How will this Little Place continue

The week has brought many news, both disadvantage or advantage.
A familiar and related to the other hurried away in a pub this week, talk that will make a dramatic end.
Sometimes I think that it gets to be too much, a little bit of the next disrespectful to the relation and their family possibly still living.
Where people who hardly know the person also manifests itself, then it is like a wildfire . You have placed the flowers and photos on the person on the spot where it took place which is both disadvantage and advantage, I feel that not a relief, just more painfully.
It then continues as a vicious nightmare among people, but for him it went quickly, while the survivor grieves for his own ego’s sake.
Of course I was sad was not that long ago I was talking with this person, either, but it would be such a dramatic fire of it all, I didn’t.
Myself, I lit a candle, and put forward as beautiful as discreet for everyone’s and the writer’s part, but as soon as you get there it becomes more of a evocative of dim light and the existence of a pub where you met and had a social nice time. And there are a few who are there are sitting there already in your neck when you step inside, the air is heavy and no one can really work as before to enjoy existence there, wonder if it will ever be so again, for my part, it is actually difficult to be there. For all the history surrounding the deceased’s last hours, where, among the people and of the herd, who tried in their way to help but who now tells the story over and over again.