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Wizard of oz — January 31, 2017

Wizard of oz

Wow jeez
Thankfully, the freedom available to choose
I sneaking never up
I just take my steps
Like specific answers and questions
No nonsense or fuss
And nothing said it and she said this
Is only here to be loved and to love
Quaint but true
It is not cliche
But I know that the words been said so many times
Think I’m burning up inside

It only takes a minute —

It only takes a minute

It only takes a minute
So started my love
In you as I dream
If the days ahead
But no one can see us then
It can just be us there..
If I had a heart attack, would you bring me
A single dance, and I pass out
It only takes a minute with your seance
I swear you faint also….
Out from a different view
I spend the time to write me
While you work out in a sweat
But spring will meet in the summer
So when we meet, give a moment to just talk

With the barrel between eyes —

With the barrel between eyes

With the barrel aimed between the eyes
Trying to knock each other out
But better to burn off the anger
Perhaps responding to the nature’s own forces
What impresses me
You won’t have a chance against the forces of nature
There some of us live up in the
But you are such that it does not have the gift
You just turn until it runs out
Who are you going to hunt then
I will not wait…
You are no great king in my eyes
Am so tired of the outlay about how many you shot

For Everything that makes it interesting —

For Everything that makes it interesting

Now it is high time to show it outwardly
I have no desire to sneak around with everything
Is no such as hiding me
On top of that, it is better than before
Now or never
For everything that I have told and written
So is it a truth
No one can see inside of me
Nothing can cloth it apart
On top of me are close
Now it is so, or nothing at all
I like
As I stand for
Only this that I consists of

The attack back — January 30, 2017

The attack back

Do not believe I back off
He is there but it is nothing that bothers me
Our time is right now
And the lyrics is what keeps us closer
There is a proximity
But nothing that people see inside
Her step is the scorching
I don’t want to spoil anything
So I continue to write
Damn, this is just what
Wow she is like a girl that spreads as fast as a man on the motorcycle
Attack so we should not have the contact
But I stand here, this
Maybe it is so they want to have it
But we are meeting on instagram

I dont need any other…. — January 29, 2017

I dont need any other….

If I had chosen the other’s path would be I never, I
What gets me to shine so it wonder all over
I don’t care about the diamonds for all that dress is just you
People the dom smiles and pointing
Should read high
As well as write it like a headline
I could see them wander like a stream with fish
To get a glimpse of who you are
Then you draw to you look
And I just love it with you
They may be happy to read it out loud
You with leather and lacquer, and vinyl sheets

Curious eyes —

Curious eyes

All will they to see the little circus
The small club quickly fills up with individuals
Curious to hear
And I feel so goofy
Take my chance when it is available
What I should not
Take my chance when it is available
Repeating every year
For all want to know…
What I want is up to me
I am still where it is
And nothing can change me

Your not as nice as you say — January 28, 2017

Your not as nice as you say

It is good that people see how it is
And I write so much I want to
Is not impressed with your antics
You have infected my day enough
And I will not have to worry about me
You have your ideal life over there
And I’m staying up here this is where I belong
So what is my name
Can you really say that you like me?
You like to move around
And your rootless history makes me nauseous
For when you squeeze my hand and just smile
It is people think of

A lot of people — January 27, 2017

A lot of people

Longing is a song for themselves
I see that you are watching
Confused sometimes on what I’m trying to say
It is not so
But the best is the one that will last
For it is what I saved just for the  star
And I want to
So much
But the fire spread fast
And must extinguish the embers of the tracks
Don’t want to have unknown people around
Oh no
I just smile
Loses the thread easily, when you smile
Make nothing sometimes
Someone is dropping the mic
Try to focus

Complains and winings —

Complains and winings

Ok…you know what it is for time
Close your eyes or look
Will not censor anything
Just continues to roll forward
We know that some like sticky games
I am one of them
But I want to appetite and be seduced
Just go back
Breathe for you looks to get paranoia
No one looking for you
What do you get it from
I have better things for me
Complain 24/7 to get what you want
I will not change the attitude or taste for it
What do you want for you to understand but do not want to