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Eyes for me — September 16, 2018

Eyes for me

Leather gloves
The knife in holster
Dark eyes with Eyes on me
I only know that …
You knew it was me
And you’re kidding away
But in this life is too short
I’ll steal you
There is something about you who feels good
I heard directly from the voice …
The pictures are perfect
Just tell Dad how it is
Know you’re a fighter
I’m the one you write …
I knew our ways should be crossed
Ends do it work or not
But I take chances and risks
And I’ve already sat in this sandbox

No idea of stress —

No idea of stress

The days have passed
And I count them no longer …
It just fell out of my hands …
But you have a strong aura
And it’s the way you are
But that’s not the way to get over anything …
I could not call …
Everybody looked inquiring
What should I say….
It did not matter
For people have already decided
And I could not risk your career
You have another life like me …
But how many have counted on this
It is chaos…
I think I’m laughing instead of crying sometimes …
No idea to stress unnecessarily …
But I know your thoughts are shaking past me

Your kitty cat — September 15, 2018

Your kitty cat

I think my heart has been exalted
Oh, I see that black car passing by
No need to know name
Because I already know you see me
I feel like at first parquet
On photos I’ve become your little kitty cat
And dancing around with your smile
Pleasure no one thinks
Why chase
I love it
And I do not need to tell you anything
But I love writing poems
They always mean something

Oh my —

Oh my

Allows it to rest
Sounds because I’ve got mine
And an innocent flirt with her is nice
No need to lead to bed
But some think of something else
It’s not my cup of tea
I love seductive games
Did not you think you’re going to get rid of yourself?
You have stayed for too long and expected
Must have to do something
Before all life collapses
I will not allow it
Just as you know, I’m kidding who wrote who
Just I do not get any diseases
Is it that the idiot infected me, I’ll show this
And you are responsible for what you do
Rest daddy and take it easy
Be dad to someone else

Acid queen — September 13, 2018

Acid queen

Anonymous guests on my side …
When they see I’m fine …
And they want to know who I’m talking to
I told the friend that they would still sneak
Haha equally on all web pages
But they do not know …
I feel good…
And I’m glad to see you there …
Yo …
So there was some blurring about a model on the other side of the city
And as everyone recognized …
I mean have my stars
But most seem to be as parlyzed
If I say that my life has been successful and even now
What the hell are they looking forward to
Spoken in clear language about the poems who this one was …
I mean the queen’s models I happened to party with 2008 ah
Oh, those days are remembered
And its charm
Even I

Thinkin about Valium —

Thinkin about Valium

Yes, maybe it will be baby tomorrow … assuming how big the boy is, you make an ultrasound first because he is right up high … and to get started early, you have to see how big he is, I said yes, is not he small considering what I look like in the body … do not even want to take a photo last time …

Flavors and produce —

Flavors and produce

Special flavors and produce
Smoking or not …
Nothing bothering me
But the importance of what’s inside
Also reflects what you are on the outside
If you are easy, you will not be near me
I need more intellect from a person …
Then I can swallow everything completely
Oh that song about eating someone
Imagine what it’s about
Exactly when you find that look that kills
And the fire is burning in
Yes so it was
But we put it on ice
To avoid all fools …

Many years of work —

Many years of work

It will be many many years
Show yourself mercy
Jump on
Trying to make me lie low
Someone gets psychosis before I’m done
Toys with people’s lives
Share on families
The news is not new
My lyrics will flow
For my son to know why
Know what world we live in
And several like in the same boat
Heart made of steel
We will pick us up one day
Although it takes a hundred years to go
We know it is
Gets my wings and I will fly you home
Some day you know too

Do you remember this — September 12, 2018

Do you remember this

What was I hearing?
Something I’m Bad
And as bad as you
The stone in the glasshouse returns
Whatever we do, it’s pretty late
Different poems about nice faces
But somebody wants to hurt me
It eels when you scream every name …
Listen to your song
I have mine
Do not hunt shadows
I live here and now
Because you chase safety to hold your hand
If that was what I was looking for I’d stayed there
But I want more than that
And then it must be right

Karma Chameleon —

Karma Chameleon

She took me by storm
The world is small
But you may think it’s big
I recognized her immediately
Eyes sometimes say more than words …
And I took time to think
But it struck down like a flash
I have not yet crossed the border
I’m waiting for it
Because I’m not in a hurry
She knows about it
And without name, I put that poem here
I die with or without company in my hand
But it is up to me
She took me by storm
Took me on the chair
I put the puzzle myself
And changed course