The new Swedish social soci

So pissed that I can place a bomb outside the town hall and say a damn good thing!! Got home two national cuckoos from residential management

that works as nice as it called for social services for all with a social contract here in the municipality, the new regulations from 2017, that should not stand alone in the housing queue then you can quickly go out of it when you are not informed to update their waiting list…it would so be so you get also a requirement to set out in the Stockholm housing queue,

Stockholm housing queue that is 30 years of standby time for a contract…with the time alternatively stay on the street.

Or of someone they know if that were the case!!!! Some bastard has lied at my expense and written himself plus two adults and two children on my address …just because they don’t have a roof over your head, I must also try to stay out…or at hostels where it is just as well, dope and booze and then I would then be in better condition!!!! The new contract also applies to the time is not fur in the other hand apartments for many odours occur as well,

you should absolutely not rent out your apartment to someone??? which two children and two adults you see with me, I asked a little flippantly…I was messing back…and you must always have housing in a second hand contract here in Sundbyberg thank you from me fucking idiots.