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The poems starts

How did this writing start for me, was introduced by another poet in Sweden who writes his memoirs. At first I started writing thorugh a page called Helgon. Then I came to a forum called Sockerdricka, it’s started with something called Rus, they are behind sober movements and mental ill health, now I started out my poems there.
Learned to know another person who also wrote for many years by Amanda, she lived in Östersund, and writes much like me.
Very talented and talented, we started talking and right as I ended up on other online pages that grew over time, so I started out with poems 2009.

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Honey sweet girl

Which trip …
Remember every minute ….
Remember every shot …
It was the first trip in another country …
So close but far from
Saw her standing there and painting
My honey’s like friend
My sweet honey girl …
And I was a bit boring
Walked slowly to the beach …
Hey there
She started talking to me
Like the wet t-shirt brands …
My honey sweet girl …
I think it was around 1998 …
Time was scarce
But I knew that some people make impressions very deep in me

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Let`s open the door

Ouch ouch ouch
It’s wild for your reason
Something about whipping your flock
A white face with its blue-black hair …
Be a bit shy person
And for others it was easy
But right now and then what memory I have ….
It lasted me so long
It just gotta go out
Hugging for several years
Waited several times
Little girls like the stable and its atmosphere
But it was more than just that
The right time
You looked right through me …
Oh …. god …
I never told you to forget that face
You said I’d get up
Kicked in the door to catch my attention hahaha
Aj aj aj a long time ago, but there are still clear traces
The year was so close to 1992
And I’m still waiting today
But I know you’re alive
Can think through your trix with your crucifix

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Chapter one oh

Oh God….
Did you know
Something about nature reserve
Down in Australia
Saw that somebody invited me in
She was just here on a visit …
The year was 2003
She said come with me
Because you look boring
And I said yes
Because it’s common in my city ….
Can jump like a girl like her
So some guys along the bar attacked directly
She was ready to take me
But how would it look?
Make every man as easy
But now it was not about any guys
And I said you’re going to take me to the bathroom …
And that was a clear yes ….
So now you know what I’m looking for
Have searched the country
And the world will know it now ….
Yes Yes
A small reagge club somebody stops in town
I trembled with nervousness
The kiss was absolutely amazing
How do you like me now
To me there are many to get to the present you know …



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Moskau power

Refresh your memory
And I remember that well
What a game
And I forgot nothing
Sweet sugar
Sweet as syrup
But it will be back
Because she has me during the hour
I was in the dance of the dance
And I did not believe my eyes
Sweet sugar
Nothing could stop us
You and nobody was my warning
But she fought like a man
And still they have a cowardice
Sweet sugar bite in orange juice
She delivered and never forgotten me
Many of whom she would have written on a note
But nobody is like her
I’ll never forget that
I give it a hundred percent
And all because time sank its time together
Sweet sugar
You did not join
For those just fell asleep …
And luck it was