I have been defensive outward My own screens are always locked Okay, I get the message If that concerns you No You tried so hard to always win Catched by your own guard You were close to once But I changed the course I will not be as always But I will always be me […]


Okay All these questions How should I do How should I live? I have my plan and it includes pasion But you come first And although it’s hard sometimes I live for today Every day has its time But I’m so in love with your eyes And I know you see female intuition Your warmth […]

I will handle it

Is it me or you who is the queen? I think it’s been viewed I do not shy away Become a lioness if you try to take my plan So do not stand in the way I do not need protection But it will be anyway This is not a game But I can handle […]

My own plans

This will not be an easy year But I try to keep up with Have my own plans Some want to destroy them I’m struggling Some should not understand at all But I have my secret weapon Stay around the corner And people scream straight out Good for then she will know how you try […]

This is meant

This was meant Recognize that Weighs so heavily And I will not bow down But you are of magic and magic I love such Can never get enough Nor too many It likes me And I like it So what should I do now Some people always disapprove of taking place But when you write […]

What are you looking for

It’s hard not to look When this new person moved in How can I not see But know exactly how people react I’m not a child of horsi So as we write to each other without name But it’s always new And I check when there is something to see I’m happy with my life […]

I rather stay here

Trying to fill my lungs with new air Brand new because I get so less on the same And as I described it is a carousel that spins And I keep going But there is always good with evil And I know somebody has to be hurt It belongs to the facts nobody warned me […]