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Sleep the day away…. — November 30, 2017

Sleep the day away….

Mumbles some words
And I do not hear what
Takes a look through the window
Thinking about her when you cooked my food
And I slept well until I opened my eyes again
From a night with you ….
I sleep the day
But when you ask me who is my love
Then I’ll shut up and say it was you ….
My dreams are wild
And find you nowhere …
Because if she takes a look in my dream
Then I’ll sleep tight the rest of the night
Even when you cooked my food and put my shoes on …
I just wait for a new night with her in the dream
Unfortunately, oh my day …..
You say something about love
It makes me gray in my hair
I can not think so
Then I am free to choose
And imprisonment only makes the feeling worse
Sleeping with or without you …
For when the night is there she is with
And I can not think clearly …



With you —

With you

Like a fresh wind
Fills my lungs with new air
I do not need to think about negative things
Do not even think longer than today
With you I can do anything …
And with you there are Always calm days ….
The sun always lights up when you are here
But when time is flowing away
And I’m sitting here …
That’s when I wonder why
I can not answer everything
For all people always want a bit of it …
So what happens?
Is that i’m fine with you ..
With you….
When everything was new then it was new
And no one could say anything
When everything was new it was just our secret
But once everything has come out, it will be different …
So why is everything so different to you
But I want to feel the same all the time …
With you…

Like a new party everyday —

Like a new party everyday

Like a new party
My desire is blind
It’s as it is …
Like a new mystery
Do you get all my feelings on spin
Is that dream or reality
That’s how I feel
Can not you see my desire
Maybe that’s what my life is like
I’m going crazy
It has lasted for a long time
Like a little secret
Yet it is open on the wide sea
And I say it’s as it is …
That’s how my desire works
I can not do anything about it …
Come closer
I feel so strong in your presence
Others may have everything for granted
But I live now and not late
I’m always as happy
Because you do it with finesse and style



I will not say goodbye — November 28, 2017

I will not say goodbye

The light is falling in the night
I myself walk
For no one tries to find me
And I have time to see you if you pass me
I can feel the heat
They say so often as soon as something happens
I will not say goodbye
My break makes me think of
And all that you there
Wishing people had more patience
Like you have
But others are not like us my friend
And I will not say goodbye
I found something that made me strong
And I’m fine
I do not want to have what hurts me and does not feel good
So I wonder what some people think ….



Dear heart —

Dear heart

Dear heart
Embarrassing feelings
But I can find them
No idea to forget
Because we bump together a bit now and now
And I still feel like the first day
That other people ask why
Oh just look in these eyes so you understand
Look and the voice
Make anyone crazy
Do not try to loose it
And the bee within me continues to search
I can feel your scent miles away
And I can understand that people wonder why
But if they saw the way I do
So they will never really understand my admiration



No blindfold — November 27, 2017

No blindfold

Shut up…
I want to see you slowly lose your clothes
Give me the blame
I’m ready
I just said quietly …
Burn the lights
And lock me up
Your stiletto heels do it
But you can be completely naked
Has a loaded gun
I’m a boss when you’re not here
And that’s how it’s going to look
Extinguishes the light and allows the curtain to fall
Because I show a dance
And they throw their jewelry after me
Every mirror should be split
Me, you and love are important
No matter you and you, and passion
Regardless of me and you as well as a ban …
But now I’m open to everything …..



Window doll —

Window doll

That girl is hot
And it’s always hard
She is everywhere
Her appearance is special
She is the resort
Jeweled and everyone knows her today
Do not know what to say to the guys
Though they know that I owe what is best
And that’s nothing I can do about it
Even the other girls look crazy
But what can I do?
Everything is relative
So do not ask if there is a party with me
I dream every night about the same thing
Every time we talk, it’s alike
Nothing neither she nor me can ignore
But what shall the boys say
They have chosen to start digging us
She does not have the thumb in my hand
When few are like her
Often as I’m drawn to these outgoing people
And even their aura

I never had you anyway — November 26, 2017

I never had you anyway

Sometimes life is like an open book
Unfortunately, mine is so
And whoever rises may also get used to
Love dear heart lover …. so tragic … oj
This time around is really confusing
That you really want to take care of me
But you only get me worse
Somebody’s looking to get me … hit me
But this time I do not take a shit
Because I’m free like your bird in the cage
She really thought she could take control of me
It’s a she for no-one else knows
This time is something you have chosen yourself
I’m turning around
I do not take a shit
Not even from someone like you
I think I have a name in my head
Just accuse me
Treat me like mockery
But I really can not care less
Get me
Get me
Chase me
Check me
Forget it…
Listen or stay deaf
I’ve stopped listening if they rob me of energy
I will throw everyone who does so in the ocean
Overboard ….
Next time I change my flow
So say I sell me as over ebay

So keep your way…. —

So keep your way….

Because I am myself
And pretend not to be someone else
What I do with my time
Is not your responsibility
Then jump or stay
I can do it with or without help
Let me be
I do not care about the drama of others
Just my own
So call me selfish
I left all that long ago
And you can not do anything
So keep your way
You play tough and really mine
But who are you really?
Nobody wants to know where you bought your old shirt
So take your ticket and go on holiday
I have my own struggle to win
Just leave from here
So …. you
You might exclude me ..
And now want a seat again
But forget that …
Nearly I stand only god
And the only one I trust is me



Miss trouble starter — November 23, 2017

Miss trouble starter

Always trouble
Like accidents it happens so easily
But I like it
And can imagine it all
Because I’m crazy
But you can not be me ….
Always crazy connections
Something that was expected yes
You can next feel the taste of ban
Because I’m crazy
And do not follow the law of others ….
But I can read about it …
It’s like a detonator
Exploding of eroticism
Very delicious ones
I can put fire on you for a while