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Took my chanse

This story is important
Feel a momentum then
You were the hottest in these two municipalities
Today you get everyone staring
Something about that Iman
Tell the others that it’s just a hit
That’s how it was
And at that time I was shy
All the other girls around seemed to know exactly who you were
And sometimes it happens that a person you meet someone like me …
I stepped into school
You came oich greeted
For Salierno always looked here
And she was the whole community’s clown
Even then you made her crawl
Do you remember her?
I can say she got her karma back
Sometimes I get a shy girl like me
And everyone knew about it in these municipalities
Today it is years ago
I can only say some memories are so cute
That I choose to write about them



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Very annoying…

Very annoying…
Know exactly where to look
Different pages online
I understand that many people are drawn to what I’m writing
But you can never be someone else …
Because there is always someone special
Does anyone want to answer …
Very stubbornly
I say what I mean
Seeing what I like
Regardless of work and finances
I have the exact look inside the head
And she’s here …
The questions that are being asked
Is how it fell apart
I was there and booked some time
Assume she has a reception or something
Not so hard to realize
I’m easy to talk to
And when it’s started, it’s hard to stop



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I know that you listened

Hear every word
But when you’re alone
Are you like a ghost?
But step in my dream
Stir in my body
But my head remains clear
You can take a part of me
But I invite you
And I hear every seductive opinion
When you think of all that forbidden
But you already have it in your life
But another drink in your cup
I do not need to fly from anything
I’m just sitting here
And still I’m looking into you
Two sides
One for the outside people
But home oh…
I’m the one who sounds
Sounds like the circus was with me
I know you listened

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Play in spoon pose
Just so sexy
What a view…
Let me introduce my favorite
And I’m not so shy
Have you seen it once
Can I bid it again
And I know you read every line after your job
And I fall more in that trance
I still feel the smell here
What attractive thought
I just want to see you more …
But do it for your show
How we now did everything there
But the only thing I remembered was when I was spooning
Haha, that’s not the strangest situation you’ve been in
I can promise there are several strange ways

Poetrey and music

Bring in the innocent

Again, I look backwards among the pictures
Some of them are still there
And they can not be deleted
That face and the music made me really alive
The hero with a plan to take what I want ….
Therefore, some have been easier to change
But nothing I want …
The easiest thing is always sexual
But the sensual is harder ….
Oh yes
They were like quays on your back
And you just wanted to be saved
So the rescuer in need emerges
But that was not what I had in mind
Forgive me…

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My sister dream

And you know I’ve stayed there
Nothing new that you have two sides
I will certainly show my curiosity
I see you have read me
Perhaps it was given
Give you what you want
And you make sure it’s your way
I can sleep with the lamp turned off
At last it will work
My sister’s dream ….
I know you’ve seen me
Okay, you always have something shining around your neck
I understand you have me in your grip
I always sleep tight
When i have you around here

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I have a meeting
There is a feeling left
That’s what I have to go on
Some like it forbidden
Looking back without thinking about it
I liked the way you took time
I saw that you were at once
But everyone does not reflect all your talents
But I liked it …
Change to the Bible writer in the morning on an ordinary day
Rah but sometimes the artist is coming from you
That’s what I know
And it makes everything very hot
Now all i have this picture of wanting to go back there