Juge and the promise

Do not judge Have done this before But without the subject Show me your moves For it is ugly Just smile when you ask Have heard it before Have no evidence here Has no hold You can bow and go I usually do not have the habit to invite bureaucrats You are such, you may […]

Who the hell is that…

All for friends O god must have her autograph Don’t think they can handle me But I’m used to Inspired by the strong influence Such as always outflanked Feels like the air is heavy around me Do people approach And all for the information Think they don’t know anything about the matter But guess things […]

Give some hints

Is a slave to the blogs And photos is like eating the perfect fruit Can I get enough Not that this world tease So I continue to annoy the real mad My name is Carina between the name is tease with a taste And I have no intention to stop Not yet For I breathe […]

No alarm

Let me explain before you close the door I know what I known And people are talking about the one and the other I can’t listen if it comes to the gossip in the city I’m not the one who holds the hand But I love your hugs And I will not throw stone in […]

Read my lips

Have to start somewhere But sometimes it is history that repeats Still not taken to heaven Likes to fly high Not sit down all the time If someone wants to dance Must they be able to read my lips So sometimes I give the chance to someone else Sometimes I do not all handle me […]


I am the best I always been Forget not where I’m going Strive for my goals and deeds Trying to take down the moon You climb not high enough so you fall down And it is not like me But I stand up again Practice what I have learned since children’s bones I can and […]

With lips to die for

Hit up my green eyes Against the natural light that lowers itself to the moonlit Looking at the time and take a ciggarett The lips on the glass and waiting visit At the table is always a beautiful with pink cheeks But refuses to be tamed Was still for a moment so I may taste […]