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Leather and lace — December 31, 2016

Leather and lace

In front of the framework of your face
And I breathe faster
It fills the whole of my lungs
Anads in the air
And feel that this day is good
And if people knew what I am thinking now
Haha when I see you in front of me
Ten million people and you are one of them
Some people are digging his grave too early
But you have turned me completely
God knows all things
And exactly who it’s aboutI

New years evening —

New years evening

All dressed up to party
And hear the dj in the ear
Best music and I am groping for garment
Feels like it will be good
I aim not the maximum
But I feel the pulse
Lover of music and poetry
You are there in the background
Your voice mirrors of themselves
The texts form my dreams
So your command becomes like I control
But only in the night

Why wait —

Why wait

Gives you trust
Two strangers in the night
Perhaps parts little secrets
Maybe it was too early
But I have waited so long
Want more
Can’t get enough now
The taste of your perfume
I will be absolutely beastly
Fits the word well
But little ears hear
Mind you there is something there beyond the horizon

My love is mine —

My love is mine

Just jump on me
Money is not everything
I don’t need no ring on your finger
But I do know that love should be for both
My back was facing towards your plans
It is really not cool
I’m not giving up on love so easily
And I will not write it off
For my heart beats for someone
But someone who does not crush everything in its path

I´m still so cool — December 30, 2016

I´m still so cool

Located on the top of the plateau
Can’t you see that I take care of myself
Give me a reason to breathe in this world
Am so tired of everyone’s whining
My love and faith
There is someone here inside me that allowed me to soar
Need not several around
I come across all wrong
Even if I don’t have a single friend here
So, there is one that warms my heart
So continue to blab and talk
Nothing gets me to leave

Monsters —


This begins to lose its shine
Little place I always have enjoyed
Met the same faces
But it is confusing
What happened yesterday is still with me
Memories, both of pleasure and disgust
Instead of dwelling on
Just hold my breath
I will not fall back to zero
But it is not enough
Start talking to myself
Then I have lost the mind
Time to seek a break on a new place

Everything is allright — December 28, 2016

Everything is allright

Don’t worry
For I feel good
When the morning will shine I
Something powerful is on me
These words are true
A new force
A new energy
And it is shiny
It really shines up
Feels like I’m sixteen again
Has no stop
With a hint of childish
Will remain this person
Was on time for me

Out of control — December 27, 2016

Out of control

Out of control
Total without control
Sticking it to you to hear the other name
Hi Hi
When I do not belong to anyone, it is up to me
Thought it was free to stay or go
It is never up to you…
But you can’t hurt me more
Hard words I have heard before
And it just makes me stronger

I let the gossip rain —

I let the gossip rain

Strange invitations is nothing new
Can’t understand them all
My effect on others, it is that I’m weird
But they can’t even do it in my seen
I am not blind
I live free
And take my chances
And it annoys the some
But I do not stand and wait
My wow effect, it is that I’m not like the other

The new year — December 25, 2016

The new year

Resting  so I can enjoy the new year
When a clock rings out, I hope to see you
Now again do you think
Starts to jump like a wild thing
Just for a special person…
The where the voice like velvet
Throw-away rim, which she stuck on the paper
She just sings it out
It is what is the us different
Yet the two artists closer to the earth than what someone is
So just fill me with more energy
And I’ll dance before you