New pictures


Deal with it…

He He
Deal with it
Or take it back
For I write about it all in a poem like this
The smile is indescribable
Perhaps it was a visit to see if I live
You know what starts the fire within me
These eyes sparkle, a glance
But I fly away
It may be that it is
Like a person



So desirable
As good to get used to the eyes of people
Do you get crazy of the idea
To more than you can drown in those eyes
It is not you take over the other
But understand just who the boss is
You dream about it would be you
But see these bones and muscles
Beware of others would love to take a look
And there is nothing you can do about it…
When there are eyes and shine I will be there


Looking for something to find

It irritates…
My presence was the fact
It interferes with many
Regardless of sex
Many have their monopoly
But don’t take me I let it be
Many of the walks after that conquer
I am not a conqueror
I decide just of myself
And it bothers a lot of as well as itch of the eye
So I mention it yet
Mentions the truth
No intention to keep me away


Memory inside

Someone put out a movie on your friend
Maybe it was you with all that you are…
All the time I have stood in the middle
But it was my choice to stay so
Maybe it was the stupid choice
But it will not re –
So I will remain in the middle to live my life
Is right in front of you
But the hands they pull in you in all directions
And now when a hand got to keep everything
Are you my memory inside
I will just stare at your eyes every time
It is so sometimes with the choice and the food train
But it will several


Like a rocket

The desire for more adventure
Emotions will again
The taste in the mouth is sweetness
What happened to the summer
When I need it most
But there is more with shine and flair
I swear
It is not finished yet for my tour
I breaks me away from the sadness into smiles
No matter man or woman
Up on the saddle again

Poetrey and music

Put on the ring but i stay

Has an eye for what is nice
But I don’t lose control
Sometimes, it leads to my downfall
But I rise up again
And I turn the key in the lock once again
Behave to me like I’m someone important
For I am here for a reason
I can become crazy by a beautiful glance
It says much more than words
You can’t light up again