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Ouch…. — September 30, 2017


Haha … ouch
Do not bury my opinions for your sake
Have needs that others can satisfy
Is not your or yours?
Do not forget it
People say you’re the devil in disguise
But do not think such thoughts
And I think of you all
It is a forbidden fruit to pick
Can not I get more of your fuss
I can withstand it
My views are mine
I stand for them
If you ask, you will also get the answer
I’m not going to crawl
You’re not the only one who asks who she is
My forbidden imagination is all I see



Pimps — September 29, 2017


Must say the truth
Keep me forget about that
Same crap every time
Personally, I am
Want my part sometime
In the past I was sister and mother at every one
And I dumped them all one by one
They exploded like grenades
But I’ve always gone my own way
Be my dad
Forget about where you are just someone
You’re just looking for a nice ass
Say it now
Naughty boy
Where did you learn your homework?
Go and get me my beer
Ask for more
Never get enough
I have learned through the years
In the past, I was the good little girl
Always naive and stupid
This has been reversed
So I know what I’m talking about
Do not interrupt me when I speak
Raise your hand like the boy you are in the class clown



Don`t ask to much —

Don`t ask to much

Part of my body
Part of your body
You talk too much about marriage
Oja, I can be your friend
But do not get into my arms
What you want is up to you
But you do not get the way you want
Can not understand
Always the same questions stand
I answer the same
What have you done
What have you said
I do not care at all
Who is your mother and father
It does not concern me
Can I make it easier
Take me on the order please

No halo — September 28, 2017

No halo

Viking blood
High Radar
Widen the views
Flying over the banks
Your black hair
And your beautiful face
Such as you give me a lot of imagination
It does not matter
I love it
Looking out over town
I want you close to me again
Come back sometime
I want more of your wine
And I want to talk all night long
There are signs from above
You chase in the night after the answer
Things I hear

Unstable legs —

Unstable legs

Heard you missing
In your own words
Unstable legs
But your kiss is always warming
And you know my weak side
And I’m still on your side
Hear your song in your ear
But what does it matter to what people think
Embrace you anyway
But you crawl fast back
With the neighborhood next door
I hear what you said
But sometimes I’m just so tired
And beaten by your maybe …

So sick — September 27, 2017

So sick

Continuing to tell
Stories of weight should not be sealed
That’s why I’m there
Yes … hawks in the sky
Who flies over you
And exclude if they will take you down or not
Many scare it
But what does not kill cures
And I’ll talk about it until I turn the man into the grave
So sick
Always been
Just chasing new
And make sure it’s quiet
It’s not me
A moonwander I never learn
It’s so stupid as soon as I raise my voice
A man begins to shake
For a woman, do not speak still in the 21st century
Must be telepathic
Because I can see what they’re thinking

Where were you —

Where were you

Everybody knows it
That was what you said
Stop for a while
Think about what you were then
I only know subconsciously what it whispers
And I kill all your quotes
Because I know you do not have a glow over your head
Where were you
Time tickes but you think everyone is forgetting
Bake them quickly into your overall answers
But think people can figure it out for themselves
So I do not need to tell you that
That you take life with a throat over your shoulder
But look several times
All I’ve seen is proof that you were at the stage
So what else can I do?

Miss club technoir — September 26, 2017

Miss club technoir

You came behind me
Quiet next door
When I saw you, I fell like a pine
White pillows and those black eyes
The pumps that adorned your feet
These days filled with smoke and music
I can see you yet
Just bite time and place
When you answered me there and then that was the location
You were definitely one of my style girls
Do you still remember these dance floors with smoke and lights
Only you and I played cat and rat
The game we both like ….
Consider these long legs
And its black hair like snow white
I have always loved
These chains adorned your bosom
Still I’m looking after you sometimes
Is there a secret opening
Will take the opportunity again

This evening…. — September 25, 2017
Now we hear your call —

Now we hear your call

We sow and wander
But here I am
In the midst of the storm’s wave
And the second wave comes
Must be ready
I’ll take you along my journey
She took me in her arms
And kissed me on my forehead
That strength took me a long way
And yet I love you sister as in the sky laughs
Half human and half angel
Coming with me on the road yet
I light a light on all weekend night
And you hear all my words
I’ll join you in the circle
I wander out strong again