Still dreaming

6 months have left my pregnancy, it still creaks a bit on how I dream about my life, but it is said that even getting a parent will have dreams left true! I will probably never grow older than this, my plans and even the fact that a child is in the picture, becomes harder and tougher.
The only thing that hurts really right now, all doctors are meetings, just like last time I’m nogright alerted to do the right, both from the social welfare and maternity care, I have given them all the question, I’ve given them all the question, there’s really a manual about how to raise a child right? Moral and Ethics ah … I have my version and also strive for what you want, not just what others want, clear tips and advice are never wrong, and listening to the art of people is part of this.
But at the same time I can feel a little panic of all the stuff that’s going on for this little life, and I have not barely captured myself, I had a big step right now, at this moment about 6 months ago, still do not know Really, I’ve honored, honestly, I only have experience of taking care of other people’s children, and that I can leave when I get tired.