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I love this cloud — November 30, 2018

I love this cloud

If you take off your clothes, I will be happy
Absolutely the same triangle drama
It’s easy to get sucked
How much do you hear from me?
How much do you see
I love being naughty
Best time is the night
I’m a night owl
You are looking for as much
I can be in this cloud for a long time

Drama and chaos —

Drama and chaos

There is always drama and chaos around
But I can take it
Only people understand it
I have my own faith
And I’m looking for as much as you
But most within myself
And nobody can take care of me
Do not have any plans to change me
Just fight to get left
Turn it out of my hands
Will rain all over the place
I will take every chance to feel good

Though it happens over the net — November 29, 2018

Though it happens over the net

Time stood still like now
Sometimes I feel how to approach you
Hunt me like in a game of two
That time is almost over
You have become much stiffer
Time then was like now
You are too close
But you were busy then too
We should not mention the name
Only that night was very special
The dance was repeating today
Though it happens over the net

One star among several —

One star among several

Holds the breath for a second
Hear your whisper
Though you are far away sometimes
Do you know about me?
I’ve put you both close and close
When our eyes meet you are as private as me
You are so Beautiful
I can not stop what you see
A sense of both sadness and joy
Give me a glimpse …
So long ago you think you almost forgot
We were both on a forum
Too busy with everything that was then
I saw you now and now
Know that you are a wonderful artist
Oh you were absolutely amazing that night we met near Debaser
The clothes were of a challenging variety
But I did not see it
Could as well be naked
Because that’s just how I saw

Everybody wants to oppose — November 28, 2018

Everybody wants to oppose

Everybody wants to oppose
I’ll say that again
Will say my opinion until I do not breathe
No finger ring
Ready for love
But everyone is in
You know I’m driving my race
There are still so many who do
My love for her is well known
They got mad around
My child came and they try to stop
Talk about the truth
They hate it
But I’m right
That truth will be forthcoming
If they die with it, it will appear

The useless system — November 27, 2018

The useless system

The basis for the decision is completely useless, do not know what to say.
Social services and these investigation centers in Swedish modern form? It all ends with a palace of unknown people, far from mother or father … luckily there are lawyers and lawyers who can read it better than me.
If I knew that the Social Service believes that a person with disabilities is largely incapable in their eyes to take care of a child, then it had become a disaster situation long ago. As I described it all from my point of view, getting to meet other people’s jobs is unqualified, not being accommodating, and just discriminating directly is unscrupulous ….. Many times on an outpatient home, there are a certain number of people who constantly observe how I handles my child, from the difficulties I have or documented, I also get it easier in everyday life through lists of good communication so that the continent works. But without this, when I got to meet everyone without knowing guidelines, I immediately fell on the starting line where I started, so my son is in the hands of unknown people who have some kind of knowledge with children, but in a way like ordinary people they are also … I do not know how their registry looks, there’s nothing I can get to know!

My son and my rights —
My angels to watch —

My angels to watch

Fierce glow is not over yet
I have just begun to love you
It has become a war drama
Where you stand between worlds
And I try to show my love
But the only one who needs to know is you
So I’m writing to let you know
Blood is thicker than water
Therefore, I send my angels to watch …

The more you fuck with me — November 26, 2018

The more you fuck with me

Oh … you did not know who I was
Should you know that …
For international sites
It’s our modern time
Does not follow what happens
Therefore, such as you get a shock
Open the next page and see your name
Match me and I’ll do the same
Beware I have so many behind me …
With both loaded heads and other
What does not worry you yet?
But that’s what the whole world will know now
You will never be able to touch me
Do not take me
Your disgusting hands …
You took the liberty of touching my son
Damn pedophiles the whole bundle
What did you say
Absolutely you are as disgusting as pedophiles
Moves children around to undivided types

Where should you get help from —

Where should you get help from

I’ll tell you
Exactly what happened
Young and naive, I’m not
They do not know me
No matter how many doctors who read me
There is a reason for each individual
And the book teaches you nothing about that
Because you have to go in his shoes
They’re fine with me
Without eyes and ears they can do anything
But the truth is coming sooner or later
I’ll be there laughing
Feel stupid
To be so nonchalant until it happens to you
Where should you get help from