The poems starts

How did this writing start for me, was introduced by another poet in Sweden who writes his memoirs. At first I started writing thorugh a page called Helgon. Then I came to a forum called Sockerdricka, it’s started with something called Rus, they are behind sober movements and mental ill health, now I started out […]

Honey sweet girl

Which trip … Kiss…. Bulgaria… Remember every minute …. Remember every shot … It was the first trip in another country … So close but far from Saw her standing there and painting My honey’s like friend My sweet honey girl … And I was a bit boring Walked slowly to the beach … Hey […]

Let`s open the door

Ouch ouch ouch It’s wild for your reason Something about whipping your flock A white face with its blue-black hair … Be a bit shy person And for others it was easy But right now and then what memory I have …. It lasted me so long It just gotta go out Hugging for several […]

Chapter one oh

Oh God…. Did you know Something about nature reserve Down in Australia Saw that somebody invited me in She was just here on a visit … The year was 2003 She said come with me Because you look boring And I said yes Because it’s common in my city …. Can jump like a girl […]

Moskau power

Refresh your memory And I remember that well What a game And I forgot nothing Sweet sugar Sweet as syrup But it will be back Because she has me during the hour I was in the dance of the dance And I did not believe my eyes Sweet sugar Nothing could stop us You and […]

Will we ever know

Will we ever know what it had in the era But there will always be some charm Have you within reach … Always put on and off … Sometimes I’ve had the feeling that you passed me I have just stressed Those times I felt the sight And I knew who Even though we were […]