Social wealthfeair

But you should try to be diplomatic about things, but to explode with the total counterattack , again drawn things on the memory of things that happened, like seen in the past, do not think that I want to have it like this, I had from the beginning avoided the keyboard with social services I had done differently today. But with the key in my hand, it feels settled for some and it can take a long time to turn the page so to speak…don’t think it is perfected yet, so to speak, doubt, and uncorrect answer for that at all seen assist the municipality’s policy, not his client. Someone has been talking about the rules of the system, read it and not keen of the underlined rules and laws according to the socialens is implemented correctly….. True to my words thus, I will write everything down, so people may see for themselves how freaking problematic they are…but to also get to know it is me they messing with or all the others too in the same way…is it so that you should be able to plan purchases other…a weekend will be long without money and they are playing the smaller role!

Now I have talked with ten officer…of the majority talking about the first Friday before the weekend that their payments to the majority of the recipients here in Sundbyberg been problem in the computer systems…the 27/5 and yesterday it would have gone away money to people…but today, probably as it looks, they will insert one o’clock in the afternoon! Could not someone have said it here already yesterday morning …and try to get the hold of Jaromo boss is complicated…I said a little so rigidly, and if they would not get into