Ilustrerande science of childbearing with Mia skäringer

Sometimes think I, yes, and just Mia skäringer is a clear favorite among artists as well movie theater comedy. Saw a clip that gets me to the laughter of comedy and tragedy, my thoughts on the first time you are pregnant and gives birth to a child? This fairytale that some are talking about, you should be happy, positive thinking, time to think natural childbirth should be the first option. No I’m just saying it, I have a sister who had two children before, where it went crazy wrong with the stunning or killing method, So the first thing I mentioned on the first control was the epidural urk. Worth your while oh yes…. but you should not believe that it will be exactly the same again after childbirth, the sex life changes. Others may try to tell me that it is possible to practice up”track exercise” absolutely solid, I am still more wide then fit because a less similar football to out. No I don’t write this of fantasies, or the like, the truth is that there is no manual on how everything should be. And I had my mom with support throughout the nine months, yes, but you’ll be glad you have your mom! Yes, it is so normal but what is normal?

the first one was greeted by the only female presence, and the people who surrounded me were all 40+ and more with the old regulations. I am, of course, at once aware that I was small? Small do you think? Yes I was treated like a child who gets a child when I was 35 years old, highly inappropriate not, I was less afraid then. And I was then alone…

not in the beginning but the upshot of it all is that it really is special, smoking! Wow yes what you say it is not good, no matter that many people who smoke have actually been pregnant? So now I had mother who jacking, midwife, counselor, child psychologist…yes still 35 years old and single with nicotine dependence their eyes was, to say the least, if eyes could kill, I said 40+ childbirth when the epidural was not in the news, where you bet together and said it does not go it goes! End of the stage, all the waiting, you’re tired to go the hill up and down, with half rotten balance, sweat runs, the feet are aching, not to mention when you can only be on two seen the back or the side….smells that sticks in the nose, extra sensitive and weepy all except me! I like the fat outbreak in the waiting room when the contractions came, where sat the pairs in a row, and smiled half-on-half, the jaa so cute round she is, and grandma is with also….cute! No it’s awful ” I said, and the complexes only pours over the inner.