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Paralyzed — August 31, 2017


Too good
This can not only be true
Sometimes we encounter each other
They say it’s big city
But think it’s so small here
What luck for me
I can not stop laughing
When I start laughing
Trying to keep discretion
But sometimes the laughs straight out
You just let it float on
You’ve worked in me
And I know you know about it

Clown of the day — August 30, 2017

Clown of the day

Mark reefs like you
Come over that sour old man
And laught for myself
Something I will not repeat
We hug the ones we like most like it is
I do not care if anyone knows
Because I look into the blue when you look
But just know if I hear everything
These sore middle-aged men are all but roaring
I understand I’m more fun
Because I swallow pride
And like to amuse my surroundings
I do not care about someone you look at me



Picture of today —
Gör som du vill —

Gör som du vill

Mhm … now I know
It’s like everything we see
And I want everything
But that’s enough with you
Will take you to a quiet place where no one sees you
Every day is not like someone else
Your eyesight is enough
Will do as you say
Okay, I’m your pleasure when nobody sees
And I’d rather be
Anything else
So do not ask me to stop



Surprise in the night —

Surprise in the night

My night is like you
Mystical and passionate
Smiles and surprises
Yes, I think yes, die
Past me you walk calmly
With determined steps
So it’s so hard not to see
What I’m doing secretly is not for everyone’s eyes
Thinking like that wild
So tired of being nice
Are there sex and fantasies in my head
Because it’s so hard not to do that
And for anyone who can read it is true
I’ve said there as it is

Behive — August 29, 2017


All photos become a jigsaw puzzle
Plays every tone you set
And it will be like a rest
Can not say it’s healthy
But I’ll take it
To feel like I’m in the middle of an orgasm
Can you even talk so …
So open and almost too close
But I give it a break for every second
Breathe I do anyway
Because I can explain best by writing the words
No need to be used
For me, it’s just the time you’re just in sight
I should be careful, someone said
If I’m burning
Believe me it was worth every minut

Intensive —


Leaning me forward
And I’m looking really deep
It will be my memory’s picture
And I feel hot yet
Just a hint that you’re there
It’s so hard to explain
Call or not
Then I will write
That poisonous scent etch
And I fly away
It could never be wrong
And I know that people hear most of it
But either way
Then I can hug you how I want
But only we know

Amazing —


You took a beautiful picture
And merged what I saw
Lowers me in madness
But kissed my forehead in the night
If I could only keep myself normal
Why can not I stand still
Wish I was not a slave to your rhythm
Studs like a child
And I dance indoors every time
It hurts my heart straight
If I could only focus there
You worked many hearts with you
And can not stop now



Can not be wrong…. —

Can not be wrong….

Swirling around my body
The game just so innocent
Starting with hot kisses
Within me I have no requirements
Just be close to you
Hear the voice every now and then
Can not be wrong ….
It looks so nice
And regret with the attitude that I like
When someone sees it is quiet
Only in secret you are here
And that’s just where we are so …
None of it may be wrong then ….

There is no doubt —

There is no doubt

All small details
A year ago
It can go anyway …
But that’s okay for me
I let the feelings fly
And that’s what I’ve recognized
Night chat
Do not sleep like I will
There is something special
As you said
It’s lonely sometimes
But stands on the legs
Can take everything on all terms
So will live my life
Your numbers are so straight