The good taste
I have it yet
Maybe shine it in my eyes
Can’t stop thinking about it
Got my said
In the lamp light
The music’s hidden message
Was my samurai
You can the world by heart
I am looking and flying again
Was my samurai
That is taking the world by storm



This will be the last time that I write about the grief for you
So this can be anything
Such a disaster and tragedy
So I’m happy to just let it be
Within easy reach, you are always
But I do not take for granted
Has stopped hoping for castles in the air
I based my time here and now
Will let go someone said
Long ago it was
Weeping and sorrow is nothing I want
This is the last time I write about you
Have done it many times over again


No gold star

Do not intend to give you a gold star
People are forced to fight for a life
But we all have the choice it is what you know
Many times thought to give up
But it is not others who are doing wrong
You yourself have low self-esteem
Then we say amen
May he rest in peace when the day comes
But my life is also worth to be lived
So I am not going to turn on
I’m not going to choose the path that is wrong


Never learn

Never learn
Why can I learn from the experience
Maybe because I’m open for misstep
It may not always be a road lined with lupins
Remember what granny said
Imagine how it would be a life in it
Do not intend to shoot up everything
I have decided it will be a reality


Dreams speak of truth

Find you regardless of the time
The dreams speak of the truth
Meeting with people, subconsciously
No need to wait
I get a response on the fly
And what you do
So realizing my strength mentally
Ah.. I am not a freak
But you live in another dream
And I don’t want to be in the dream
So look for someone else
Someone who supports your hobby


Pinch and scratch

While you dance around in the city
I write large works
Guess you hate it…
But you don’t get my reaction
I have my smile still
And I am in love with nature
And so remains the friend
So play your guitar somewhere in the town
I just smile
Can sing also
I love her
So now it is always centered