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Disturbed circus

Looking over your shoulder
What is happening today
Idiots watch me
And I check my status
A few missteps and learn again
Some people can’t see me
And those that finally did it disappeared
The same question, why so angry
My hearts broke up
The same damn reason
All the chasing as we all have been in
Look at those goofy faces
Judge quickly as a sportscaster

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Do what you want

I feel good
I walk alone
But sometimes stumble, I over rocks and logs
Have no inhibitions when it comes to taking chances
This is not an excuse to live
Avoid control take
For no one can own me
Late nights and late mornings
I have everything in front of me
There are no must-haves
But before, it was always so

Poetrey and music

Located on gps

Trying to locate me yet
Trying to get me to miss
What should I miss
I was so tired of being accommodating under time pressure
But now it feels good
A little above that not having someone at side all the time
But I will fix it
Just like many times before
I have gems that breathe the next
But you are not one of them

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It is now
In terms of you as a friend with the most beautiful eyes
It is the time when all the beats off its buds
Our do so the whole body tingles
Finished and ready to go
Late nights with dance and fun
Nothing makes me more amused
You as a person are so good for me
Do not judge only by the surface
It is cool to avoid hearing the same
Like humour and a bit of that spicy
So now you know it

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Gett off

Oh the god…
There will be a and another that amuses me
And it interferes with all other
See that look
And when all I want to do is feel good
Ten standings in a day
That is the way I play if it is the right person
Think this world is a double standard
When all you need to do is to live
Learn from the mistakes that it will never again
Let a man dress up
Let a woman dress up
Thought if you had been me and I me
Jeez it would be no challenge

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Take a second

Take a moment and sit
You can see
Meet the cute
Miracles happen
Under the moon light
But soon it is over
So oh the icing on the cake is so sweet
But I can never get enough
So is the best thing that happened
I can’t stop
Is so good
For there is nothing better
I am always ready
The heart of gold
But have the strength and guts to win

Poetrey and music

Perverted souls

Perverted soul oh yes
If you are a guy or a girl
Has never given up
Is not bothered by that you have your life
For all that you do is to smoke all you can get
Then you’ll soon disappears through the door
But of course, there is always someone who stands still
Hm it is not so I have been
Can I help you and I get the same back
Is this the day when I stand
Do not add me again
It is now I bloom out
And here I have view