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So damn tierd — July 29, 2018

So damn tierd

So damn tired
Not only you who are
And all about your life it bother me as….
Call me insensitive
But that’s all I’ll hear about
How damn insensitive I am
And how little I know according to you
Now I want to explain it in plain text
Do what you want to happen
Otherwise it will be the same every time
But I hope you will find someone else
I swear
Have been out of this long time ago
What should we do now, you say
I think I handle it
Just one more thing …
I did not plan this
But full and happy we were both
Just for a second
When all other hours of the days are as cold
And you continue to stay at any air castle

Stop pointing at me —

Stop pointing at me

Where am I going to fly?
Why should I fly?
Where are you going to fly
So you turn your anger on the wrong person
And you should give the real product an answer
Why would I stand out with your hopes?
Unconsciously, you can be another punch
Many point to my city
People have probably not been in the middle of it
But the media magnifies everything
There is violence everywhere
But why should I move for it
I was born in this side of the city
West is worse than southern
All day long I hear the same discussions
Think we are human everywhere
But madness is everywhere
And I belong here
Why should I move because you dislike being here?
You slide in here on a banana shell
I’m just guessing
And people are generally hard for people who just slip in and start the noise
Those are the ones I dislike
I do not intend to compromise on these

Hear me out — July 27, 2018

Hear me out

Something new ..
Give me something new to taste
Hear me…
Oh oh, I’m humming and finding a text
What belongs to my writing
And you can be one of those who are involved
I’m doing my own
And I refuse to do it in any other way
There is no doubt anymore
Going for what I want
And if you’re in my way
Do I go through the path leading me up
Nevertheless, we all live on the same planet

Show your swag….i will show my sting —

Show your swag….i will show my sting

You show me
I show myself
Needs no protection
You just show up
And you’re not alone
Trying to show your toxic tags
I never learn to rub it
So spit the best you want
Go back under the stone that you crawled from
I am better than you
I think I’m afraid
Lord God, everyone just wipes like you
Haha, I’m laughing and thinking you think you have me
I turn my tail up when you least expect
I spray you like a skunk
So stay so far away from me
You’ll be kept the best you want
And think you’re the elite’s bestShow

Try repent —

Try repent

I see you watching
Believe what you want…
Ready for everything
But I have the words in a row
And I do not mind
Even though you think so
I’m so tired of these fights
Leave me alone
I’ve had my test time with you
There was nothing for me
Sorry …
Enjoy what you want
Try to repent
Then many tried the same at all times
Forgive me
You try to get over me
A smile and the hands on the balls
Believe what you want
Does not give a crown for it
I already have what you can
Haha troll with your bag
Now it’s a new chapter

Nice rejection — July 26, 2018

Nice rejection

That there club the queen …
I put everything that was there to find you
But I know you’re hard
But I like it…
Club reagge is the tones you like
I never dug deeper …
She sees
All the headlights on you because I know it …
I’m saddling with what appeals to me
I heard your voice
It was only a year since I sat my foot there
This little club that shines night soul
I just wanted to invite you to a glass of wine
Lick your lips to get a memory to take home
But I still have that …
Because you are a mix between Ciara and Ludacris

Music lover —

Music lover

You’ve probably seen me
Then I love karaoke
I always looked cute
And you thought I was the quiet type
Always close to those hippers hope the sisters
Probably we spoke when you were not with
Because I’m a music lover
And I will always be …
She has stood next to it
When you went, you thought everything was cool
Hm brothers are talking about me
Because we have often had the same taste
Has it not gone yet
But I always listen to my heart
And there’s nothing you can do
Because I’m a music lover
Yes it’s me
I am a music lover with coarse vowels
You’ve probably worn me sometime
She always opposes
She is dancing with your sisters
Do not think anything changed anyway

I`ll never change that —

I`ll never change that

My animal instinct has taken me far away
But often have stayed in places where I recognize myself
I just want to say that …
Rarely changes places
Because I feel at home there
And you’re so close then
People are watching and wondering exactly where
But I can not go back in time
If you do not remember
But I remember every minute and every person
Because it’s the same people than today
I’m just older
But it has always been my animal instinct to love you
Monte Carlo, Victoria, Metropol in town
Always like many times before

Summer pictures — July 25, 2018
The camelion with tie —

The camelion with tie

That person is definitely nice
She’s one who knows when somebody likes her
She comes from the resort
But it goes easy in all the expensive places
Like her ponytail
Strict hair style
And all the jewelry rattawa
Assume that many come forward and put their words
But I’m just sitting there watching
Do not ask why I’m just stiffening
All day long I think about it
Swear that there is a ten player
And you know I’m sitting behind
But you are playing ignorant
It is cruel
But I handle it
I can see without anyone saying go there
I play when its on
Not before I make a move
Just so you know
I already know who is the person
But I’ve seen you a few times now
Why are there always places where the people gather
Bus, train or center of the street