Same scrap and grain

Because you said I was too young And you said I was too old Where did you lose everything? Maybe I would never do it That’s what you thought every time But I do Ever since I was little Always crawled up Say as it is Recognize blown So I still manage So you hear […]

Where did you loose it?

What are you talking about? Already has a name I want to know how you are Love my music and poetry Forgive if I take too much space Taking another if it falls in my taste And I think about me primarily When no one else thinks about yourself Then free your mind Be blind […]

Wild and gin

Friday night And I still celebrated Halloween Saw this nice girl through the window Oh, maybe just waving a little bit Because I had already tasted gin Wild game So I started walking past the window of a gym I waved And she waved me in to ask what I said Haha this phenomenon has […]

Winters darkness

Winter time and its dazzling darkness Always reminding when the end of the year is closer Do not like year end Always enter the new year and out with the old one At a birthday you become one year older Never liked this Therefore, I love spring and summer even that it rains the most […]

Everything counts

Still CIRCUMAMBIENT Give room What Mhm .. To tell me did not come here and talk But I’m the reason there In this ghetto municipality Can the wallpapers roll down Pull down the curtain if you do not stand out Ill So disrespectful I can be just like you Just like that But I’m not […]