Small palms

Two small palms extend to the light
But she is special and my gene
Maybe I should be more there
But I believe in the connection
And the strength
I have inner love there
The one I show when they want to see it
And that does not disappoint
Love is more important a materal
Little children have grown up
Perhaps should have been more present
But I think I’m there
Can not say life becomes easier
But maybe more understanding you lose quickly
Must be strong but not in all situations
I can fall
But I can stand up again like you

Slave to the rhythm

Breathe out breath
Slave for poetrey and music
The only load that’s good for me
Everything else is just shit
But still all this dances around me
And I’m getting crazy sometimes
But you keep pushing me
Most of all, you recognize yourself
Slave for your rhythm
And slave for your book
And I describe how life is
Can I breathe without it?
I’m slave to all that artistic
Even love writes so
I’m walking in your ocean
And I’m kidding wounds
But I’m still hot and clean

Theses times around

This time has really been needed
But now it makes me sweat
Somebody always wonder why
But these times I take no shit
It’s really not easy
Although I’m open and wide wide
No one will take my control or question
The only chance of a rest is to go away
But even then there’s always somebody who’s going to snoop
And I asked them to fly and fly
So even here the question is free
But the answer will be there
I’m still writing
Why nevertheless ask


Catch in the wind

She just watched through me
For all she’s doing is laughing at me again
I’m not trying to find anyone special
Just wish you were closer
Give when it feels
Extinguish the thirst without any duties
But you always know how to make me smile again
And I never question when or how
Many try to catch you in the wind
But I know it does not work
So I bathed naked in the middle of the ocean
If you ask me then
But through ice and warmth I will wade
And nobody will ever ask you again
So take it as a good compliment

Poetrey and music

In this closet

That was something I had to get from me
Can not hold me when you’re around me
You’re just a dream
That’s what I tried to introduce
When it burned you were scared
But you want to give it
Oh yes you want it
So I’m just floating with
Just a glimpse
It’s a trip
Towing it can be dangerous
Then you would not taste if you were too close
I only know that yes
And that scares everyone else
One thing in life is that lust is nothing abnormal
I have no secrets
I just want to try
But suppose my imagination remains so desirable, it keeps in the closet
Poetrey and music

My temple of love

Strolling out in the lukewarm water
Seeing a boat lying near the edge
But I have a goal and that’s just watching me
Nothing else exists right now
Just a glance from everything
And I see smiles everywhere
But this temple of love makes me crazy
And I’m writing today too
Though it’s a little vacation from everything
Could see the dark shade at the window
I had to see you as it was
And all the people around
Always hinting overboard
Like storms just want to see you
That’s the way I am
So if you’re the storm, I’m awake