It started with Lady Gaga

Watch out for my light
I am a slave for entertainment
The perfection has been in my backbone since I was little
Thinking of all those who build up their altars
And on everyone who tries to break it down
But then I always found some columns that built higher than me
I got my insistence and think of Lady Gaga today
New spectacle
Imagine when it exploded
Androgyn and so beautiful
I liked this as shown for many years
New and so hot can anyone explain why it went so damn good
Had the right of both identities something that triggers me
And it feels like people just want a group of people
But I was before my time for many years before I woke up
But such stars are not born like weeds
Beautiful, super, fashionable
I just went in for it after that ….
And find my hot points
And people think I’m still daydreaming
And do not find my own Lady Gaga
The crap snail continues
And I know mine
So believe what you want
Because I’ve found it today