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I will do something about it…

They fish for information
Somewhat a receipt that I’m keeping something secret
Look and talk
But just be careful
Cuts faster than you anticipate
You look at me
I swear that my love life costs
And do not let anyone in
Please bring your own life
Because I will take
Some people do anything to find
I tell you to be careful
Because I cut directly
And you have nothing to download

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Those copy cats

Step inside this world
You are on the wrong track
People are tracking …
Mhm you say you are someone else
Sitting constantly like a patch on someone
Do you know what’s going on?
You’ll be forgotten
Or hidden to disturb the scheme
So fucking handsome
Dries and burns when she sets herself
Just so damn attractive …
Oh, but it’s so when you get pulled
Enjoy the world cost
And you knew about it
Someone is watching me
Every time I write something
She or he wants to be someone you are not
Sorry but I have my taste
And there seem to be several who fight for the same thing
But do not forget that I’m doing my name



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My normal life

Lord God, then
Same thing every time …
Something bad chaos
Love relationships can look different
But above all, they are the ones who sell the best
If I write half, people still want to hear exactly
What happened then
Have I said so
But the first question is that I answer first
The difference is the quality
But I’m not in a hurry
Where the hell is she
Has she disappeared
Thank you for not having your own life
Do people have to dig in that?
I’m saying it straight out
We know each other too well
We are as old and run almost the same style
How would it be if you take a breath and soak down

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The phone goes hot

Like on the catwalk
They all want everything under control
Think they are mad
For your name, is like an echo in my head
And people want to know more
Tell me what to do
It’s me who drives myself
And I only liked you
Going to my head when I talked to these bureaucratic people
But they are not the only ones
You have to be fucking hot
And the whole congress asks about your name
You must put respect
From where I see it ….
A roller coaster without its like
And the phone it goes hot

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From where i stand

Losing everything for a while
I sink away in all your charm
With a smile every now and then
But I know where you are
I came too close ….
There is still a smile on my lips
I know everything about glamor and excessive lip gloss are not you
But that’s why I like you so
You’re so damn easy
Had to know that people would react
Still, you said that I would not be afraid
I never …
But the lack is there
I knew anyway, but sometimes it swayed there
My love is clear so
It’s coming and going
So when I sift the French Zaz, the thoughts go to you
The whole thing is pretty clear
From where I stand …



Poetrey and music

Take a look here

Like opening a box of chocolates
Each praline has its own taste
So I want more
I never become like others
Take a look here and there
Takes a bit before I go
But I give back more a favor
What I see is very interesting
You have your style
It rockes me through the whole body
Totally wild
And never gets tame
Take a look here
I’m sure you’ve already looked here

Poetrey and music

Burning desire

This is stopped
And I find the most exciting about you
Every page
Worse a sweetest can be
But that’s my opinion …
Please, it makes me crazy
Each page is loaded with eroticism
You have appetite
Everything you do is exactly on time
I’m speechless
Please, this makes me so charged
So you dance when darkness has quenched
Where is it…
Can bet that we both will be there
At some point, it will be a surprise
You are filthy handsome