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Instantly — March 31, 2018


Somebody has knocked on my door
And this is nothing I regret
And nobody can do anything about it
I stand helpless before thousands of feelings again
And most of them are beaten
But could not care less
What else they must say ….
You make me weak …
Problem or not I answer yes
And that’s no joke

Freaks — March 30, 2018


Two freaks in different directions
On a floor we might have a dance
But all I get is a few words
And I smile all week long …
There’s something wrong with me …
But you are the recipient
And you’re not shy to show it
Whether it’s your role or not
I can see through too …
I have not learned through your book
It scares me the way we are
And what does it matter?
It’s just a sign and two names





A James Dean in female figurant —

A James Dean in female figurant

Red lipstick, rose petal, heart shortage
Brown eyes, tuxedo, fast cars
A James Dean in female figurant
I ask you what is the matter
You say, there is nothing at all
The heart rushes, without control
And you knew I could not let it go
Who knew the course of this device
I pray that love does not hit twice
Red lipstick, rose petal, heartbreak

Woman of controle —

Woman of controle

Side by side
My mind has been soaked
No explanation please
I can answer for myself
But there is no time for regret
Already worked me in
And you were my bumpy pillar with all the feelings at once
Just on a day of all days
Hazardously dangerous, always dangers the danger
Such as starting a feeling
This charad game of charm
You are dangerous
I’m damn crazy
How will it go
This story is completely up to me
I get my openings to think
But I know you did not mean it
But it did happen
Working too close to each other
With your Swedish Spanish karisma
Taking me with a big storm
I have tried to avoid this
Because it can never teach me to never fall
It’s just me and no disease
I’m very open and it was not meant to be

Crown of pride —

Crown of pride

Kill this thing
Do not want to go under …
But I’m still swimming
This life with all the emotions
It hurts me hard
And often leave me alone
I do not usually notice anything from the beginning
I do not throw myself in a pit
Kind of to someone new
But when that happens I’m beaten
Totally damn crazy
But it teaches me to wear the crown of pride and who I am
No matter how things end
I’m always getting stronger
That’s how it is
No worries here





Motherhood and Moral sermon — March 29, 2018

Motherhood and Moral sermon

It always applies to being lied to others, but I’ve stopped being …
In my circle of different stressed aids, one does not really dream and freak outside the courts, who has now come to the silly law …? In any case, I do things professionally for those who do not believe it in my writing, but in my writing something else falls into free time and what  I do and with whom, hopefully, others understand that too, I’m a little afraid of how the world works Sometimes you have to be so correct to reach out, so people do not get fired for less, or partially frozen, Lord God, I do not fuck everything that goes, unlike others … some not all …
I do not intend to be locked in my motherhood and stop thinking about myself, what I show others in the turns of the movie, but I have very good ones right now that are in my age, and who have not lost freedom outside the job, they learn the glory day they meet if they continue for 20 years, just as I met in ancient times, the old elite who can not imagine the neighbor in his postion as a help and friend in his job … it should be strict at one level.



I came without warning haha —

I came without warning haha

Bodyguard and divas of diva shows
I’m just building on more ….
My stakeholders will be mine
I make no difference in the sexes
But I’m not an angel
What can I say
Is just so ….
I have a strong voice
And I can be heard if you want to say that
But it’s not a must
Just saying that
I’m my own queen
I take and I give …
You have a problem with situation mom
And I love that haha
So I’m writing it straight out
Come and give me a hard hug next time
Because it’s half your merit that I can breathe again
What are you saying now?
I see your smile again

Strategy —


Do not know what happened to me
I just know ….
Can hear your heartbeat next to me
Has pictures at the agency
Can not get out of touch
And I can wait to see you again
I have my own life
Should not get stuck in you
Because I know you’re dangerous
So I get too much in the blue when we talk
Just so easy in the sky ….
Is like a syringe of poison …
I look when you come out
And I watch when you walk in
And when you talk, I get stuck
But I know it is due to strict rules
No no….



My love —

My love

Do not think to avoid the fact more
There are too many voices about what I should be
Is it true that I belong to here
And it’s so frustrating when people try to stop me
Love is a contact sport
Movements and body language
I can not lose more
Even if that means war …
I’m not particularly happy to be aggressive
But man has some sides to prove to me too
And I’m not alone about this frustrating competition
Worthless talk can lead to more …
For my love is a contact sport and I love it
So try to stop
Ask if that was right
So you know I take my chance
Drop in the right thing you know …

The depts in thinking — March 28, 2018

The depts in thinking

Spring feeling, pregnant feeling, all at the same time …
But then I must have had the same feeling for a long time?
One can try to avoid, but often it’s not, in my life I’ve met so many people with diagnoses or who work with it, some have been at an even height with me, they are reading, they are just as I am.
Krock, love, actoritically call it what you want but I fall like a pine …
I do not like fluttering, but you can not miss it if it’s a help or maybe a little more, though there is a strict limit between everyday life and work, as well as free time or?
I have the same ages and behaviors as I go and talk to like those I meet outside privately, tell me it may be cumbersome then or just that, as well as increasing the seratonin extra, with the lust of desire, which may not occur between work and leisure where I cling with a good heart, just what was it now again searching and finding the answer …. damn how deep we ended up, should it really be that between patient and doctor alone, or the student and the teacher? Hm much to think about