Haha … ouch Do not bury my opinions for your sake Have needs that others can satisfy Is not your or yours? Do not forget it People say you’re the devil in disguise But do not think such thoughts And I think of you all It is a forbidden fruit to pick Can not I […]


Crikey Must say the truth Keep me forget about that Same crap every time Personally, I am Want my part sometime In the past I was sister and mother at every one And I dumped them all one by one They exploded like grenades But I’ve always gone my own way Be my dad Forget […]

Don`t ask to much

Part of my body Part of your body You talk too much about marriage Oja, I can be your friend But do not get into my arms What you want is up to you But you do not get the way you want Can not understand Always the same questions stand I answer the same […]

No halo

Viking blood High Radar Widen the views Flying over the banks Your black hair And your beautiful face Such as you give me a lot of imagination It does not matter I love it Looking out over town I want you close to me again Come back sometime I want more of your wine And […]

Unstable legs

Heard you missing In your own words Unstable legs But your kiss is always warming And you know my weak side And I’m still on your side Hear your song in your ear But what does it matter to what people think Embrace you anyway But you crawl fast back With the neighborhood next door […]

So sick

Continuing to tell Stories of weight should not be sealed That’s why I’m there Yes … hawks in the sky Who flies over you And exclude if they will take you down or not Many scare it But what does not kill cures And I’ll talk about it until I turn the man into the […]

Where were you

Everybody knows it That was what you said Stop for a while Think about what you were then I only know subconsciously what it whispers And I kill all your quotes Because I know you do not have a glow over your head Where were you Time tickes but you think everyone is forgetting Bake […]