The truth about social services

Over a half a week has passed since I submitted the application, to the social  monopoly has had time to deal with it…but no one has done it..Jens is on the introducing course for new recruits…mm I got out just now…the guy who answered on the phone said we should take it over here today? What are we…group of the team …absolutely just of I said during the day…it’s the kind of thing jumble with employees where one does not know what the other is doing! I vomit on the inside, this is a job that is about men!

No what social services think is that the employment service suddenly after ten years to write me, pay me a fat check on the activity support…though I haven’t worked a regular job for ten years, made an investigation that took three years and that made me discharged from the jobfinder…how will it…mm then that insurance cashier would stand in line to gladly receive me from the soc without any direct obstacles mmm fail …I wonder what is wrong with my social officer here in the comunity….de only thing that makes anything it is my administrator on the aspberger center, and my old supervisor…but my officer at the soc for the financial aid to think as they always have done…mmm Carina is near and dear they can pay dinner money and rent maybe…she’s so near anyway! Sat in on the meeting with Jens Parlbrink was so good …I ask you if you dealt with my application for accommodation and dinner money you answer no…