watched the documentary on the knowledge channel on Aids epedemin in the U. S. A yesterday….made me angry, but very pensive about mankind’s greatest scientists…feels a bit like the man himself produced this virus, what do we know, standing outside without transparency in labs the world over, suddenly there was a stop the medicine for those who had the money of course..for me, it becomes obvious that this was seen once again to check the human empire in the world, like so many other strange epedemier that cannot be rich The U. S. A but also England and Germany has always come up with new figures and chemical substances for the purpose to control people, the world…in particular, to ride on the power gemeneman in the world…I don’t remember all around the the disaster in addition to Ryan White, who would fight for their right to go to school like any other, which not only aids was produced in order to keep control on human sexual operation, but it became infected through the blood…that today is suddenly produced that it would come from

the monkeys in the jungle…clear that the animals should be blamed for something that the human researches produced in order to then get panic and don’t find a cure for…