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Same scrap and grain

Because you said I was too young
And you said I was too old
Where did you lose everything?
Maybe I would never do it
That’s what you thought every time
But I do
Ever since I was little
Always crawled up
Say as it is
Recognize blown
So I still manage
So you hear something new
I always talk to chat
Someone calls my name
But I pretend you’re not there
Because you know you never believed in me
But I do
And all you said I would not dare to do
But I do
Then acknowledge the battle
You were wrong

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Where did you loose it?

What are you talking about?
Already has a name
I want to know how you are
Love my music and poetry
Forgive if I take too much space
Taking another if it falls in my taste
And I think about me primarily
When no one else thinks about yourself
Then free your mind
Be blind and do not understand
No matter man or woman I take your place
So I’m an irritation moment
Forgive me
But will not spend my time unnecessarily
I’m noticeably diva if you say so
What should I say about my attitude
Unable to change your setting
Because you have already decided
But before you can read me
Must you see me first

Poetrey and music

Wild and gin

Friday night
And I still celebrated Halloween
Saw this nice girl through the window
Oh, maybe just waving a little bit
Because I had already tasted gin
Wild game
So I started walking past the window of a gym
I waved
And she waved me in to ask what I said
Haha this phenomenon has happened to me before
But in addition, I was awake and shameful
She liked that I spoke plainly
So I said yes, you think you are cute and fumbled by phone
Afterwards she was still smiling
Besides her, there were several who wondered what I was doing at the gym
Wild games can be difficult the following day
But at least it was so my halloween became



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Winters darkness

Winter time and its dazzling darkness
Always reminding when the end of the year is closer
Do not like year end
Always enter the new year and out with the old one
At a birthday you become one year older
Never liked this
Therefore, I love spring and summer even that it rains the most
I can get cold cries and winter
The special darkness that is close from morning to afternoon
How I try to motivate myself more is the same as in winter these times
Dark and deep looking for my energy
Which does not help shut out

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It does not work with me

Ready or not, I’ll take it easy
Always find a way to sit close to the best
If I also had that wish from the beginning
Because I take that seat if you invite
Do not thank me when I go
But thank you for the friendship if it is true
Then you make a big mistake
Ready or not, I will find my way
Idiots speak in tongues
Think they take me down with little words like a foul word
Hello, I was there before
Make your woodo stuff and talk about Nelson Mandela at the same time
It does not work with me
I have a bigger perspective to see the world with
Is it not up to me what I do with my time
Because you are in the way



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Everything counts

Give room
Mhm ..
To tell me did not come here and talk
But I’m the reason there
In this ghetto municipality
Can the wallpapers roll down
Pull down the curtain if you do not stand out
So disrespectful
I can be just like you
Just like that
But I’m not going your way
But I go wherever I want
Dance with pride
I still live
So I go wherever I want
And no one stops me
What was left is left
The pictures are old
Even now it’s part of my life
Even if you do not like it
Takes courage to build from scratch



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Thoses damned mirrors

Shut up!
Close your mouth as you see
Will be blindfolded to you
The mirrors will fall tonight
See where I go
Ok, you can shout higher
Do not listen
I still love her
And you’re not my boss
So take a caramel and suck on
Burns down all candle light
Binds hands
Tickled with feathers
And that’s our game
While watching
Someday the mirrors will be crushed
So mine
Do you understand