Took my chanse

This story is important Feel a momentum then You were the hottest in these two municipalities Today you get everyone staring Something about that Iman Tell the others that it’s just a hit That’s how it was And at that time I was shy All the other girls around seemed to know exactly who you […]

Very annoying…

Very annoying… Know exactly where to look Different pages online I understand that many people are drawn to what I’m writing But you can never be someone else … Because there is always someone special Does anyone want to answer … Very stubbornly I say what I mean Seeing what I like Regardless of work […]


Play in spoon pose Just so sexy What a view… Let me introduce my favorite And I’m not so shy Have you seen it once Can I bid it again And I know you read every line after your job And I fall more in that trance I still feel the smell here What attractive […]

Bring in the innocent

Again, I look backwards among the pictures Some of them are still there And they can not be deleted That face and the music made me really alive The hero with a plan to take what I want …. Therefore, some have been easier to change But nothing I want … The easiest thing is […]

My sister dream

And you know I’ve stayed there Nothing new that you have two sides I will certainly show my curiosity I see you have read me Perhaps it was given Give you what you want And you make sure it’s your way I can sleep with the lamp turned off At last it will work My […]


I have a meeting There is a feeling left That’s what I have to go on Some like it forbidden Looking back without thinking about it I liked the way you took time I saw that you were at once But everyone does not reflect all your talents But I liked it … Change to […]