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Lower your gard — February 25, 2017

Lower your gard

Lower your gard
And realize that you start to get older
So call around and threatening it, and the
I know how it is
But it’s not about you right now
Right now
I am struggling to live under a roof
And not sit out on the street
And you will not be able to stop my fighter glow
But you try to destroy it with your drugs
The only way out from the problems that you know of

Tornd — February 23, 2017


Torn between two worlds
Torn between two meetings
And express sadness and happiness
But to continue to smile without tears
No concern in the long term
But in the midst of the fun will something be done
I can see it coming
But supposed to be the left
I killed the inside so many times
But love is what I live for
And no matter how you will
I think I will remain

New pictures — February 22, 2017
Between two worlds —

Between two worlds

Triangle drama
Makes me smile
For I playing charades
But the honest heart consists
Some win and some lose
Only a man with the hunger and loads
Someone who loses the grip sometimes
I’m hovering between Jesus and Judas
There, where the dangerous takeoff
She can stay on my street
He can stay on the other side of the earth
But I gives me not so easy
Will without a royal crown on her head
Just as I shine up

A good girl with a twist —

A good girl with a twist

I say yes and yawns
Hey how is it today
Someone says don’t understand what you mean
I kneel for the right karma
And there are no fabrications
When it is cold so I light my candles and read a number of you
The steps are as the scorching
Poker face without an ounce of weakness
It is what I like with her
Judge me quickly as juge

Clementine —


She puts you in a trance
Her perfume smells like musk
And the mysterious style makes me wild
Inside of you I want to caress and say yes
But I’m sitting opposite with a smile
Every time she goes past, we look
Also I get stuck with the look
Her dark voice and the robbery of emotions makes everyone crazy
What was it I said
For all began to react
And I was all warm in my body
She said quietly why they terms you weaker
You are a strong individual
Never listen to the bitter people with advances to destroy
These words are the truth

Blind witches —

Blind witches

Watch them sit there and judge the one and the other
They can sit on their high horses
So many years in the social
Can soon breathe their team spirit
The breaks every time as soon as something new happens
As miserly politicians in their high chairs
Can you really understand
Walk in my shoes
They would never do
And I would never sit in their chairs
Would send bags of money over the heavens
But I am not materialist
And I’m not looking to take their job
No thanks
I am myself
Live in the here and now

Lyrics about you — February 20, 2017

Lyrics about you

Eyes meeting
Looks like bites
Feels like it goes in circles
Know that people read
But I have nothing to hide
When it comes to you, it is so
No one is as good as you at what you do
We all have demons
But it can only get better
One sentence you say I get stuck
I don’t live for you but I like you

The courious two — February 18, 2017

The courious two

Can not continue to live as two
It spreads through the veins like poison
Lose the concept
Only finds comfort in your song
And when you fly, I stand still there
Is this what my life will consist of
Now that spring is approaching with the storm step
Just a little sun light in the horizon
As well as your tounges married languages
Natural vocalization from the mountains over there
All cross roads and come to me
But when the bulb goes out I will be there alone again

In two minutes she were go —

In two minutes she were go

Around the whole, it is a great comedy
But nothing is fake an ounce
Felt the fire burn within me
It is so we shall be
Can you feel the love?
You can feel the warmth it spreads
Eyes looking on curiously
Over the counter mouth open  large
When you step through the door
You can feel the pulse rise
You make me crazy
Your words and sentences becomes like my bible