I figured it out

Hey Jimbo ….
Alias Mikail ….
And days after ….
Some days are calmer ….
I saw you at a bar around here
Every time I see such eyes
I remember burning you
And gave me a card with the name below
I could have called right away
You are interested
Not so unusual but sweet …
And in the morning you’d been gone …
Mikail …. oh i’m not looking for sand grains ….
Come on…
I heard you sit opposite
Saw your blue lines and eyes just looking through me
So did you find something interesting
Ya, she wonder who I am …
Hey, I’m not tall
Haha I laugh and scream
Do not you see Mikail I’ve got you on messenger?
But I never see you there ..
And if you wonder, it’s a female phenomenon …
Oh, what did I say now, she dances me into her occult rolls