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Defensive — January 31, 2018


I have been defensive outward
My own screens are always locked
Okay, I get the message
If that concerns you
You tried so hard to always win
Catched by your own guard
You were close to once
But I changed the course
I will not be as always
But I will always be me
And that’s something you must realize



Okey —


All these questions
How should I do
How should I live?
I have my plan and it includes pasion
But you come first
And although it’s hard sometimes
I live for today
Every day has its time
But I’m so in love with your eyes
And I know you see female intuition
Your warmth is the best
And that’s what matters
Stupid questions about who you possibly are
I have my own picture
And I’ve read it well
I guess the intent was correct



I will handle it —

I will handle it

Is it me or you who is the queen?
I think it’s been viewed
I do not shy away
Become a lioness if you try to take my plan
So do not stand in the way
I do not need protection
But it will be anyway
This is not a game
But I can handle it
So enjoy what you want
I’ll live just like now
Is my own boss
I said before
Always the same dice with people
I’m afraid this world is sick

My own plans —

My own plans

This will not be an easy year
But I try to keep up with
Have my own plans
Some want to destroy them
I’m struggling
Some should not understand at all
But I have my secret weapon
Stay around the corner
And people scream straight out
Good for then she will know how you try to provoke me
So when you turn her back, she’ll chop again
Haha I’m just laughing
Hear every word and how you are better
Clearly society is dominated by men
Of course they do not like my plans
Do not you understand
But I think you do
Because you’ve heard too much

This is meant — January 29, 2018

This is meant

This was meant
Recognize that
Weighs so heavily
And I will not bow down
But you are of magic and magic
I love such
Can never get enough
Nor too many
It likes me
And I like it
So what should I do now
Some people always disapprove of taking place
But when you write to me
So I understand that’s the meaning
You’re just so deep
Just so heavy
No one is like anyone else



What are you looking for —

What are you looking for

It’s hard not to look
When this new person moved in
How can I not see
But know exactly how people react
I’m not a child of horsi
So as we write to each other without name
But it’s always new
And I check when there is something to see
I’m happy with my life right now
There is nothing competing for me
Many people try
And I take my place in this society
If I get a chance I’m still trying
But can not promise I’ll get there
But I can try



I rather stay here — January 28, 2018

I rather stay here

Trying to fill my lungs with new air
Brand new because I get so less on the same
And as I described it is a carousel that spins
And I keep going
But there is always good with evil
And I know somebody has to be hurt
It belongs to the facts nobody warned me of being small
And now I’m old enough so I should know better
But I fall back again like the pit I am
And again I let new eyes look in my soul
But not too long
It’s my own
I do not love you too much
To sell my whole soul
And I know it’s a lifelong for me
And I’d rather not let go



Still on chapter one —

Still on chapter one

Remove my shirt, unlock the buttons and fall asleep
Stirs in the mirror
Takes apart from each other more and more
The sorrow decreases, and new pleasure is sought
I am a searcher in the night
Made more as usual too much
And it’s not over
I’m there
But I never stand in a place
Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Chances are given, the question is how I handle them
Take it cool
Show them like here, I’m just like you
Make the mistakes that can make me a fool
Or a person with a loss



Missing until the heat comes —

Missing until the heat comes

So bored a day like this one
Trying to write me out of it
And think of all the fun
But what makes sense if everything stands still
And it seems like something works against me
But as soon as spring blows their flowers, I come
Nothing will stand in the way
But I guess a lot is ready for it
And everybody suddenly gets so nice
Enough about that
I miss that sun from this summer
Thinking back that’s what I’ve been thinking about
Because that’s what you and I ask
Miss you…
Oh, as soon as it’s easier to breathe, you’re also there

Silly thing —

Silly thing

Was it perhaps predetermined
Our roads were crossed
Nothing I’m thinking about
But find that everything has a mortgage
And you stood outside
I did not ask to wait unnecessarily
That’s what I said before
Why dream without realizing
And now we are here
Times are the same
But the people come and go
And I can not wait any more
There is always someone new with his magic box
It gets me ecstatic and I get new inspiration
Good god you do it again
What do you get from everything?
From her there on stage
Must there be only one
Haha this silly thing
Yes, I hear it all the time
How are you doing
I go there my god show me
When I’m someone with a heart of gold and the text like a gold chain
Yes, I’m there