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Town Girls and boys — April 30, 2018

Town Girls and boys

Oh my fire passes inside the center
And I’m sitting outside with this smoking ciggarette
I see you in disguise
It’s so hard with all people looking

I know it …
But still I can not help looking
I’ll see in the glass pane how to follow my steps
Some guests tries to sit next to me
I will disallow them
I know it’s correct
But it’s the way I am
You have too nice reflexes

The rest of your life — April 29, 2018

The rest of your life

The rest of one’s life …
What have you forgotten about?
Are you just there and your problems right now
Exists the little life that you created
Even if you want to light your heart with bark words
Nothing I would like to hear
No one gets a child without responsibility
Who the hell is not afraid
But there is no manual
But who does not know that it’s not getting better by your drowning
Ask anyone
But feel like you’re flying as usual from everything
And blame it on me
But you will live with it
And you can answer what people ask
Do you choose to cut your jaw
Then you’ve done it
But who are you doing badly?
Well, just yourself
No one will be able to carry yours too
So hope it’s getting better any day

I`ll keep on rise —

I`ll keep on rise

Oh my God…
Get together and go on holiday
Come back when you can
I can do that
So you want it right now
But if someone is in your way you throw them away
And then I’ll be as stupid
Unconscious who are you talking about?
Everyone wants their piece
But nothing comes from your hatred
Do not recognize but do it again
And I’ll do exactly what I do now
Who are you to decide my whole life
Who decides whether to breathe or not
But you take your freedom to it
I could never do the same



Too spicy and agressive —

Too spicy and agressive

Married to my destiny
Can take it
But you can
Crushing where I go
But I say what I mean
I’m married to myself
It is enough responsibility
Enjoy what you want
I’m used
And you can say what you want
Your disgust just makes me stronger
And your attacks everywhere
Here and there because I’m independent of you
I do not need any man to hold my hand
But you think so
I think I can breathe myself
No need for help
You are too spicy and angry
I need coolness

Eyes glowing like owls — April 28, 2018

Eyes glowing like owls

Oh, look for that star
He laughs and says why would I think she was
Shines like the sun
But you look anyway
And I know that
Love something before moving
So you should stop pretending
I do not look after your spirit
I live here
I breathe …
Who cares about something old
Before you dream
Is it true or pretending
Shows afterwards
When i wake you up
You look and look
Love something old that changed
I’m not the one you thought
You are looking for the perfect



He look for crime of mine —

He look for crime of mine

And I told him about you …
What will happen
We all are adults
I’m coming closer
And everybody sees it …
But I have my limit
Never thinking about locking
That’s what I’ve said
But I’m standing here
My heart beats when I see you
And you distort me
I fall deeper ….
Your body is the one I want to put my head against
I said it clearly
Do not look at me like I did something wrong
Because it burns you too



Haha i swear — April 27, 2018
Some light my soul —

Some light my soul

Hard surface
Must be actoritarian
You light my soul
Some only have it …
Nothing new….
Then I always take the opportunity again …
I would like to show you my movements
Next time you may be in your red neon
But some need it now
Makes my feeling and burden in your knee
Because you make me calm
When you rub my skin
Stop the engines and take a break
It burns no matter what others like it

Faithfull to myself — April 26, 2018

Faithfull to myself

That girl is tempting
But just see me turning up and down on everything
Have always done it
And turned back
I choose and wreck
Just do what feels right and good
Some try to change me
I should shoot myself to fit in
But love to be sighted
Oh, but it strikes you in the eyes
Sin is punishing itself
Have you heard that word before
I can take it on my shoulders
For lightly dressed
Too bad, how many opinions
But I just say that’s me

Figure of night —

Figure of night

Aha …. it’s like the candy shop
I would steal your panties if it went
Smiles through your chimney
I come with surprises
That figurant makes me crazy
Oh, someone who could awaken all of me
Yapp she is her
And nothing you can do anything about
Last ran but this one stands flat
And I’m with you
Every corner is filled with curious eyes
I try to keep it as private as possible
But I will not hide
And my figure attracted this magic event here
Yes, maybe I admire it too much
And I like it