top —

On my top

On my wobbly feet
Half naked and left out
You showed up your right self
I shook my whole body
Remember that yesterday my friend
You slipped in with another style
Everything to find out
I just wanted more
Your hand on my thigh
Danced high on the clouds peak
And the top wanted your mouth
Because we shine strongly
But we are two different people
Yes, I will never change my appetite
And neither what excites me best

This fucking society — December 28, 2018

This fucking society

Scandal … for facts and truth …. so it is not independent economics you get nothing, not even the right on their side for cash is all … I start losing confidence in humanity in terms of truth and thought and facts … idiots, it’s like a female acquaintance told me for five years I have been paying all the costs myself to get my son’s home it shouldn’t have to be so skewed … now that the trial is approaching the lawyer lever suddenly, clearly the guy is newly graduated and 24 years old, plus you can say that the state happens to have to pay for my lawyer, borrowed money means minus the result for any one should be able to provide himself independent! I cannot blame him because he really does earn more than the state agrees to represent me as well, but also cannot think that this is justice at all … it is not myself that I have chosen a lawyer without been assigned so neither me nor he can be blamed! So he had waited until he had all the papers including judgment from the administrative court so it had gone a little better, but since he started the negotiations with the social before the final documents had come, it became as it is now, that we should join the social authorities’ recommendations regarding right of access, it automatically becomes that we oppose the need for LVU, and the rest I did not understand how it could benefit me and Liama’s contact now and in the future, both me and my mother were a little questioning, that he as well changed a little when he got the letter from the administrative court? So I’ll go on a meeting every two weeks for how long we don’t know? until 26 / 2-19 this should assist, since after that Liam will end up with foster homes, where and how long it will be, no one said that! but every 6 months you have the chance of new planning and appeal if you think that there is no right to appeal that plan it will be LVU and regardless of whether the father tends to come or not because we have joint custody it becomes an appeal anyway, and then If Liam also gets LVU exposed here, so whether or not the father shows up on the trial and would oppose this or not, they will take it as a refusal to everything and LVU may come into effect after Satan’s idea

Understand and accept — December 25, 2018

Understand and accept

Understand and accept
Stop downgrading or I create drama
I have stopped crawling like you
And you are too many with too big mouths
Does not saturate your food bag
I do not want to contribute my whole hand
You always look and quote someone else
I can’t bear to repeat your mistakes again
I have ways and learned to be smarter

Fantasies och sheets —

Fantasies och sheets

Fantasies on sheets
Think of me in your arms
When I spin into sleep
Opened doors of possibilities
And no one can stop my dreams
Because when we sleep, things happen
I just love …
It makes me remember who I am
It makes me act out what I want
And it makes me trace completely
Forgive me

My Words are more then your action — December 24, 2018

My Words are more then your action

I know you want a piece of me
I want more than you can give
Stupid idiots never stop shining
I just want to show where I stand
You and your cool types have lived
Yes I don’t have to slow down
I admire those who really struggled
And there are those who have been worse
And your story does not buy sewing machines
I do not fly as high as you do
Because I have my words
And they weigh heavily
Words outweigh actions
And actions then
But everyone is wondering what happens
Should you sit there and wipe your lungs in your agression
I wonder how you feel
Let’s throw your own bra
Whoever ties you all over
Your idiotic plan has never gone into the grave
You all sound the same
Hi I can’t sympathize with your dreams
Unfortunately it’s me you always hated

If i don`t hear it —

If i don`t hear it

I released the news that is old today
Still as determined to stay in the ring
Then I still feel the same
And it was never more
Think you built your own air castle
And I wasn’t involved in the whole
Just something that desire would be true
No one else can take a seat
You can slide around in your own cool
You are not made to have close friends
Say I am whore and pussy
Begins to sound like something said before
So it echoes back to yourself
If I don’t hear it
Have you not even succeeded here

I`m ready —

I`m ready

Yeah … you’re gonna talk about trolls
You should talk about your trolls
I’ll hunt you back
Is so tired of your storys
You’re like a fucking leech
Bits fixed
Never lets go
And don’t know when to stop
Because you’ve already lost
And it is enough that I said so
But the only thing left is that I live for this
And the whole world knows about it
The names you always mentioned
Always someone who is sicker than you
Wondering when the doctor in white coat thinks the same
That if they touch me I will tell you through words how it is
So I’m not the one who’s silent