Poetrey and music

That consualte calld me today

What a big mistake …
Tragic people …
Confused Consulates …
They give a whim in what’s happening lately
But write down and find on
Ah I’m planning to break you …
There are new people in my plan
You Agnes are you famous for finding
You should know that I’m also writing down
But now suddenly you forget where you left me

Break your clients
Yees, you’re just an easy book designer
Where are you really
Have just read the circle with paragraphs
Working with people without empathy
Go home to the country again …
Inge here in town miss you
I can guarantee it

Poetrey and music

So still

Absolutely so still …
But little whispers are heard …
Alone is not strong
Needed company
I have left you in my memory
Even what you might encounter again
Like me …
Like me …
Can not sell life to these chlorine
Do not be giving love
But I keep you in my mind day and night …
So many years have gone bad times
But I turn them to strength
More than many people make or spend their lives on
Nobody’s like me
Every day and night …
Raise your hands and pat
Because you think the win was deserved
Tears that you share is nothing a third person should see
It’s my private …
Where life has its thorns
Whatever I survive it …
I’m not weak but I show others what they are doing
And it will last

Poetrey and music

I promise

White lilies adorned on a canvas
First, second, third time liked ….
So many terms for what’s best …
Play charad with people
It’s nothing I can afford …
Care and to be happy are hairy
But what does it mean in today’s world?
To sacrifice for their own sake or others …
I’m dreaming the truth …
How scary it is …
I can not remove it …
Time is ticking
Is up to them I do not change
I do not play with time
But I do not give them many hours
Time is ticking on …
And it’s not up to me …
Then I know exactly what’s going to happen
Am I not a dumber
But that’s what others think …
Promises that this battle is not ready …
Time goes and what do you do
But it will end sometime ..

Poetrey and music

Kisses and hugs

Kiss and hug
But only those I know …
Have that enough …
Everything else is just a waste of time
Takes a long time to get to know me
Therefore I hang out with the same people
Although I prefer to vary myself
Why are you looking at me for?
It has been going on for a long time
Not just ordinary people ask
Even authorities want to know my status
But they can not put energy on someone else
I understand
Must have an interesting life
Must be so damn fun
I myself are not so excited about the subject

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That bulletproof girl

In the corner you sat
I sat next to it
Oh, I remember your blue adidas
Because you smiled and said you are fine ….
That little pub on the corner …
Here in the hooks you are as anonymous
But your face has a special shine
I still remember it ….
Just the year since it happened …
I thought I saw wrong
But it was cool
Wine and shots
So those days are short for my part
But it was nice …
In one year it has been closed
Sometimes I’ve passed by and watched …
But everything has just been dead ….
Double the cards right with the ace at the end so you said
And if you get anxiety put yourself in a bath …
I did not say much
But hard when you get stuck in the tank

Poetrey and music

That`s why i know your name

Remember when I was younger
18 years old and young …
Every weekend was a pastime at club Karlsson and co
But sometimes things happened I could not know before
Danced with open arms
Green eyes shimmering
Those nights and laughter
I always had company
And was not there any interest
Then I took a chance
Guess it was a fuss sometimes …
Like when my ex was sitting on the jacket of a friend
Fought the fist right in the table
The princess laughed ….
Just you
You’ve been with me before
And always there were drinks that were played
Or did you play clown … haha
Remember all the folks because I remember your name

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A special summer

A real special summer
Sharing with me
If it’s not too late …
But I’m writing it anyway …
That I have some pictures left
Looking discreetly every time I’m out …
Perhaps you’re standing there
Or come behind me
Make sure to always sleep with one eye open …
Do not want to miss anything ….
That picture of the breasts near me is just you …
And talking in tongues …
Or look straight through me
Sweet children have many names
And assumption of style
I need my hands and feet free
Because you can pop up anytime
Seeing that is the image you created in my head
So watch out