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Cat and rat

Heard the radio yesterday
And suddenly I heard your voice
No wonder I always remember you
As snowy and smiling
That’s something under my control
Just in love with games
And love cat and rat play
Who wins and loses
I’m your mouse
And you’re my prince in a world
I know that
But now I am satisfied
Do you want to have more?
I’m in love with the game
The play is inevitable



Poetrey and music

Work myself into you

Finally, there is a chin to reach
Some try to talk to me
Achieving my like is my own choice
But few understand that it must be me
And when I get to you
Has it been so long?
Does the earth feel cold?
And something shakes my neck
Almost there
You can not tame me
And I can not bore you
And finally we are here
At memorable times
But that’s all we have
Something hurts me all the time
Your eyes shine lust
And I’m not asking for more now
But it has taken so long to get there
And you’re pulsing through the night
Sitting like an owl any punch
I can sleep and see you

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Into your consicousness

So you let me into your consciousness endlessly
And I saw you laughing
At first you looked surprised
But you know very well I’ve walked around you
And you almost never sleep
But in vain your mind seemed to be open
Then I went for a train
In different directions
It will be then when the crossroads are in two directions
What to take
And when should you stay?
I think you’ve seduced me here
And now?
Around the streets of the city, search and search
After that, tell me

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In love with the mystery

You know I’m watching you
And think you do not see it
I sometimes hear you
No wonder others are curious
You know I’m nose under the dress
But I know others are so curious
You’re a mystery to me
After all, chaos is in the middle of you
I laugh with satisfaction
Nevertheless, I miss something sometimes
Come come closer once
You’re a mystery to me
And I laugh with satisfaction



Poetrey and music

Completley madness

You slide into the floor like complete madness
And everything is up and down
You travel in the dimension I am
Therefore we will find each other
Do you already believe me locked?
But for a while it has been so quiet
What do you do because I usually hear you
And when you brush your walls red …
Oja … listen as you said
I’m listening well
But I know that my upset is complete
That’s why you pretend to be nothing
Like cat and rat play
I’m already in your grip
Trying to slip out of your hand but it does not work

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Secret Little talkers

Your delicious dress
Just you and me
You walk between when I need it
But we are not a couple
Just secret little talkers in the night
Something I need
I know you like it
Suddenly the snow is falling in the middle of everything
I’m listening to your voice
And everything happens so fast now
I think you have some sort of black magic with you
The one I was born with already as little
That’s why I’m never afraid
Many people tremble with the thought
Let him know the evil one
Yes, but everything has something good and bad
No stranger than that
I’m both the parts there and now
Just like you, therefore, we’re ringing in the same pit